Prim's Petticoat Pansies #32
--- A special 'SISSY-LOLITA' issue! ---

Hello my darling girl, welcome to issue #32 of Prim's e-mag. I hope you find yourself feeling more feminine than usual as we read our way through it together. It's a special Lolita Sissy edition, which means you need to be wearing one of your girliest frocks while we look at everything sissy. Choose some very sweet make-up for your eyes, cheeks and lips and for your nails, darling. I'd love to see you wearing some nice girly accessories too, in your hair, round your neck, on your wrists and fingers, and on your lovely legs too. Mmmm, you are such a girl, aren't you? Hold my hand, sweetheart, and you can look at the lovely sissy pictures and read the girly stories with your Aunt. Who knows, maybe we'll see that one or two (or ALL of the stories) are about YOU!

Aunt Frocks xxx

Prim Stories:
At The Satin-Panty Sissy School - A new Prim story in four parts.
Chapter 1 : New Boy Virgin Silkwell

Prim Drawings with storyette:
1 - Lolita sissy girlfriends
2 - Party Shopping for Lesley
3 - Please Can We Show You Our Little Clitties?
4 - Going Out With Mother-In-Law
5 - Jason's Day at the Pretty Boy Boutique Chapter 3: In the Creaming Chair
6 - Copulate Like Good Sissy-Girls

The Art of Prissy
Silky Susan  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Barbara-Jean
Lolita Boys Join the Dressmaking Society  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Curtus
Day One for the College Sissy  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Penelope Pencil Penis
Mr Jones Starts at the Girls' Finishing School  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Satyn
Earnest in the Ladieswear Department  with storyette by Prim.

The Art of Vancy
Margaret Harwood dresses Oliver  with storyette by Prim.

Manicure, new office assistant, job interview, ready for the Halloween ball

Miss Blouse - Governess to sissies
Miss Blouse has plenty of good advice for you, so pay attention!
In this issue:- A sissy must be made to adore his Mistress's clothes

Sweetheart Styles
More sissy outfit ideas, designed by me and drawn by Prim
Lolita Flares - wide skirted Lolita blouses
- ideal for panty exposure

Aunt Frock's Baby Room - For 'very young' Sissies
picture and storyette by Prim
Mister White Must Be Punished
and two baby stories from our readers:
---Taught a Lesson by the Mistress - by Baby Charlotte
---A Prissy Sissy Baby - by Sissy Baby

Tell Aunt Frocks:
Letters - photos - stories for Aunt Frocks to show you, from:

Marie-Christine, Sissy Marcia, Susie-ann, Maid Pansy, Lady Selena,
Chemise, Stacy, Christina, Priscilla St John, Maid-J, Suzee and Deedee
Visit to Aunt Helena - Part 2 - by Wanda Nylon,
Mardi Gra Humiliation - by Maid Lala, and
The Secrets of Grange Mansion - Part 1 - by Suzie-ann

My Pink Boudoir:
Feminine items for my sissies to wear.
Aunt Frocks explores the sweetness of Lolita-Lolita with you

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and lots more girly sweetness for 12.00 USD
Unbelievable value!
Delicious pleasure!
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More effeminate and adorable sissies in the next issue of

With love from Prim and Aunt Frocks xxx

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