Female Amusements In Pettipant House
a story by Prim

The story so far: When James Conningsby's father disappears with his secretary, the boy's wife Vanessa seduces her stepson, taking advantage of his tendency towards her sexy blouses, skirts and lingerie. She enlists the help of her old friends, Bernice and Alma, to keep him under her charms, but there is scarcely any need since James is thrilled at being intimate with his stepmother. However, everything is threatened when his former college friend Tristan turns up, intending to stay. Bernice mentions a friend of hers, Doctor Dolores Witchell, who has ways of converting the behaviour of young men. When she arrives, she sets about captivating both the 18-year-olds with the use of SX3, a drug which she administers in coconut milk and which makes the boys hopelessly suggestible.

  Chapter 3 - Vanessa Sissifies Jamie

  James was so deeply ashamed, he couldn't prevent his hands from covering his face and whimpers of helpless emotion from escaping his throat. He had never been naked before in front of an attractive 40-year-old woman, let alone being smoothed, sponged and handled by one as he lay in the warm suds of his stepmother's en-suite bathtub. Bernice Glover, this best friend of his stepmother and now appointed as his governess, had paid particular attention to the bathing of his cock and testes, holding his delicate organs in her latex gloves and fingering him in slippery suds for what seemed an age as he lay defenceless in the water, watching himself being manipulated. "I think your stepmother has fallen in love with your penis," she said as he struggled to gather his breath. "She wants to keep it safe inside her panties," and she narrowed the envelope of her fingers as she slowly squeezed it from base to helmet over and over. "So we have to keep it clean, and dainty, and precious, don't we, because your penis is in love."
If James's bottom could have slid any lower in the sudsy water it would have done, because he clung to every word his governess was saying and hoped with all his heart that they were true. What a wonderful change he had gone through over the past forty-eight hours. All right, he had lost his father, but it was only now he was realising how unimportant his father had been to him all these years. Far more important was what he had gained: the wonderful Vanessa, his lovely stepmother, who must have been longing for the chance to show her teenage stepson how warmly she felt for him. And how she loved him to be intimate with her clothes. His penis reached as high as it could in his governess's fingers as her firm voice spoke down to him.
"And your childish botty will be in her panties too, because she wants it to be encased in her satin lingerie." Her latex hands slipped under his knees and brought them up near his cheeks, lifting his buttocks from the water. She took the bottle of soap and squeezed the gel along her warm middle finger. "That way it will belong to her, and that's what she wants, James." Her finger touched into the rosebud of his anus, then sank its length down his passage, until she could wriggle its cleansing motion softly in the snug fleshy interior. James's eyes closed as he moaned, his penis reaching eagerly in front of him between his wet thighs and his dreams reaching for his stepmother and her pleated skirts. "You love your stepmother, don't you, James?" asked Bernice, withdrawing her finger and lowering his knees.
"Ohhhh, ye-essssss!" His heart was pattering at a high pace.
"You want her to dress you ever so nicely?"
"Yesss, oh yesssssss!" Her fingers gathered sudsy water and returned to his penis.
"Then I am pleased with you as well, because a good little boy will be deeply in love with his mommy," her fingers slid smoothly up and down, "and will want to look ever so nice for her." James's lips made an '0' and his sigh was a long moan of delirious pleasure. "The most important thing for your Mommy, James, is to dress you ever so sweetly in the prettiest little garments. And that's what you want too."
Her glowing words were very persuasive, as she could tell from her fingers, for she felt the fleshy shaft throbbing more vigorously, picking up a rhythm, and then seeping with juice at its tip, spluttering, and turning to cream in upward jets of liquid surrender. It was his complete devotion to his stepmother, squirting out in a deep swell of desire. He was ready to be taken along to meet her, filled with adoration and love.
