Polly Poppitt Becomes the School Sissy   
by Prim

Miss Hardcastle presents the newly picked school sissy to the school assembly.

Vernon Pollitt was widely viewed as a girlish boy. In the changing rooms the boys gathered round to see how small his cock was, and girls had photo-shopped photos of him wearing ribbons in his hair and hoop earrings dangling at his neck. It didn't help that his mother had his hair cut in a long, girly style, and when it was discovered - from one of his cousins - that he asked his mother every evening if he could wear her panties and slips, his fate was sealed. When the new term started, Jamie 'Pretty-boy' Welsh was released from his service, and it was a shoe-in for Vernon Pollitt to become the new School Sissy at the Lady Graceful Academy.

A letter arrived at the boy's home informing his mother of the Principal's choice. Amelia Pollitt wrote back admitting that she had wanted a daughter and was only too happy to see Vernon happily wearing her lingerie - and occasionally one of her satin blouses, a treat which inevitably saw his true sex betray itself in helpless surrender.

Principal Constance Hardcastle was delighted with Missus Pollitt's cooperative response. His uniforms would be sent home on the first day back, after her son had been dressed and presented to the school as their sissy on Monday Morning.

Meanwhile it would be best not to inform him: it had been known in the past for the new sissy to make a run for it, and was only dressed three days later after being caught and brought back in handcuffs.

Miss Hardcastle wasn't having that happen with Vernon Pollitt. Oh no. She had arranged for two of her most competent senior girls, Andrea Rankin and Head Girl Jennifer Sharpe, to join her in her study from 8 am on Monday morning, where she briefed them about intercepting him as he entered the school campus. They would tell him that Miss Hardcastle wanted to see him right away because he had won an award.

Vernon was accordingly brought to Miss Hardcastle, naturally nervous about being summoned to the Headmistress's office, but excited too. He was told to sit in the chair that faced her as she surveyed him across her desk.

"Good morning, Vernon," she intoned. "Well, what a special boy you are this morning, by popular acclaim."

Vernon had a sudden light-bulb moment. The English essay he had written for Miss Sweetning, whose blouses he dreamt about night and day, had sent her into ecstasy. She must have nominated him as star pupil of the month. His exhilaration was short-lived, though, when the girls seized an arm each and fastened his wrists with ribbons to the back of his chair. Miss Hardcastle watched with nose in the air and pursed lips until the girls were done.

"You know Jamie Welsh?" she said. "Well it seems he has fallen out of favour with our students at Lady Graceful."

The shock of this statement came at Vernon Pollitt like a sledge-hammer and he would have fainted on his chair if it hadn't been for Andrea with smelling salts and Jennifer standing behind him to cushion his face in her blouse sleeves as she cupped his chin in her hands and hugged him into her waist: "Sit still and listen to Miss," she said. "There's nothing you can do about it."

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