"Tell Aunt Frocks"

  Hello my dear, and welcome to my letters page where you and all my readers can tell me about your fantasy life and girly dreams. I am so eager to hear about your feminine side, and what I really love is for you to tell me how Prim and I can make your petticoat experience even more delicious here in my nephew's sissy magazine. I'm sorry to say I can't include everything I receive in my mail-box: I'm sure you understand that I have to pick and choose. But if you don't see your mail in this issue, it just might appear next time, so keep a look out in case. And you can be sure I will safeguard your confidence if you ask me to. For photos, ask me to blank your face if you so desire, and it will be done. I'm hoping lots more of you will send photos of yourself as one issue follows another, so that we can see how sweet and girlish you are. I hope you enjoy hearing from the sissies below, and I would so love you to add your mail to theirs by writing to me at: auntfrocks@mail.com

Letter 1 Addicted to panties and cocks
Hello and Greetings Miss Prim,
"Curtsies while looking down" It is so nice to be writing to You and to wish that You are having a very lovely and wonderful day.
Please let this sissy introduce herself to You. i am gillian crowell, i am a Feminized male of a very very small size. i was once married to a very Domme Woman whom said that She was Pregnant by me. During the period of time, many steps were being taken for insemination due to my extremely low sperm count. After being diagnosed as with child, i felt we should marry. The day prior to the wedding i was called and told that She had lost the child . We still married and were together for 5 Yrs. During that time She caught me wearing not only Her panties, but the panties of others I had collected over time. She insisted that I wear only panties. Even to the extent of ridding me of any male underwear at all.
We are both Photograhers by trade. She in stills and myself in video. She insisted upon counseling and therapy. It was during this time that i was diagnosed as Gender Dysphoric.
To maintain our relationship I was put on a hormone replacement regime to eliminate any questions. Well, once it starts it is so easy to continue and never look back. It all just seems to flow and move forward so easy and smoothly. And to say that it didn't feel right or was forced would be a lie. i was in heaven.
During this time I was introduced to cuckolding. And as I felt so lovely, my ex went out and had a wonderful time. i cleaned and cooked and did as She wished, even to dressing more and more frilly and Lacey.
One night that She came home to me dressed with Her date. I was made to undress and to fluff Her man, a very large and strong Black Dom before Her. Once a male drops to his knees in sissy wear And fluffs a Black Male Lover, there isn't any coming back to manhood. It is gone forever!
i have been a BBC sissy ever since. I currently work as a camera-op for the television networks and am respected kinda in my field. But I have never been promoted or anything else in over 35 yrs. Yes I have been put to my knees and sucked many of my coworkers.
Now I am living with a New and total PinUp Domme as Her sissy maid. But She has now decided that for me to be complete and happy. I must be a total and complete sissyfag for BBC. She has me watch all types of videos and music all the time. It makes me feel so good and i am so hungry and horny to be the cum dumpster sissy for Black Cock. I am nothing but a sissy receptacle with holes to be used and filled. I told Her of Your stories and drawings, and asked Her if there was a Story for someone like me. She told me to write You to see. Can You write a story that tells my life and tells my future please? Please let me know.
Thank You Miss Prim
Gillian Crowell

Darling Gillian,
What a nice letter to find in my mailbox. I can see that you wrote it for me, but also for all my readers, like a sister sissy sitting down in the Sissy Club and sharing your personal hopes and desires and the emotions that have made your life precious to you. My word, such a lot has happened, and I can see that one of your deepest needs is to pay tribute to horny cocks, no matter what race. I'm grateful to your Domme for suggesting you write to see if Prim might write your life story, but that is just a little beyond the scope of Prim's Petticoat Pansies.
On the other hand, Prim has decided to include a couple of pics and storyettes which follow the paths of sissy-on-sissy, since that is one step closer to what PPP is all about. When sissies feel so deeply feminine, you see pet, it's like everyone is female, and their clitties feel so sweet and effeminate. I hope you find lots to enjoy in Prim's work the way it is.
Very affectionate kisses, darling,
Aunt Frocks xxx