His new governess dried the body and legs of her charge in a huge white towel as he lay across her lap on her white rubber apron. "We don't want James to wear his Mommy's soft clothes in the wrong way, do we?" she declared, taking her little femme shaver and hunting in the smooth creases between his legs for any hair that had survived his long, sudsy bath. His sexual parts, she told him as she dusted him with powder, must be suitably perfumed if they are to feel the pleasures of relaxing inside such delicious panties, like the one she now presented to him. "Now it's time to dress James for his morning cuddles with his stepmother," she said. James caught his breath, his heart pattering in his chest. "I'm putting James into his stepmommy's white satin panties with lace," she cooed, sliding the beautiful full-cut garment up his legs. "Mmmm, so smoo-ooooth, surrounding James's bits in Vanessa's lingerie. Good boy," and his governess rewarded him with a little kiss on his temple as she held him on her lap. "Now one of Mommy's short-sleeved white blouses. Isn't it lovely?" The blouse was simple but so feminine, in slippery polyester, and his penis stretched with a beautiful aching as he looked at it on its hanger. It had four pearled buttons descending from the open-neck, a notched collar with very sharp points for his breast, and neat turn-up cuffs one inch deep on its sharply creased sleeves. She undid the buttons, slipped it off, and held it for one of his hands to feed through its lovely sleeve. He whimpered as the blouse was passed across his back and his other hand slipped in. Ohhhhhh, it was so cold, so pretty gathering round him, and his buttons were so sweet as they appeared through their buttonholes.
"I'm going to pair Mommy's blouse with another lovely pair of her shorts, my dear."
James mewled with helpless surrender as the garment slithered and flowed while his governess threaded it over his feet and drew it up his legs. His bottom slid deeply into the gap in Bernice's lap as his penis stiffened in his panty as his stepmother's shorts came nearer and nearer to her white satin panties. His penis ached and stretched forward to meet the smooth acetate lining of the pale pink shorts in finely corrugated silk, with three mock buttons in pink glass sewn diagonally in front of each hip. The shorts were zipped shut behind him and finished with another button in the middle of his back. Once he had been slipped into a pair of Vanessa's strappy pink sandals on three inch high heels, Bernice took him by the hand and led him through from his dressing room into the main bedroom where his stepmother was waiting for him.
James hoped and hoped he would be pleasing to her, dressed the way he was. The cool bedroom air freshened his legs from mid thigh down to his toes, while he held his arms, smoothly cleansed of all hair, into the waist of his blouse at the elbows, so as to look more feminine for her. But when he saw Vanessa sitting in her soft boudoir armchair, with Doctor Dolores sitting talking to her, all thoughts of his own appearance flew out of his head. He was smitten. He fell in love with her all over again only this time ten times more deeply than the day before.
Her blonde hair was done up in soft plaits into a combined cluster high at the back of her head, divinely fastened in a jewelled tiara-shaped clip. Her blouse was in soft white silk with long puffed sleeves to ribbons that tied onto her forearms, while her neck and bosom were framed in two or three layers of divine ruffles daintily edged with lace. The neck frills overhung her bosom, while her blouse buttoned to a narrow waist, which disappeared inside the waist of her rapturous, pleated skirt, the widest skirt he had ever seen her wearing. Its caramel sunray pleats seemed to dance and sway on a bed of silky net petticoats, so that all he could see of them were the ruffled hems of pretty white lace, scarcely showing anything of her dark tan stockings and her white patent court shoes. Her pure bosom was decorated with three strings of pale blue beads, while her matching earrings danced above her frills of white silk as she saw him coming to meet her.
"Oh my darling boy!" she gasped, her pink varnished nails clasping her rose petal cheeks, "You look so lovely for me this morning. Ohhh, Miss Glover, you have dressed my little angel so sweetly. He's wearing my blouse, and my silk shorts and sandals. Oh my sweetheart, come to me and sit here on my pleated skirt."
