Priscilla Silkpanty: Born Into Girlyness

The sissies at Sissy World don't just talk about their girliness,
they wank each other's clitties too.

Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  Mistress Winnifred led her sissy-boy by the hand, closer and closer to the nervous looking newby, until the two of them were standing in front of each other, but looking shame-facedly at each other's pretty anklet socks and pink high heels. "I am not going to tell you this sissy's name," she told the sissy in her hand, "because you know how girls love to chat, so you two won't have trouble finding something to talk about." She lifted his chin to make him look at the new boy, just at the moment the other raised his chin from the pretty pink bow on his lovely white dress collar, so their eyes caught each other's for a moment. She chuckled to herself as she felt that tingle tighten the sissy's hand as a spasm of girlishness shot through him. He wanted to be as girly as the sissy in front of him. He wanted to learn from him - or her. He wanted to be close.

"I'll collect you in an hour, when it will be time for sissy-panty masturbation," she said, letting go of those delicate fingers and click-clacking across the floor to leave them to it.

She left two fluttering hearts panting beneath the corsage of their lovely dresses, but after their initial downward gazing, now all the two sissies wanted to do was drink in the feminine sweetness of the vision in front of them. They were still shy, of course, so they blushed, and put their gloved fingers to their cheeks in confusion, but that mustn't stop them from getting to know each other as intimately as they could.

"Hello, " said Mistress Winnifred's sissy, clutching the violet frills of his ruffled skirt into his nervous groin, "I'm Dainty. Dainty Fairlegs. What's your name?"

The object of his curiosity couldn't help glancing down at this information. Indeed the sweet smoothness of Dainty's legs made his own legs wobble a little with a fervent desire to smooth his fingers up those delicious curves, closer to the pretty ruffles of the sissy's skirt. "I - I'm Polly Buttboy," he managed to exclaim. His fingers fiddled with the hem of his wide pink dress scattered all over with lovely white polka dots, but he didn't know what else to say to such a lovely sissy so he gave a nervous little giggle instead.

"Oh my goodness, with a name as feminine as Polly Buttboy," said Dainty, "you must feel ever so girly."

These lovely words flowed over Polly like a welcome fountain of sparkles, the sort that you sometimes see spraying deliciously over Disney Princesses in their lovely gowns. "Oh I do," cried Polly in a surge of feminine feeling. "I love to wear dresses like this one at Sissy World. Look, it's so wide and it has two sweet puffed sleeves on either side of my lovely white dress collar."

"Oh that's so cute. It makes you look so like a girl. I feel pretty in my dress too, do you like it?"

Polly looked up and down the frilly ruffles of Dainty's skirt and his eyes were like saucers. "I love dresses and skirts that divide at the front, with lovely shoulder straps over your sweet little girl blouse. It's so heavenly. You must feel so like a real girl."

"Oh I do. I don't have to be at Sissy World to feel like a girl." Dainty's eyes devoured Polly's pretty face as she spoke. "I love using my phone to see girls in the sissy forums - especially when the camera zooms in to show the smooth fabric of their frocks, with their collars and their bows and their frilly hems."

"Me too," cried Polly with a soft clap of her pink elbow length gloves. "I love the way they do their hair, like real Lolitas, and when they wear silk gloves and club heeled Mary Jane shoes."

"I love their shoes too," exclaimed Dainty, "and their bonnets and make-up. I so want to be like them, putting my make-up on all the time."

"And don't you just love the way sissy girls hold their hands softly with limp wrists and pink glossy nail-varnish and bracelets?"

It was such a lovely question that Dainty wanted to answer it in a flurry of feminine feelings, but he got no chance to say anything, because the two heart-throbbing girls suddenly realised they were not alone. The door of the Petticoat Wing had opened and a real girl came through. You could tell she was a real girl from the delicate softness of her wrists and fingers as her hands moved with such sweetness from one part of her pink dress to another, constantly making it prettier and more breath-taking. Dainty wanted to hear her speak.

"Hi, I'm Dainty, and this is Polly. Gosh, you're wearing pink petticoat frills!"

The girl turned her pretty face on him with a smile of angelic white teeth. "Hello. I'm Priscilla. I'm from the Petticoat Wing."

