The Ladies' Guild

by Jan Poppy

The summer had started badly. No longer was I just the maid in Auntie's house, cooking, cleaning, washing all the clothes, ironing and doing every household task for her, but she'd thrown out all my clothes and given me a "delightful new wardrobe" as she called it, pastel dungarees, T-shirts, romper suits and very short shorts and even accessories like pretty hairclips and bonnets. That had been bad enough but now she was going to "complete my transformation" with the help of Auntie Susannah.

Auntie gave an exasperated sigh, pushing her thick wavy blonde hair behind her ear. "I think I'll call you Poppy from now on, not Ian, such a pretty little flower. Just like you," she chortled. "Now remember what I said about your voice. I want everyone to hear that babyish lisp every time you open your mouth. Is that understood?" she threatened.

I blushed, an even deeper red. I knew better than to answer back as she would quickly bend me over her knee and drum the lesson in with a hard spanking with any of the hairbrushes close to hand. "Yeth Auntie Cathandwah," I squeaked in the high pitched voice she insisted on.

"Go upstairs, there's a basket of lovely new clothes for you that need freshening up. Rinse them through with some of that flowery scented conditioner, hang them outside right down the garden where Mrs Hardcastle can see you. Wave to her if she's there. You know how much she loves to see you in your finery. Later you will carefully iron them. I will be checking to make sure it's done to the highest standard and noting any faults in the punishment book."

I hated being seen in the garden, it was so embarrassing. I turned to go. "Wait, what have you forgotten?" I turned back and curtsied. "Hmmph, another black mark in the book," auntie sighed.

The basket of clothes was such a shock. Delicate satin maid dresses in blue and dark pink with aprons, a short yellow dress, a pink frilly dress, all with matching panties and bonnets and two party dresses. Surely they can't be for me!

True to form as soon as I'd pegged the clothes on the line Mrs Hardcastle was there. Tall and shapely, her blonde hair swept back into a French roll, her long blue shirt waist dress displaying her ample figure off to perfection. I couldn't help but stare at such a lovely figure. She always seems to know when I'm in the garden and would be waiting for me. "Oh! What a delightful sight. You've made my day. Do thank your Auntie Cassandra for me. Let me take a photo. I love seeing you in your little sissy clothes."

"Fank you Mithith Hardcathle," I replied politely, curtseying in the process, knowing that anything I said would be reported back. Later I collected the clothes, ironed them and hung them up on a rail as instructed.

"Auntie Susannah is calling in, any time now, so I want you in one of these lovely dresses."

The doorbell rang. I hurried to answer, making a quick escape from all the pretty dresses. I opened the door, knowing it would only lead to further embarrassment as she would see me in my sissy dungarees.

"Oh! Isn't he such a cutie!" cried Auntie Susannah, clutching me to her ample bosom making my little pee-pee strain, trying to stiffen against my satin panties.

Auntie hugged her sister and kissed her exuberantly on both cheeks. "Please come in darling. Welcome my guest properly Poppy."

"Good morning Auntie Thuthannah." I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me. "May I take your coat?"

"I was just choosing a dress for Poppy from the rail. I think it has to be the pink frilly one," interrupted Auntie, "it'll be such fun. Then we can show him off to all our friends."

"May I have the privilege of dressing him," asked Auntie Susannah. "That would be such a treat! He's such an adorable little sissy."

"Pweathe Auntie, the dwetheth awe tho embawathing. Pweathe let me weaw somefink elthe."

"No! No! No! You will do as you are told!"

"Oh! Dear. Do I have your permission to punish him for disobeying you?" added Auntie Susannah, "I'd love to put him over my knee and put him in his place."

"I think first we'll put him on the naughty step for answering back. I've a new device to teach him a lesson, that'll soften him up so he'll be only too pleased when we take it off to dress him exactly as we want. You can give him a good spanking whilst I prepare his new clothes."

I sat on the step as ordered, sucking on the teat of a very large baby bottle of a drink auntie especially prepared for me, praying that I wouldn't wet my panties as auntie wouldn't let me go to the toilet without her permission and was always threatening to put me into nappies if I couldn't control myself. The Aunties approached bearing a piece of pink wood. Puzzled I stared at them wondering what it was. Auntie separated it into two parts and I saw the three holes to go around my neck and wrists. Auntie Susannah took me sharply by the ear. I squealed much to her delight, as they put the stocks around my neck and locked my wrists in place. "Now! You will sit here until we are ready and then you can apologise to us for your wayward behaviour." I sat uncomfortably on the step, my ankles held fast, tied to the sides of the stair gate, whilst they went into the lounge, laughing and chatting about what a sissy little wimp I was. I flushed with embarrassment at their cruel words. Time passed slowly, I couldn't see a clock, but my arms were getting stiff and sore held in one position. I kept wriggling, trying to hold back my wee-wee in terror of wetting my panties and getting another scolding.

At last Auntie Susannah unlocked me and pulled me up the stairs by my ear. Auntie followed with a selection of clothes over her arm.