James's heart was ready to burst with excitement and desire. His stepmother was all he desired, and she was telling him to sit on her lap, on her gorgeous pleats. As he stood beside her legs and inched his pretty shorts into place with his governess's help, his bliss knew no limits as her arms closed round his blouse and she drew him onto one of her arms, while her free hand clasped his cheek and felt his face tenderly. He gazed with pure pleasure at her delicious blue eyes, her black lashes, her soft pale blue eyelids and the purity of her skin. Then her crimson lips pressed against his with a maternal chuckle.
"Show your stepmommy your tongue, darling," she said, drawing back no more than an inch.
He did as she asked, putting out his tongue.
"No, sweetheart, just the tip of your tongue, and close your lips so that I can kiss them."
James felt so wonderful. He was being told what to do in every detail, and he loved it. He closed his lips on the middle of his tongue. Then, oh bliss! his stepmother kissed his lips while closing hers onto his tongue. She was so intimate with him, so sexual, then he felt the tip of her tongue fluttering on the tip of his, and her eyes smiled at his as she loved him like this. His penis grew with desire in his panties and shorts.
Then all of a sudden, she withdrew, leaving his tongue between his own lips, but unloved. Why had she done this? James felt distraught. His stepmother re-arranged him on her pleats so that his face and hers were further apart. He was sure he hadn't done anything wrong. Maybe it was because the doctor was returning and they were being watched by her and his governess. James clung onto this thought to convince himself that she wasn't displeased with him, thanks be to all the stars.
It was a little embarrassing, with Doctor Dolores seeing him in his pretty shorts and in his stepmother's blouse and high heeled sandals, but James took courage from the natural way Vanessa held her teenage stepson. Doctor Dolores wore a plastic medical coat, which was evidently soft, and transparent enough to show the smart pink blouse she was wearing beneath it, with a narrow skirt of blue terylene which appeared at her knees. She wore her dark brown hair fairly short, barely onto her neck, but drawn off her face which was as full as you would expect from such a large, buxom woman. Miss Glover's hair was strawberry blond, and now that she wasn't wearing her rubber apron, she looked smart and rather dominant in a crisp white blouse with a neat bow at the neck, and a narrow, navy blue skirt to mid calf. The Doctor had brought two drinks in champagne glasses and placed them on Vanessa's chairside table. His stepmother passed one of them to James.
"Drink your coconut milk, darling," she said, still holding him round the waist so that he was against her breast. "And when you've drunk it, I have something to tell you."
James felt self-conscious, sipping from the wide glass under the eyes of all three women. His governess moved her buffet close beside him so that she could turn up the collar of his blouse behind his hair. She held it there with one hand, showing how pretty he was to Vanessa and Doctor Dolores, while lightly resting her fingers on the round base of his glass and tipping it again each time he tried to take a rest. He sipped and sipped, and felt himself blushing with a feeling of weakness and shame. "Doesn't James look lovely this morning, Doctor?" said Vanessa as he sipped as quickly as he could.
"He looks very lovely. I think he suits your blouse perfectly, and I can see that his genitals feel really happy in your silk shorts."
James's governess agreed. "He feels very close to his stepmother, Doctor. He simply adores wearing her clothes."
His stepmother took his free hand in hers and squeezed it at these words and he felt her eyes on him. Bernice relieved him of his glass as soon as he had finished and returned it to the table, so that Vanessa could adjust him on her lap so that he was almost facing her, their faces very close. "James, my dearest darling, you are so pretty this morning," she said, lifting his blouse collar all round so that it cupped his cheeks in its points, "and your feelings towards me are so warm that I am delighted with you." Her lips were beautiful and glossy as she pressed them together before speaking to him. He suddenly felt that what she was going to say would be bad news. Horrible news. His heart began thudding beneath his blouse. Perhaps she could see the points of his blouse collar trembling, because she clasped the point of his chin between her thumb and forefinger. "I know that you want me to dress you in my clothes, darling, but I want to dress you in a special way - a way that will make you adorable to me."
James swallowed as her finger and thumb played with his chin. He didn't know whether to be happy that he would become adorable to her, or miserable because it seemed she might not dress him in the clothes he loved - her clothes. She lifted his chin slightly to tell him to look into her eyes.