Her softness was so feminine that both sissies envied her her sex and beautiful grace. Her face was exquisitely beautiful, her body was so smooth and her dress was so pretty. All this made their girly clitties stand to full, aching attention in their silk panties. Dainty couldn't resist asking an impertinent question: "Are - Are they admitting real girls now to Sissy World?"

Priscilla tipped her head to one side, thinking about the question. "I think so. I come to Sissy World every day. Mommy brings me every morning at 8 o'clock and picks me up again at 8 in the evening to go home to bed. I spend all day trying on dresses or sitting at my dressing table mirror in the Perm and Pamper Beauty Parlour."

Polly listened with awe, then closed his mouth and thought of something to ask Priscilla himself.

"We love your petticoats," he said, wilting with shame at how undeserving he was to be talking to a real girl. "And your silk dress and your hair-ribbons. Is it real fem girls, then, who live in the Petticoat Wing?"

"Yes, there are lots of us and we chat about our facials and help each other into our lingerie. We love stroking each other in our bras and slips and panties. Sometimes we lie down side by side in our lingerie and we kiss and kiss and kiss. Because we're lovely girls."

The sissies listened intently to every word Priscilla said, and watched with panting hearts as she spent a moment fussing the style of her neat, short coiffure. Then the plucked at the sides of the lovely pink satin collar of her dress, followed by the puffed sleeves at her shoulders.

"I love your dress," oozed Dainty, daring to reach forward and catch the hem between his thumb and fingers. It was exquisitely smooth and slipped with such ease across her petticoat frills. "It's in a little girl's style. Please forgive me for asking but - do you like to dress young?"

Priscilla smiled sweetly as if she didn't mind at all. "Mommy chooses my dresses, or my Auntie Catherine makes them for me. That's been how it was from when I was a baby: they used to dress me in frills and satin and lace with deep baby petticoats. I have always worn fabulous frilly silk panties over my diapers and my clitoris.

Polly could see how prominent and how divinely touchable the top of Priscilla's clitoris looked in her lilac silk panties. He was feeling so rosy he couldn't resist moving towards it with his hand and before he knew what he was doing, his fingers wrapped round its point and he was holding this lovely girl's knob."

It quivered with a little spasm and Priscilla's eyes closed and her mouth opened into such a sweet open kiss. It was no wonder that Dainty felt the same irresistible urge to hold Priscilla's clitoris, it was so feminine and sweet. So he stepped even closer and his fingers joined Polly's, clasping the panty silk around Priscilla's stem. How lovely it was to hear her gasp, as the girl's silk gloves rested on the wrists of the darling sissies who wanted so eagerly to hold onto her feminine sex.

"Thank you," she breathed, barely loud enough for her new friends to hear. "I like you holding my clitoris. I want to hold yours too. May I?"

Dainty Fairlegs skipped a few heartbeats. Not only did Priscilla want to hold his sex, but she saw him as a girl - with a clitoris to hold with tenderness and affection. "Oh yesss. Yes please," he said, and gasped as he felt the smooth clench of a girl's hand holding onto the stiff contents of his panties.

"Can I hold your clitoris too, darling?" she asked Polly, but she didn't need to, because Polly had taken her hand and planted it round his own panty bulge. The air seemed to pulse with girlish emotions as they stood in an intimate group of three, their panty points just an inch or two apart, and their faces so close, their eyes gazing into each other, and their lips -

Ohhhhhh! Their lips found each other. First it was Dainty kissing Priscilla, then it was Priscilla kissing Polly with slack lips that opened and welcomed the tip of his tongue into her mouth.Their faces were engrossed in each other: their cheeks, their noses, their lovely glossed lips.

All three felt so sweet, kissing such feminine softness, that their fingers couldn't help but fondle and fuss with the lovely panty-bulges in the fronts of

their dresses. Their panting became moaning, their fondling concentrated more carefully on the knob-shapes in their panties, and their swelling feelings of femininity slowly but surely filled their eager clitties with a warm, rosy flood that was going to show each other how truly their sex was responding to being a girl, playing with other girls, in the dreamy, perfumed playrooms of Sissy World. It was what happened to the girls - or the sissies (same thing) - as they met and adored each other, and played with each other's lovely dresses and soft girly bodies. As their mothers knew, it was all part of the delicious process of becoming a real girl in the sweetest of feminine frills.