Chapter Twelve: My Sissy Life in Stepford

As the Sissy Presentation Day draws to a close, I find myself crying and crying at the humiliation of so many new sissies who have been presented today, laughed at, put into their bonnets, taught to be good and obedient sissies, and then masturbated over and over. I am crying because I remember my own Presentation Day a month previously, and I know how I used to be male but now - ohhhhhh, now I will never be male again. Mistress Maria turns to me, sitting on the dge of her armchair and giggling with her ruby glossed lips, to enjoy herself by clasping my clitoris in its pink satin panties. I can't move - my knee-frame johnny3-21 keeps my legs open for her, and I weep again, since panty pleasure is all I will ever want again in my girlish life of dresses and lingerie. I swell with pleasure as her fingers clench around me, but no sooner has Mistress found a rhythm, up and down, on my panty bulge, than Nurse Crushling announces the approaching moment for the Stepford Sissy Bell.

Mistress leaves me with a stiffened clitoris and jumps to her feet. On all sides the Ladies straighten their dresses. Mistress Maria is in her stunning cocktail dress of white taffeta: a minimal bodice, and everything tailored neatly to her ample curves. She releases me from my ribbon bonds and my arm and leg brackets so that I can stand ready for the Bell. It is one of Mistress's greatest delights of each day.

Opposite me I see a sissy in a little chiffon blouse and pleated mini-skirt pull and struggle in his Mistress's hands. I wonder if I could escape myself. I am not fastened. I could maybe try and run, out through that doorway. It must lead through the clinic and I could maybe get to the entrance door - get into the street - reach the boutique mall in Stepford? But my heart is too weak: if I ran away, I would not be dressed in little dresses by Mistress Maria. She would not put me under her skirt and petticoat for kissies and tonguies. I would miss the Bell!

Ohhhh, there it is, the first bar or two of the fairy bell. The soft tinkle brings a sweet, feminine perfume through the air. It surrounds my hair-do and my pretty face in the glowing atmosphere of the Stepford Clinic Gardens. My lips tremble because it is telling me I am a little girl - a sissy - an effeminate weakling - and I must serve and obey Mistress Maria so that she can make me more and more helpless and submissive.

How could I think of running away? This is what I want: the delicious and heavenly tinkling of the Stepford Bell. It makes me soft and sexual, so that I want to be more deeply feminine. I must be a sweet little girl. I look down at the soft, floating frills of my white organza dress, scalloped all round each tier of my skirt with pleated prettiness, and I hold the soft edges in my fingers, lifting them upwards and outwards to show every Lady present how sweet and girlish I am for Mistress Maria. I smile sweetly with my pink gloss lipstick to show my complete and perfect happiness. I lift my frills again, turning to Mistress Maris to make sure I am making her happy, and she has her hands up under her dress, busily bringing on her pleasure. I am so happy. I need her to fondle the lace of my panties - I need her fingers to make me gush with girlish femininity. I look down at my big white dress collar on my pertly thrusting breasts, and gush with pleasure to read the words in pink: Pussy on one curved collar, and Panties on the other, for Ladies to see my name as they laugh at me. I feel such a girl when Ladies laugh at me, and a tinge of shame crosses my heart as Mistress Maria takes one of my hands and walks me round to meet more Ladies so that they can giggle together at my helplessness.

Then I feel it, as the Bell tinkles on: the same urge I always feel at this time of day when the lovely Bell is tinkling for me. I need Mistress Maria to keep me, to care for me, to give me what I need more than anything else: my tablet. I curtsey deeply to her, holding wide my dress and petticoats, and slowly rise, filled with hope that she will have what I need to keep me feminine. I look into her giggling grin, I lift my gloved hands to my collars and then to the frills around the brim of my bonnet to hold them up around my face, and I start to beg:

"ESES, Mistress - ESES, Mistress - "

Mistress Maria shrieks with laughter, as do all the Ladies listening to their own sissies. She has already robbed me of my sex and my will, and now I am asking her to give me the medication that will multiply my effeminacy and make me even more defenceless. "Well, Pussy," she says, scarcely able to speak through her fits of giggles, "if that is what you want, well - so be it." I ask her johnny3-21again and again, my little voice more urgent, begging: "ESES", so that when repeated faster it becomes: "Yes, yes - yes, yes." I sound so abject in my desire that any Lady of Stepford couldn't find it in her heart (as they exchange grinning, giggling glances between themselves) to refuse her little sissy his deepest wish.

Of course Mistress Maria has a tablet ready, as does every other Lady in the hall, and she somehow finds a phial of warm cream (shaped amazingly like a male prick with a long smooth shaft for sucking on); and in no time at all I am a very contented sissy, my mouth gaping between my upturned pretty dress collar and inside my satin lined bonnet. I swallow my lovely 'Ever So Effeminately Sweet' tablet, and eagerly accept the rubber knob of the penis which she slides deeply into my mouth, so that it washes down in spasms of delirious pleasure with warm cum-cream, as Mistress squeezes spurt after spurt into my sucking mouth and swallowing throat.

And as usual, Mistress lets me suck and suck for a nice long time afterwards on my lovely prick-shaped pacifiers, because my mouth will be needing this training for my future entertainment duties.

As soon as my dummy-prick is withdrawn, I burst out to tell her all about my newly developed feelings: "Ooooh, Mummy," I cry, holding out the sides of my dress and all my petticoats, squirming my bare knees together in front of Mistress and her friends, "I am such a lickel Sweetie; pleeeeeeeeease can I wear some more pretty dresses and frilly petticoats when we get home! Please take down my panties so that the ladies can toy with my girly little 'popsie' and make me 'cry like a baby girlie'."