Letter 2 'Wonderful' work by Prim
The following letter was addressed to Prim:
You are absolutely amazing. With one phrase you captured the "erotic essence' that I come to you for. "Eating out of my cleavage" You are a wonder and totally wonderful !
Thanks so much for what you do. This really is a great 'entrapment' story (Pettipant House). Wish it were me.
"But how effective is it?" asked Vanessa, sitting at Doctor Dolores's elbow. "I can't help feeling I've got my stepson exactly where I want him, eating out of my cleavage, and I don't want to let the little pet escape."
As a true fan, one who appreciates your sense of the erotic, I wonder if you've ever given any thought to what you think are your best drawings and perhaps best stories?
And as a corollary, how access to the "Best Of" might be executed? "The best of" should be a monthly feature; and don't limit it to pictures.
Jim Armstrong

Thank you, Jim, for writing to Prim with nice thoughts and with advice. He appreciates that, he tells me. What a good idea - 'the best of Prim' - as another section to include in the future. As I said in my front page introduction, PPP is about to change dramatically, and such a new feature would fit in well. This isn't the first good idea you've sent me, darling, and I'm sure it won't be the last.
With love,
Aunt Frocks x

Letter 3: In love with stockings

Dear Aunt Frocks,
I hope the attached images of me are suitable for the magazine. I think you can see how much I love stockings and pretty lingerie. Just what every Assistant Stocking Fitting Technician should wear while attending to the needs of mature customers!
My very best wishes to you and your nephew,
Priscilla Pettipanties. x

Dear Priscilla,
Oh my, another wonderful story, and I simply must tell my readers that you have sent me two others as well, which will have to wait until later issues. You are a pet. And now you send me photos of yourself, 'in sissy'. How sweet, how lovely. When the new Prim website comes up, maybe I'll be able to begin a Sissies Gallery of little sweeties like yourself who want ther sister sissies to see how sweet they look.
Thank you so much, darling.
Aunt Frocks x
Here is Sissy Priscilla's story - Bobby's Holiday At His Aunt's House illustrated by Priscilla's photos.

Letter 4: My 'little girl' loves her dresses

You have surprised me again! To see my letter to you (and also sissy annie's) was quite a treat. I haven't had a chance to read issue 19 other than to browse it briefly. But I loved "My pink boudoir". So many adorable dresses!
You are going to love this! Sissy annie has been working with a dress maker who has been designing and sewing her these adorable frocks. I have had a lovely chat with her. She is going to be very busy making more dresses for my little girl. My sweet sissy daughter is going to be living in dresses.
I love how you refer to them them as "little sissy angels". I love my little sissy girl so much. So much more than what he previously was. She craves my approval. So easy to motivate her to be my little sissy angel. I can't even begin to explain how precious she is when I watch her playing with her dolls. It is shocking to me that that little girl was inside all the time.
I have also learned (from you) the power of excessive masturbation. I used to think that denial was the answer. But the more I masturbate her the more she wants and the more it reinforces her place as a "little sissy girl". I save her cum in a bottle. I use it to make salad dressing and gravy among other things for her. I tell her it makes her much more of a sissy.
I'll write you all about her afternoon and coming out with my three girlfriends. I'll add in the details about how my life has changed for the better. I am now dating real men and enjoying the experience. Of course, i have not introduced them to my daughter yet. But in time...

Dear Audrey,
What a pleasant change for you: to exchange a burden of a husband for a very happy little daughter, and to have real men to date. Things are turning out for the better, and I can only wish you every success in deepening your 'little angel's' sweetness. Having new dresses will count for a lot, because apart from her dolls, that seems to be what she gets most excited about.
Yes, dear, 'mummy masturbation' can have welcome benefits in confirming your sissy's desire to become more and more feminine and under your control. Mummy's hand complements the lovely effect of the silky garments you dress her in. It has always been the case that wearing feminine garments (either adult garments or little girl frocks) has a feminising effect on the skin, flesh and nerve endings of sissyish males, no matter how old or young they are, and automatically adds to their feminine conditioning. So if you provide little Annie with dresses that he can't wait to put on, you will effectively be making him further feminise himself.
Good luck with all your plans for your daughter,
Susan Frocks x

