Aunt Frock's Dressing Boudoir

Girls' Blouses and Skirts

Hello, my dearest Pretty-Pie, come and join me in my boudoir, where everything is so lovely to wear and ready for your dearest Aunt to dress you in. And guess what, sweetheart? I think you will feel very much like all girls do as I am dressing you this time: soft, dainty, and as pretty as a picture. Isn't that how you want to be? Yes, I knew it was, and Aunt Frocks is going to try and make your girly dreams come true. So let's start slipping you into some of the lovely little blouses and skirts that enrich girls' closets up and down the country.

Blouse-and-Skirt 1 - Classic styles for Girls
You know your Aunt Frocks, darling: I always insist on starting by dressing you in traditional style, to make sure you feel like I'm treating you as a girl. This little blouse is simple, but it's girly, and it buttons down your back. Let me put you into it right now. ----- And to pair with it, a simple but equally girly skirt. Is that red leather, Aunt Frocks, I hear you say? No dear, it's soft and supple satin polyester, and it will pretty quickly have your clittie giving it an upward point in the front.

Blouse-and-Skirt 2 - Pure White and Soft Pink
Here's another little combo I want to try you in, sweetheart. A pretty girls' top with white jabot and puff-top sleeves, all in virgin white nylon. The sweet little frills may be understated, darling, but oh, you look so feminine with frills around your neck and cheeks ----- The skirt is soft and dainty, in pink polyester. I love to see you in pink buttons, pet, but the buttons that matter are at the back, where I fasten a sweet little zipper on top of your girly butt, then button you up to your shoulder blades.

Blouse-and-Skirt 3 - Polka Dots and Pleats
Sit still for me, pet, while I slip this pretty little girls' top onto you. I love the dotty fabric, darling, don't you? And with shoulder frills, crumpled sleeves and a pink bow, what more could a girl need to make her look so sweet ----- The skirt I've picked to go with it is pure girlishness, with pink plaid pleats and the sort of belt and pretty buckle that girls adore. Enjoy your girly sweetness, darling.

Blouse-and-Skirt 4 - Pinky Pink Prettiness
I want to put my baby in pink, darling. And that means the sort of sweetness that makes other mothers and aunties green with envy. My, don't you look cute, in pink nylon with a lace prettied collar on your blouse ----- And this skirt will peek and spread so pertly from the hem of your blouse, in layers of chiffon covered in lace. Let me pluck your pretty skirt into shape for you, sweetie, so that the ladies can see what a cute little girl you are.

Blouse-and-Skirt 5 - Pink Top'n'Pleats
Oh darling, I want to show you to my friend, Miss Bleating, wearing this dainty girly blouse with its white bunny motif. And the pretty lace across your clittie! Oh darling, she'll be in raptures ----- And that's why I want you in this cute cream pleated mini skirt. Yes, Miss Bleating will want to lift it, and play with your pleats, and see what a girly little sissy you are underneath in your panties.

Blouse-and-Skirt 6 - Princess Elsa and Organza
Any girl would loves to wear a Princess top, darling, and I know you are no different. And guess what, you are exactly the same as a million other girls who feel so lovely, with their pretty lace frill at their waist --- And I know how you love dancing, sweetie. So here's your chance to wear a tutu that's just right for Princess Elsa - with rose organza flaring and floating around your hips. Aren't you a gorgeous little sweetie?

Blouse-and-Skirt 7 - Girly Ruffles'n'Lace
Let me tip this delicious parcel of lacy ruffles over your head, darling. Ohhhh, a shower of girlishness, tingling down your body and encasing you in one of the loveliest tops of them all. Does that make you feel like a girl? --- And to pair with your tiers of raspberry sweetness, let Auntie slide this lovely oyster pink skirt up your legs, darling. Mmmm, can you possibly get more girly? Come with me as I show you to my lady friends in your lovely top and sissy skirt.

Blouse-and-Skirt 8 - White Frills - Pink Buttons
What a girl you are, my darling little sissy-girl. I want to put you into another little skirt too, to make sure you stay as girly as can be. Step into this one for me, baby. Ohhhh, now you look ever so sweet and dainty, and so, so feminine.

I hope you felt just right, my darling, as I was putting you into some of my favourite skirts and blouses.
In my next issue, I want to dress you in some more girls' dresses with lovely big bows at the back.
They can make a girl feel so deeply girly. I do hope you will join your Aunt Frocks for me to dress you in them in your world of sissy dreams.