What Happens When Lesley Wears a Dress?   
by Prim

"What is it, Mom, you're not going to have another go at me about giving Harry James the green light, are you? I told you No last week and that's final." Lisa could pout for England if she thought it would save her from another lecture.

Clara pushed the latte she'd made for her daughter across the table and lifted her own to her lips while shaking her head in reassurance. "To be honest, darling, it's not about you. Not directly anyway."

Lisa frowned, picked up her coffee and gave her mother a guarded look from beneath her blond hair.

"You know your cousin Lesley?"


"Who always keeps himself to himself, even more so now that you've all left college?"

"What about him?"

"I've been talking to your Aunt Barbara about him. She's not exactly worried but - we had a long chat over a coffee. I think you might be interested in hearing what she was telling me."

Lisa shifted her leg from under her ass and sat more comfortably on her kitchen stool. "I like Lesley," she said. "He never does anyone any harm and he - well, he looks up to me. If I told him to jump under a bus I think he would."

Clara lifted her brows as if to say that fitted in perfectly with what she was about to say. "His mother was telling me that he's got a definite gender thing, to do with her clothes."

"Oh for God's sake, mother: all boys have. So what?"

Clara wasn't expecting her nephew's habits to be passed off as normal. "What if I told you that Lesley asks his Mom if he can spread one of her slips across his knees - while he looks through her fashion catalogues. Not once or twice, Lisa: that's every evening, until he goes to bed."

"Whoa. Right. So he's a cross-dresser. But where do I come in, indirectly?"

"I'm coming to that. She sometimes puts him into a skirt in the house, which makes him star-struck into a

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