All around me I hear wild appeals in girlish voices, mingled with desperate tears, for pretty little skirts, and baby blouses, and silk party frocks. And at the same time, the peals of laughter from the Ladies until they are aching in front of the whimpering, imploring cries of their helplessly impotent Sissies. As I beg and beg, I can hear Staff Nurse Crushling speaking to the Members.

"Ladies," she cries over the desperate sissy voices, "it is almost time for us to bring our Presentation Ceremony to a close, and for you to take your newly conditioned and prepared Sissies home, to their knicker-drawers and their cradles. But first," and she checks on all sides that the Nurses have the necessary items ready, "before our little Sweeties are taken away from each other, I think they should all be made to enjoy a little sweetness and girlishness together, don't you?"

All the Ladies start clapping and crying "Ye-e-es!" but I know this is the signal for terribly embarrassing things to be done to me.

"Yes, Ladies," announces Nurse Crushling, "yes, Sissy Sweeties… it's 'Time for Frilly Panties'."

Suddenly I see lots of Nurses walking everywhere, seizing the frightened sissies. Then they grab me by my arms, two of them, and pull me across their rubber aprons to pull up all my petticoats and seize my panties. I find myself being dragged away from Mistress Maria, hardly able to stand on my high heels, and I am pushed and pulled into a sissy in a pink lacy blouse without any skirt or panties. The Nurses have a large pair of satin panties in peach pink, prettied all down the front and back with a column of ribbon bows. They pull the panties up the other sissy's stockings, then two Nurses lift me off my feet and thread my pink high heels into the waist of the satin pantaloons. They slot me into both legs, so that our stockings are together, his and mine, and my dress mingles with his blouse. Our arms find themselves spreading round each other's backs as our stockings smooth together - two sissies in the same pair of panties. I feel myself blushing hotly, my cheek pressing against his, his perfume filling my nostrils and his breasts in his blouse sliding deliciously against my own in my little dress.

Ohhhh, I don't know his name but - he is so pretty, with blond hair and thick, crimson lips. With his blouse sliding against my dress, I just want to kiss him. Then I feel the stiffness of his erected clitoris slithering across mine, deep inside our frilly panties. His lips are touching mine, and I know my clitoris swells as well, as my hands spread across the back of his blouse, onto his hair, pulling him closer.

Then I sense there are Ladies standing round. Watching and laughing. They have a little pleated skirt and they fasten it round the two of us, over out Frilly Panties. They have shoulder straps which they pull under our embracing arms and over our shoulders, arranging them front to back so that their sissy sweethearts are nicely buttoned up together into a little girls' skirt. Ohhh, it stiffens my clitoris, and the pretty sissy-girlie's is stiffened too. I just have to hold his bottom cheeks in pretty pleats as we push our clitorises together, up and down, squeezing with lovely girly feelings. My hands slide to and fro over his pink satin blouse and I feel the pleasure of sissy breasts as they push and slide onto each other with a blissful rhythm.

And the Ladies? They watch us, highly amused and delightfully entertained. I cringe with shame as my eyes meet theirs and they give me a knowing smile, but I am lost in my 'Time for Frilly Panties'. I enjoy it - and dread it - every day johnny3-21 after my ESES tablet, if we are visiting other Ladies and they have sissies to be pantied together with me. It's what the Stepford Bell and the tablets are for: to make sissies gush with desire to be pantied together as we become more and more like the little girls we want to be.

But all good things must come to an end, and the Stepford Presentation is no exception. I am taken out of my Frilly Panties, and in no time, Mistress Maria is leading me with my knees ribboned together down the staircase by my prettily gloved hand to the cavalcade of cars in the sunshine.

Once I am in the car, my bonnet is buttoned right up to enclose me in the privacy of my satin lined hoods, my legs are tightly zipped together in true mermaid style, and my car-seat cape is drawn together around me and fastened all the way up from my ankles to my neck.

Then my additional matching hood is drawn down over my head to be buttoned onto my cape, and I am encased helplessly inside my pretty cocoon of frilled peach cire satin. Mistress Maria and a friend of hers sit beside me on the journey and open my hood and my bonnet to laugh at my blushes. Then they release my defenceless, excited popsy for 'playtime' until we get home, where they will put me into a new dress with pretty, little girl lingerie and play with me on their laps.


In my squirms of pleasure I cast a glance through the smoked window as we drive past the Stepford Air Terminal. The line of cars receives the pleasant young men from another incoming flight, unwittingly recruited to begin a new life in a young and flourishing new town. That poor guy there, for instance. If only I could stop and warn him. Tell him to flee now - get the next flight out, away from Stepford. I see one of the lovely hostesses of the Silkman Foundation greeting him. No, don't listen to her. Run! She will drive you directly to your interview in the Foundation offices. Then you will need to look out. The panel of Ladies know exactly which weaknesses to look for. And above all, don't let the Ladies give you a tablet! The next thing will be a chat with a hostess, and moments later, all you will see is nurses, and you'll be floundering inside a narrow, cold, rubberised cape. You won't be able to stop them from drawing up the hood and buttoned it shut over your lovely, satin, babygirl bonnet.

But I can't tell him. I think he will find out all this for himself. I just want Mistress Maria and her friend Miss Collins, to fondle my panties in their gloves and make me their very pretty little sissy-girl, all day and all night long.