Audrey sent me an account of Sissy Annie's Coming Out, and it reads like a story, so I'm including it here with ywo lovely photos of Annie.
Sissy Annie's Coming Out Fashions Day

Letter 5 This is from little Annie herself - So happy to be a girl

Dear Aunty Frocks:
Mommy showed me that you put my letter to you and all about my first visit to Ms Dotson in Prims 19. She said that I should be very proud that you would do that. Thank you for being so nice to me and that you like my pretty dresses. Mommy read some of Prims 19 to me. She told me to write to you about something that made me excited and tell you how I feel. She said that if i did a good job i would get a reward. I hope you like this.
Mommy opened prims 19 for me and as I started to read I saw this:
Hello, darling. How lovely to have you visiting me in issue #19 of Prim's Petticoat Pansies. I hope you are wearing something sweet, something that makes you feel very feminine and very young. And are you feeling precious, sweetheart, like a delightful little girl should?
Aunty, I just tingle all over when I read this. Cause you are so smart that you know just how I feel. You know that I AM a little girl. When Mommy tells me that I am her precious little girl, well, it makes me feel so happy. I see pink clouds and pretty pink balloons, pink cupcakes, pink flowers, pink frilly dresses and so much more. Sometimes I start to cry. Not cause I am sad but cause I am such a lucky little girl. When Mommy's girlfriends tell me that I am a precious little girl it makes her so happy. Then I get to curtsey, twirl and show my pretty dress and how much I love being a little girl. I want to please Mommy so much by being the best little girl I can.
I love my pretty dresses. Mommy bathes me every morning and dresses me. She loves to sit me down in front of the mirror and do my nails and put lip gloss, eye shadow and blush on me. She tells me I am her living doll. That makes me want to cry again. it makes me so happy. Mommy then puts me in front of the mirror to look at myself. She always asks me the same thing.
"Who is the prettiest and happiest little girl in the world?".
Then I give Mommy a hug and I say "I am Mommy. I love you so much". I feel so sweet, girly, precious and so very young. I need Mommy to take care of me and keep me safe. Mummy then has me go play with my dolls while she makes herself pretty.
Mommy is so wonderful. Sometimes she lays me on the bed or couch and talks so sweetly to me about how much she loves me and how much she has always wanted a little girl like me. That I make her so happy. She pulls up my dress and touches my panties. That makes me feel soooo good. She is doing that more often now. She says it is a reward for being a very good girl. I love it when she talks to me that way and makes me feel so good. I just want it more and more. I want her to make me ever more girly. She laughs when I say that. Could you tell her to please make me even more girly?

I love you Aunty.
sissy annie

Dear Sissy Annie, my dear little girl,
How lovely to get a mail from you and I was thrilled when you told me how you knew I was talking to you in issue #19 of my Prim magazine. Isn't it wonderful, how your Mommy has discovered that you are really a girl, and now you can be so sweet and girly all the time. What a beautiful dress you are wearing in your photo. I just love the criss-cross lattice stitching on your bodice and puffed sleeves. Be a good girl for Mommy, darling, and she will lift your petticoat and feel your panties lots and lots.
With love, darling,
From Auntie Frocks xxx