"My darling, I want to dress you in little boy costumes, because they are so dainty and so sweet - and because they will make you so much more my own. You see, you want to wear my clothes just a little bit for yourself, because they make you feel lovely and sexual." "Oh no, no I don't," said James giving the slightest of shakes of the head so as not to lose her grip on his chin. "I want to wear your clothes because they are yours." She raised her brows and angled her face a little to one side, assuring him that she was right. A flush filled his face from the neck up but he couldn't lower his chin while it was held in her fingers. He had to look at her while his emotions fought a terrible battle, in front of his governess and the doctor, and finally he had to agree. His shame came over him suddenly, and at the same time a flood of tears came into his eyes. She held his face as it was and watched him as his tears ran down his cheeks while he cried. Oh this was so shameful, crying like this in front of his stepmother and her friends, but he could do nothing to hide it as he cried and cried, with Vanessa occasionally leaning closer to kiss him on the nose while she watched him. Eventually his distress came under control. His weeping softened into sobs, and when he wiped away his tears with two wipes of his fingers, Vanessa released his chin so that she too could wipe his eyes with maternal tenderness. When his tears had all gone, except for those that still hadn't spilled from his eyes, she cupped the whole side of his face in her hand. "My darling," she said, "I am so happy to see you crying for me. I love it when you act so young, rolling back the years. Being a little boy again for me. And that is what I want you to be, just for me."
James wasn't clear how he could please her. "What will be just for you, stepmother?"
"Being a little boy for me," she said softly, her fingers tracing loving shapes around his temple, his cheek, his nose. "Wearing the little boy clothes I choose for you. You will be doing it for Mommy, my precious darling, knowing she will fall in love with you every time she sees you." He looked at her, his eyes drawn to hers. "This will make you so much more my kind of sweetheart, and I could love you more and more and more."
This was what James wanted to hear. How he could love his stepmother more, so that she would love him too, deeply and forever. He tried desperately to grasp the chance she was holding out, and turned to the doctor. "Oh Doctor Witchell, please can you help me? Please will you see to me so that I can be a little boy for my stepmother? Please." He almost slid off the spread of Vanessa's pleats and petticoats, so that Bernice caught him and helped him back into his stepmother's arms. She took him into the warmest and closest embrace she had given him so far, hugging his blouse into hers, pressing the back of his hair against the side of her own, swinging him a little from side to side as he felt her laughter shaking his ribs.
"Darling boy, I will be deliriously happy if you become my own little-boy sweetheart. And I will be your mommy." She slipped him forward in her grasp so that her lips could find his and give him the most loving warm wet kiss she could. Her lips devoured his as she moaned and cooed with passion, holding his head round the back of his hair, folding his blouse collar up onto his cheek with one hand as she caressed his neck, then gradually softening her kiss so that it became one of utter tenderness and love, lifting and touching with delicate affection, until finally she stopped, looked at him and laughed.
"Oh Jamie, my little pet, I've given you my lipstick," and Bernice passed her a tissue. She giggled as she licked the tissue and wiped his mouth - lick, wipe, lick, wipe. A mother cuddling her little boy. Bernice did the same, so that he was wet with women's saliva round his mouth and cheeks. "Well my precious," she said as both women cleaned all round his lips, "are you happy, now that you know you are going to be my little boy and I am going to be your Mommy?"
James fought to control the trembling in his lips. "But Mommy, Mommy my darling, does that mean I won't be able to love you any more, and kiss you, and hug -"
Her finger pressed on his lips to stop him and she laughed, while his governess and the doctor laughed too. "Of course it doesn't, my angel. What I want more than anything is to be in love with you, and for you to be in love with me." She pecked another kiss onto his lips. "It's just how you are dressed that has changed. You will wear a little boy's blouses and pants and feel lovely in them. Oh it's so important to me that you feel lovely while wearing your little boysie clothes. And I think Alma will be dressing your little friend Tristan in the same kind of little boy garments, so that he can feel sweet and very young for her, like a little child. It will be so loving and adorable for us all, but most importantly, I want you to be in love with me." She giggled again as she held him very close, and he was able to see, as his chin rested on the frills at her shoulder, how his governess and the doctor smiled their complete approval. They were all very pleased with him. As Vanessa released him from her hug, Doctor Dolores passed over her drink, which she gave to her 'little boy' to drink instead of her.
