Two Sweethearts Ready For Petting
The urgency of young sissy love
by Prim

Lionel fussed with the gold pendant and chain on his pure white cleavage as he waited with fraying nerves at the window. "Mama," he breathed, perching his white silk ruffles on the edge of the window seat, "when will Josie and his mother come? Don't they know how much I want to see him and, and kiss him?
"Try to be patient, darling." Martha Waddington smiled up at him as she added handfuls of fresh panties to the silk bag in the lap of her crisp, lemon dress. "Judy said they would be here at ten o'clock, in three minutes time."
"Three minutes! Mama, please can you apply my perfume for me?"
Martha laughed and got to her feet with his cologne spray. "Where does Joseph like to kiss you, darling?"
"Here mama." He indicated between his legs.
"Lionel! Really!" Her eyes were wide with horror.
"Sorry mother. Well he likes to kiss my neck too."
She sprayed a wisp of femininity behind each of his ears.
"And here on my cleavage." She sprayed him again. Then she sprayed up between his legs with a stern motherly pursing of the lips. They both jumped as the bell rang, and ran to the door.
"Martha darling, you'll never guess," they heard. "We left the house without his sissy-petting mat and had to go all the way back for it. Josie made me run all the way, with both of us in high heels. Are we on time?" Judy was always loud, and Josie was always subdued beside her. Lionel stood behind his mother, catching a fleeting glimpse of his sweetheart's quiffed hair and thin, immaculate face. He was wearing an oyster pink angora cardigan with a soft rounded collar and shiny pink buttons to his white stockinged thighs. Maybe that's all he was wearing!
"Lionel, say hello," said his mother, "and hold Josie's hand."
Josie could hardly breathe at how delicious Lionel was in his little blue and white romper, held with ties in a bow round the back of his neck and cupping his gorgeous, gorgeous tits.
"Hello Josie. I'm so glad you're here," said his sweetheart, "picking me up, taking me to the park." His blue eyes dropped, sending his hooped, gold earrings into dances of shyness.
"Hello Lionel." Josie's clittie was so stiff, it made him even more tongue-tied than ever. He knew how feminine he looked.
"Let Lionel undo your cardigan and slip it off, darling," said his mother to help.
This brought the boys together, and as Lionel undid his sweetheart's cardigan with a thumping heart, both boys could see each other in their rompers, which were so skimpy they were for all the world like girls' teddies.

"Give Lionel a twirl, Josie. He won't bite."
"And you can twirl too, darling. Show Josie your panty ruffles."
The boys stiffened visibly in the soft, silky gussets of their rompers on seeing each other's legs looking so pretty, in smooth stockings and tempting, tautly pulled garter straps.
"So, you're off to the park for a little tete-a-tete?" laughed Judy. "Well I think you're going to need this," and she passed over the rolled up sissy-petting mat.
"And here's a silk bag filled with extra panties for changing into after creamy spurties," said Lionel's mom. "I think you love-birds going to need a few of them."
Their mothers took the boys to the door, out into the sunshine and gave them each a warm hug as if to say: "This is how close we want you to cuddle, sissy darlings."
Lionel and Josie stood hip to hip, their satin gloved hands found each other, their faces glowed with intimacy bare inches apart, and off they went with their eager clitties leading the way.