Prim's Petticoat Pansies #13

Welcome, my darling, to issue #13 of Prim's Petticoat Pansies. Now that you are here, I feel my heart brimming with feminine control, to take you in my arms and hold you inescapably on my knee. Then I can dress you in panties, petticoats, and one of the lovely puff-sleeved dresses I am featuring in my boudoir this time. I want you to look a picture of sweetness and feel as feminine as you can as you share the pictures and stories that my nephew and his artist friends have gathered for you to enjoy. And if you feel like having a sissy-girl thrill, that's just wonderful, sweetheart. I will lay you across my skirt and change you into a fresh pair of little girl panties.
Have a lovely time, darling.
Your Auntie Frocks xxx

Prim Stories:
The Sweet-Panty-Wendyhouse  Chapter2
Madame Sterne's Sissification Schoolroom Chapter3

Prim colour Drawings with storyette:
Their Amusing Panty Slave
His Afternoon Spankies
Doing His Widdles for the Girls

Baby in Pantyhose  Continuing the New Prim comic serial

Classic Prim
You Must Wear a Bonnet, Rupert  An early Prim drawing, revamped and with new Prim storyette.

Having a Girlfriends Day   A NEW Prissy drawing with storyette by Prim

The Curtus Boys
Blouseboy at the Hilary Blenkinsop Academy with storyette by Prim

The Art of Satyn
Caught In Mom's Lingerie  with storyette by Prim

The Art of Vancy
Alphonse learns to love his corsets with storyette by Prim

Auntie's Soiree Sissy  with storyette by Prim.

Penelope Pencil Penis
The Gay Wedding  with storyette by Prim

Sweetheart Styles
Sissy Breast Blouse and Bare Leg Pretty-pants  Sissy outfits designed by me (Susan Frocks) and Drawn by Prim

Aunt Frock's Baby Room
For 'very young' Sissies
including; Baby's Dicky Playtime

Dear Aunt Frocks:
Readers letters:
confess to me your deepest feminine needs ...

My Pink Boudoir:
Feminine items for my sissies to wear.
In this issue; Puff-sleeve dresses

More effeminate and adorable sissies in the next issue of

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