He felt strangely delicious while he sat sipping it on her knee. Vanessa was his Mommy now, not his stepmother, and he was maybe a lot closer to her as her little boy, sort of starting again as her son, and beginning to grow up from infanthood. His body was tingling with a new kind of excitement, a wish to please his Mommy in any way he could, and his penis was telling him how deliciously rosy it would be. When he had finished his drink, she took his glass and gave it to the doctor, then she began to undo the front of his blouse. As she did so, his governess undid the back of his shorts, running down the zip, and soon his blouse was drawn off and his shorts and his sandals were slipped off his feet. His Mommy saw how delighted his penis was feeling as a result of her new arrangements, and her fingers gathered round it for her to fondle it up and down for him.
"Oh my darling, you're so happy for your Mommy, aren't you? I love you, Jamie my little boysie," and she embraced him round his naked body, drawing him deep into her warm blouse and kissing him on his neck, his breast his ribs. His governess and the doctor helped to hold him and draw him slightly upwards onto the side of the armchair, so that his Mommy could kiss his tummy, then his hips, and as she slipped her skirts from beneath him, she held his stiff penis in her fingers and kissed it on its adoring knob. He watched, in the ladies' arms, as his Mommy opened her lips to kiss over the top of his helmet, then to slide her lips down the shaft of his penis. At the same time, he could feel the suction of her mouth and tongue as her crimson lips slid up and down, up and down. James was beside himself with pleasure. His penis was glowing with rosiness and love. Oh how could his Mommy love him so much? His head lolled backward, and he saw Bernice and Dolores smiling down at him as they held him in their arms, with most of his weight on the doctor's bosom. Then his Mommy released his cock, leaving it wet and cold in the bedroom air, and the ladies arranged him so that he was sitting on Vanessa's skirt again.
He was dressed first, over his feet, in a divine one-piece top-and-panty in white satin printed all over with little clusters of pink roses. "My darling is such a good boy, he gets to wear Mommy's satin teddy," Vanessa said, as she drew the slippery garment up his legs. Its shoulder loops slid up his arms and she lay him forward across her pleats so that he lay face-down like a baby being dressed for the feminine buttons at the back to be fastened. His penis was already loving being dressed as Mommy's little boysie.
Next came a little blouse in cream silk. It had a Peter Pan collar four or five inches wide with a little trim of white lace all round, puffed sleeves, and pleats down the front. He was turned round by Vanessa, who was grinning with happiness as she slipped it up his arms, then he was turned onto his tummy again to have it drawn together and buttoned down his back with four lovely cream buttons. "Oh what a darling," declared Doctor Dolores as he was sat up again on his mommy's knee. James looked down the front of his blouse, where a pink panel of pretty smock stitching showed a row of three smiling girls' faces just below the lace trim of his rounded collar.
James saw the girlishness of his blouse and began to weep again as Bernice slipped his little boy shorts from their satin hanger and passed them to Vanessa. They were in crisp silk acetate in blossom pink and were slightly bloomered to give them a tulip shape. "Oh my beautiful darling," she said as she undid the smooth pink buttons down the back to open them, "you are going to be such a darling little boysie for me when I have dressed you in these adorable little pants. You love them like I do, don't you darling?"
James nodded as he grizzled, and a quiver of embarrassment ran through him as the oyster pink satin lining slid up his legs like liquid. Bernice helped her to lift him so that the pants slid into place beneath his bottom. Both women had to lift him again since the pants had to be pulled even higher between his legs, then Vanessa kissed him on his temple, his ear and his cheek.
