School Teacher Babyfication
by Prim

  "I've called you to my office, Michaela, because I want to talk to you about a key development in your life-training." Principal Ms Nancy Snooting looked over her glasses at her Head Girl, always a prelude, as the prefect knew, of being given a load of work to do. "It will require a degree of understanding and commitment that I know I can count on in your alpha wiring, which is why I am speaking to you about it before I present this important agenda to the rest of the school."

Michaela Darcy drew a deep breath and exhaled into a relaxed, upright posture on her chair. She loved a challenge, and it was kinda nice to be taken into the Principal's confidence on what must be a top thing. "Sure, Ms Snooting. Spit it out an' I'll give it everything for Saint Anne's."

The Principal looked at her over her glasses again. "This is confidential, Michaela. Between you, me, and one other member of staff - whom I will introduce to you before we go any further. I advise you to get your mind ready for this - and come with me into my inner office."

Michaela's heartbeats went up a gear as she jumped to her feet, threw her long dark hair behind her shoulders and followed into the adjoining room. She learnt at once who the included member of staff was, and why this was being kept hush-hush by the school Principal, because it was none other than the male member of staff, Clive 'Shifty' Shiversly, their biology teacher, universally resented by the girls as a painful male supremacist. But what on earth was the meaning of the way he looked now?

"I've brought someone to see you, Shiversley," announced Ms Snooting, standing in front of where he sat on the floor surrounded by the wooden railings of what looked like a child's playpen. Even more bizarre, his wrists were fastened to a bar on the floor behind him and his ankles were similarly fastened in front, only spread out wide. The look on his face told of his horror as he looked up to see the Head Girl looking down on him. "Yes I'm not surprised you're blushing, especially when we tell her why you are dressed like this."

Michaela's imagination was jumping all over the place to guess what the explanation could be. Was he in some kind of a play? He was wearing a blouse, which she recognised as the striped pink and white blouse Ms Snooting herself wore a couple of weeks earlier at the school garden party, and that was all, apart from a pair of panties which - Oh my God - which was sticking out in front of him filled with prick! Was he some kind of a kinkster? She wasn't the kind of girl to see a vision of weirdness and say nothing.

"Is he doing some kind of a stunt, Miss Snoothing? Is it for charity?"

The Head pursed her lips and looked down on the shame-faced teacher. "Shall we tell Michaela why you are wearing my blouse and panties, Shiversley?"

"God, please don't. Please!"

Michaela was suddenly all ears. "Oh but I'd love to know," she said to him, tipping her head to one side with extra curiosity.

"Well you can't," he retorted.

The girl could see how he wasn't exactly in a position to call the shots. She got one of those urges to force some kind of a confession out of him. "I want to know what's making your cock so stiff, Mister Shiversley. It really is loving being in Miss Snooting's panties."

"You're getting warm, Michaela," said the Headmistress, taking out her phone. "This is his phone, which I happened to investigate - quite rightly as it turned out, seeing how he is a teacher in a girls' school. Maybe you will understand better if you take a look at this."

She handed the device to the Head Girl.

"Hey, don't let her look at my phone. For God's sake! Take it off her!"

The frantic wriggling he was doing on the pink quilt in his playpen served only to fire up the girl's eagerness to get to the bottom of the teacher's secret. Her fingers opened a window here, scrolled a page there and soon got the picture of why he didn't want the phone in her hands. She delved further, finding all sorts, including photos - "Oh my God, Miss, it's him, in a dress! - and another! Oh - my - God! Will you look at how stiff his cock is in his fancy dress!"

The protests from the floor dried up. Instead he was trying to hide his face, his whole head. "So that," observed Miss Snooting, "is why one of my members of staff is under 'Principal's study arrest' for the time being. I want you to perform a little task for me now. This is partly why I asked you to come and see me today; I did so also because you are going to introduce the culprit to the school at a special assembly this afternoon."

"Ohhhhhhhhh!" The cry from the floor was as loud as it was desperate. He would be utterly humiliated in front of a school-ful of girls and he was powerless to prevent it. Miss Snooting wheeled an appliance up to the side of the pen behind Shiversley and locked its wheels in position. It comprised an upright column at the top of which an arm reached out above the teacher's head with a hook on the end of it.

"We're going to practise for this afternoon's assembly," she said, and from her cupboard she produced a little dress in pale blue gingham with a cute white cotton pinafore dress skirt. Its shoulder frills brought a groan of misery from the teacher as she brought it to the railings of the playpen and hooked its hanger above his head, where it showed him as he looked up at it how the dress was filled with integrated white petticoats.

"This is to be his presentation dress," she announced, "and I want you to baptise him into its pleasures. We'll lower it over his face, and see what a little bit of face submersion can do for a fetish sissy."

Michaela was definitely up for it. She quickly caught on how to lower the strings from the metal arm, and soon she was spreading the petticoats over his head and down Miss Snooting's blouse. He wailed under her humiliating treatment but this merely brought a grin of power and satisfaction to her lips, as her fingers plucked and tucked at his dress, rustling it round his hair and his cheeks and down onto his blouse.

"What a lovely dress, Mister Shiversley," she said with a glow of delight. "The girls will be so envious to see you wearing it for them. And I can see from your cock you just LOVE having it round your face." She collected bunches of gingham and smooth cotton and wrapped his head in it, then slid the dress in its full shape all round his shoulders and breast, luxuriating in knowing that he was unable to stop her enjoying herself.

"Come inside the pen with me," said the Principal. "If we kneel on either side of him, like this, we'll be able to caress the pervert in his dress, while at the same time playing with this guilty male appendage. I want to practise making him ejaculate, to show the girls where his sexual pleasure lies."

A muffled wail of horror happened somewhere deep inside the petticoats, followed by warbles of protest as Shiversley felt cold fingers closing round his cock. His hands and his feet fought to escape and he wriggled inside his dress, but the result was that Miss Snootings clasped him tighter in his layers of petticoats while Michaela felt a thrill of discovery at how responsive a male organ could be to her firm but fondling fingers. It gave her quite a shock, three minutes later when squirts of jism came shooting onto her skirt and pantyhose and up both the sleeves of her blouse. Miss Snootings thought, as a result, about an alternative 'uniform' for her Head Girl to wear for the afternoon assembly: perhaps if she wore a little girly dress herself, that might bring a lot more of a response from this despicable teacher while she was masturbating him under his face dress for the benefit of a hundred and fifty girls.

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