Letter 6 * "What to Do with a Virgin Pansy's Baby Peenie" *

Dear Auntie Frocks.
I have secretly been a longtime admirer of yours and Prim's. I am admittedly a closet pansy pervert with a deeply submissive side. For many years I've been in denial about my inner desire, and have done my best to hide it from the outside world. But it seems that the more I try to suppress my urges, the deeper I become ensnarled by it's shameful allure. Ironically, such embarrassment only further intensifies my arousal. Alas this vicious cycle has transformed me into a Sissy Jekyll & Hyde of sorts - a creature who one minute is ashamed of and seeks to reject his effeminate impulses, while the next minute is mindlessly rabid for sissified humiliation and intense, Matriarchal discipline.
Many times I fantasize about being a completely desexed sissybaby. And since hapless babies do not get to enjoy the erotic pleasures of adults, I only allow myself to make spurties whilst my peenie is completely flaccid. Typically just a few soft, fingernail tickles under my sensitive baby-dumplings is all it takes to produce a nice, satisfying glob of pansy goo. In effort to prevent any sort of true satisfaction, I've been able to condition myself to experience a release without actually climaxing (the trick is to use slow, calculated motions and then cut everything off just before achieving orgasm).
As jism slowly oozes out from the head of my tiny limp member, my cupped hand is cradled below to capture every last drop. I always coat my hands in advance with Baby Magic, so by the time I'm ready to lap up the sticky mess, a semen-lotion mixture greets my palate with a rather submissively sweet flavor that only further enhances my pathetic, infantile state.
I repeat this naughty ritual several more times, being careful not to cross the sacred threshold. Afterward, I find that I'm left with a constant tingling in my sissy loins, which also continues to seep a slow dribble for the next half hour. This is the definition of how a girlie sissybaby like me "gets lucky".
Blushingly Yours,

Mattie, my darling, How sweet of you to write to me, and I loved reading about your strict efforts to avoid enjoying the full pleasure of a male in his ejaculations. For you, like for so many sissies, little dribbles and lots of craving are all you have to look forward to. Prim likes the way you 'get lucky' with slow dribbles too. He says that rings a bell with him.
I hope you find lots to enjoy in Prim's work, especially my nursery pages for my very special little ones who want to be babyfied.
Cuddles, darling.
Aunt Frocks xxx

Letter 7   * Little Samantha *

Dear Miss Frocks,
I hope you are well and that you do not mind me emailing you. I love the Prissy Sissy/Petticoat Pansies sites, there is nothing that compares to them.
I am a sissy pansy adult little girl and have been dressing for many years. I have lots of little girl dresses and outfits, wigs, dollies, panties etc. Over the years my sissiness has increased greatly, I am now only comfortable and happy in little girl clothes, they feel natural to wear, in-fact being a little girl feels so incredibly natural. I have long accepted who and what I am and gave up long ago any notion I am a man, instead I am happy to be a sissy, happy to have a minuscule tinky, happy to be a pansy and happiest in my little girl clothes playing with my dollies.
Yet as my sissiness has increased, I have found it harder to exist, when I must, as an adult man, and for a few years now my only dream, my only wish is that I want to live 24/7 as a little girl. I guess it is a silly, in-practical dream, but I know in my heart that I would be happier living as a little girl and allowing my sissiness to utterly consume me.
I was wondering if I may have your views on this please? Can, or even should, sissies like me strive to be true to themselves and look to live as little girls?
Thank you
x x x

My dear Samantha,
Your letter is not the only one, of course, which asks me whether I think you should be 'true to yourself' and live the life of a sissy little girl. Let me answer your question by saying, there are some who do. So there you are, it's possible. I suppose it all depends how much you want to live it.
What I would say to a sissy who is with a family is, no don't try it. You owe your life and your love to your loved ones. To sissies without family but who still live in the world of work, you are the ones who can strike a halfway balance, being the man who earns a living during the day, for example, but throwing the switch once you get home. This is the life of girlhood that many sissies live, some with the help of like-minded friends. Being a sissy can be a very sociable way of life. And finally there are the lucky few - if we are talking wanting to be a full-time sissy - who have no ties of any kind and can manage to live in a private enclave where they will not be disturbed. While that dream sounds wonderful, I would encourage such sissies to keep the door open to having some friends, some links with the world, because I believe that psychologically you will need it. No man is an island.
And if you have your computer, tablet, phone, you can still enjoy Prim. Brilliant. Samantha, darling, I hope I've sort of answered your question, and let me dab some warm, auntie kisses on your lips to show you my full approval.
With love, darling,
Aunt Frocks xxx

Here is part2 of Paul's New Panties  (part 1 is in PPP#19) from Anon

Thank you, everyone who writes to me, for all your letters. They make me feel warm and wanted, as if what Prim and I are doing has real value. I look forward to the next time you join me, here in Prim's Petticoat Pansies. Until then, feel very feminine, darlings, and enjoy being pretty in your lovely girly clothes.
With love from Aunt Frocks xxx