"I adore the way your darling pants button onto your blouse just here," she said. "It's so sweet to button you together as my little boysie."
James watched, as his pants had to be hoisted up the front of his blouse to meet two cream buttons just under his pretty smocking. She fastened them through the buttonholes on the waistband of his shorts, so that James whimpered with helplessness. There was another blouse button towards each sleeve, which Vanessa fastened through making four in a row. A gush of childishness swept over him and his legs spread wide on her skirt as he saw the delight in her beaming face.
"Let's turn my little boysie over," she cooed, hugging him into her blouse as she and Bernice turned him in a sizzle of pleats and placed him on the front of his blouse and shorts across her lap. "Mmmm, so many lovely buttons to fasten up the back of my darling's boysie pants," and he felt the satin lining closing round him as she buttoned his pants up the back. "And now I'm doing up your pants onto the back of your blouse, darling."
James bleated out his sexual feelings as his pants were pulled higher by his governess for Vanessa to reach four more buttons into the buttonholes of his shorts. He felt he had been reduced to infanthood, almost dressed as a baby. As the women turned him over again, he looked down at his tight pants which left the full length of his legs spread wide across Vanessa's skirt, and his crying increased. His cock was horrifyingly erect, forcing a point of pink silk acetate between the two little pocket flaps of white satin, each decorated with a little rabbit face with droopy ears in pink embroidery. He hadn't noticed before, but there was one pink button on the front of his pants, and it stood on the end of his penis point making him feel ridiculous in his stepmother's eyes.
"Oh my darling Jamie," she said with a chuckle, hugging him into her breast, her face against his, "there's no need for my little sweetie to cry." Her voice gushed with excitement and her fingers closing on his silky pants to clasp his cock on either side of it. "You're showing me your sweetie button at the front of your boysie pants. Oh how I love you when you look so cute! Look, Miss Glover," and she invited his governess to focus on his embarrassing point. "I'm going to call it Jamie's sissy-button."
The button was two centimeters across, like all the buttons down the back of his shorts, slightly larger than his cream blouse buttons, and it had smooth rounded edges. Bernice placed the tip of her finger in the cupped centre of his button and played round and round in it, pressing softly onto the tip of his cock.
If it was stiff before, it became rock hard now as the doctor reached forward too and wanted to hold the sides of his sissy button in her fingertips. "Isn't he a good little boysie," she said, smiling at him as she met his eyes. "Jamie's little penis is showing that he wants to love his stepmother more and more. Isn't that right, Jamie?"
Her words sank deep into his heart. Ohhhhh, she was so right. "Oh yes, Doctor Witchell," he cried, his penis swelling with adoration for his stepmother in everyone's fingers, "I want to love my stepmommy more and more. Oh please help me. Do something to make me her little boysie the way she wants me to be!"
Doctor Dolores gave a squeeze of her fingers around his genital and leaned forward to plant a kiss from her generous lips onto his nose. "Yes of course I will, you darling little sweetie. I know how deeply your stepmommy wants you to become a dainty little sissy, and I have just the thing for you, to help you become what she wants you to be."
She released his cock, swollen as it was, and reached into her medical bag. When she turned back to him she had a child's pacifier of pink plastic in her hand, attached to lengths of pink strapping. "This is what little Jamie needs if he is to grow more closely in love with his Mommy," she said.
"Oh darling," cried Vanessa, helping her friend to slip the thick ribbons of the harness over his head, "you're going to suck a sweet pacifier for me, oh how lovely!"
"Open, pet," said Doctor Dolores, and James parted his teeth wide to take the large rounded teat of brown plastic into his mouth. It filled his cheeks as the women wrapped its ribbons round his neck at the bottom of his hair, where Bernice helped by buttoning them together in a tight clench. They also wrapped under his chin, buttoning onto his cheek, while the final ribbon passed over his head before Bernice buttoned that onto his other cheek. He was buttoned and ribboned into his pacifier, and as he squeezed it in his mouth, it gave him a sweet squirt of coconut milk.
