The Curtus Boys
with storyette by Prim

Walter's new Governess

Walter McGrough had finished his college studies. What was Molly to do with her son now? She applied to Teenage Restart, who claimed to 'think outside the box' in their programs for college leavers. Their rep, a certain Miss Rachel, invited them to her home. She said she was 28 but the lines at the edges of her eyes caused Molly to double that in her head. Mutton dressed as lamb, she thought, surveying the woman's mini skirt and shiny boots.
Walter sat beside his mother, crimson with shame at having another female to look after him.
"I teach boys to face their futures by returning to their pasts," declared Miss Rachel with finality. "Learning from play is vital, which is why he will now play with Mandy." She presented him with a doll and told him to 'change Mandy's pretty panties.
It was the questionning look he gave his mother that the visitor took exception to.
"I don't have time for slowness," she said sharply, stepping across to the startled boy, grabbing him so that Mandy flew into the air, and hauling him belly down across the nearest chair. Molly watched with the alarm of an anxious but ineffectual mother as Miss Rachel produced silk scarves as if by magic and fastened her pupil, wrists and ankles, to the legs of the chair.
"Mom! Mom, what's she doing? don't let her... Hey, leave my pant's! What the hell are you...?
His voice became yelps, then squeals as Miss Rachel's willow wand marked stripes of deep pink across Master Walter's defenceless ass.
"I also teach boys by corporal punishment," she said, slotting her wand back into her bag and undoing his bonds. "Cooperation is required at all times my boy. You will now be dresses in your new uniform."
"Uniform! sob-sob. Mom! She can't do thi..." But it looked like he now had a governess and his protestations were useless. When she had him upstairs in her room, he was secured bottom up again and whipped for being loud and uncouth. She returned to his mother half an hour later with Walter in a blouse-and-pants set in slippery pink polyester. The ruffles of white at his neck and cuffs gave it a girlish feel, and there was no doubt that she had put her words into practice and returned him to his past. In fact, to his childhood.
"Master Walter will be dressed like this from now on," she declared, "You agree to that don't you boy?"
The poor young man burst out crying, for all the world as if she had turned back the years in his feelings too, but Miss Rachel was pitiless. Her wand came out again and her pupil was given a third whipping against a backdrop of his screams of pain and regret.
"I expect full agreement with my wishes," she cried. "Do you agree with me that you will be dressed in nice little boy clothes to suit the training I will be giving you?"
"Oh yes, yes, oh yes please!" came his begging cries from near the carpet.
"Clothes which will become gradually more and more effeminate to suit your growing delicacy and deportment?"
"Oh yes, Oh please yes." There was no hesitation now.
"You see, Missus McGough," said the governess, standing over Walter, the tip of her wand resting on his smarting buttocks, "juvenile apparel suits the sort of life and activity he will now lead - young, dainty and effeminate - the easiest mix of qualities for ladies to live with. Would you like me to continue your son's education in the way I have begun it?"
Molly's life seemed to pass before her eyes. Things had been so easy with Walter in full time education, and now she had the chance for that easy life to continue. Furthermore, he looked ever so sweet in pink polyester and lace. What was there not to like? She smiled at Miss Rachel.
"Yes please, my dear. I would like you to move in with us. You will look after my son far better than I would on my own."