"What a beautiful darling you are, my sissy sweetie," hummed his stepmother, pulling him into her arms. "Suck your milk through your teat, little boy, and you will become so lovable for me. Oh look at him, Doctor, in his pretty girls' blouse and his little button pants. My little Jamie is going to become such a sweet little sissy boy for me. That is how I want him to be as my lover."
James's heart was ready to burst with worship for her. He felt deeply ashamed of his pacifier and its harness round his head, but he knew that this was how Vanessa wanted him to be so it made him delirious. He watched as the ladies put his feet into white ankle socks that flowered on all sides with chiffon and lace frills, and onto his feet Bernice fitted single strap, girls' shoes in pink satin. They fastened with a pink button through each strap.
"And this is what I most want my little boysie to wear," said his Mommy, sitting him slightly forward on her skirt so that she could pass a beaded choker round his neck from behind. It was in five rows of pink seed pearls, presenting a pink rose at the front of his throat, while she fastened it snugly in five hooks behind the back of his neck.
James knew he was pretty. He knew as if by electric vibes in the air that his stepmother was thrilled with him, and that was all that counted. She kissed him on his cheek beside his pacifier, and his poor, helpless body couldn't cope with so much pleasure. His penis filled with love and sexual emotions, and started to seep with precum into his sissy-boy shorts. How he wanted to be a sissy for his stepmother! He wailed uncontrollably into his pacifier and opened his legs wide as his shorts pointed his button upwards. Instead of precum juice, his penis started to pump all his worship and feelings into his little boysie pants, adoring Vanessa and wanting to give her his whole sexual self.
"Ahhhh!" cooed all three women at the same time, as his cream darkened the buttoned point of his pants and squeezed through onto the front of his acetate shorts. Vanessa held him in a laid back position so that they could watch, as his cream pumped into sight from the pointed pants, wetting them into a sodden condition and spreading from his button down into the bottom of his gusset. As his passions spent and spent, his stepmother kissed him again and again between the ribbons of his pacifier and on his forehead, and held his face against hers as he sucked and warbled like a child.
"My sweetheart, what a little angel you are. How much you want to love me." She drew him round to face her eyes. "I will have to put you into a pair of my prettiest panties, to cover your sticky, wet baby pants. Then you will feel that you are all mine, with all your boy sex held inside my feminine panties, won't you, my darling little petal?"
James almost exploded with desire for his stepmother. He watched as a pair of pale blue satin French knickers were drawn up his legs and secured over his tight but very wet shorts. The shape of his sissy button stood out on the highest point of the satin panties. "I think we're going to need another pair, aren't we my darling?" Bernice slid another pair of her panties up his legs, in pink silk edged with two inches of pink lace. A third pair followed, also in pink but this time in satin, sweetly printed with swirls of flowers and leaves in white embroidery. They were so sweet and girlish.
James's cock was aching with stiffness again as Vanessa slipped him off her skirt, his panties pointing furiously in front of him. "Miss Glover will take you to your school room now, pet," she said. "She is going to teach you so much about how you can please me. How you can be my own darling little sissy boysie. And she will teach your pretty friend Tristan too when Alma has got him nicely ready. Bye bye, my darling, until I can hug and kiss you again in your little blouse and short sissy pants."
"Bye-bye, darling Stepmommy," he cried, feeling so desperate that he had to be taken away from Vanessa. But on the other hand he glowed at the look of love she gave him and the way her fingers twinkled with a wave as he was led across the carpet of her bedroom, out onto the landing, and towards the schoolroom where he would be taught how to please his darling stepmother who he adored uncontrollably from the bottom of his effeminate heart.


In Chapter 4, James sees how Tristan has become a sissyboy too, under Alma's control. Their lives take an alarming turn when a new teacher arrives at Pettipant House.