Prissy's Sissies
New Drawing by Prissy and storyette by Prim

Bringing Arnold To Panty

The appetite women have for playing with innocent young men

Oh so pretty

  Arnold Jennings was starting his studies at Cambridge, and was in lodgings at Miss Dibshore's cottage. It was a bit out of the way, but luckily most of his research work for uni could be done at home instead of getting the one bus a day into the city.
"It's excellent that you will stay at home to do your work, Arnold pet," she said to him as she, and the two senior ladies who lived with her, helped him to unpack .
"Miss Jellifer and Miss Bowes and I will make life so pleasant for you here at the cottage, won't we, girls?"
"Very pleasant, dear." "You will enjoy each day so very very much," replied the ladies with beautiful lipstick smiles.
But Arnold found there wasn't enough room to study anywhere in the cottage except in the cosy sitting room, with the ladies. His bedroom, which was tiny, was occupied by a closet and chest filled with the ladies' things, which also hung about everywhere on full view, including their most private 'delicates'. Even in the sitting room, where ladies' long, silky pleated skirts hung on a rack behind the door, there was no table , making it very hard to study, with ladies sitting either side of him, fluffling out their rustling skirts and spreading them across his knees. Miss Dibshore was knitting a cardigan in pale pink angora, Miss Jellifer was embroidering a pretty Bavarian blouse and Miss Bowes was making a little girl's party dress, no doubt for a grandchild.
"What are you working on, pet?" asked Miss Jellifer on his second evening.
"Quantum physics, ma'am."
" It looks very difficult dear",said Miss Dibshore, looking over his shoulder.
"Y-Yes, it is ma'am."
"You must be so clever," commented Miss Bowes, leaning over him from behind the settee in her rustling silky blouse, her bow and its ribbons hanging down the front of his tee shirt. With all this perfume, rows of pearl beads, sizzling stockings and click-clacking heels on the stone cottage floor, Arnold found his cock stiffening embarrassingly, so he had to keep his notepad covering it. What he couldn't hide so easily was when Miss Bowes' blouse bow nestled against his ear and cheek, and a sigh escaped him. Determined to get his work done he sprang unthinkingly to his feet.
"For God's sake ladies, I need some peace! I've got work to do!"
He was faced with three drooping, very hurt, maternal faces, each crumpling into unhappiness and turning away in their pretty blouse frills in a surge of wounded tears.
"But we were trying to be so nice to you," sobbed Miss Dibshore, covering her face in her hands.
"We're wearing our nicest blouses and skirts for you," sniffled Miss Bowes, dabbing her eyes with a tissue from her blouse sleeve.
"We tried our best," claimed Miss Jellifer, masking her lips behind her hands as she gazed at the look of stunned horror on the face of their ungrateful lodger. "Don't you like our silk blouses and pleated skirts dear?"
"Well yes, of course I do." Arnold felt stabbed with remorse for his stupid impatience. How could he be so self-centred? Luckily he saw how to make it up to the old dears.
"Please continue to wear your beautiful clothes for me ladies. They're lovely, and I will try to appreciate them properly." What Arnold didn't say was that he was already finding their feminine blouses and skirts irresistible. He was waiting for the evening when he could enjoy his nightly jerk-off, fondling and fingering one or two of the ladies' dresses he had seen hanging in his bedroom.
The ladies brightened at his words. They wiped the smudged eye make-up from their cheeks and titivated their hair.
"Let me take you upstairs dear boy," said Miss Dibshore, smiling and taking his hand, "and I'll show you some of my nicest blouses and skirts."
Miss Jellifer and Miss Bowes relieved him of his books and stacked them neatly on the sideboard for later.
"I've got lovely silk dresses too, which I want you to see," said Miss Dibshore when they entered her bedroom, and the ladies surrounded him with their petticoat-filled skirts in their eagerness to open her closet and bring out its treasures for their latest darling young man to see.
Two dozen blouses were soon spread across the bed, filling the air with maternal perfume, then covered in wide, silk-lined skirts, followed by silk, satin and taffeta dresses.
It was as though they knew about his little weakness. Arnold's cock was stretching out his jeans and he began moaning in these deeply feminine surroundings. The ladies caught him as he swooned, and slithered him in a semi-conscious state into the middle of the dress-covered bed.
"Help me off with his pants, Emily," he heard through the fog of sweetness that filled his head.
"More eau de cologne, Joice."
"Find him some of your silkiest slips, Mildred."
"Hold his hands out of the way, Emily."
"There, there, there, Arnie little pet. Doesn't that feel nice?"
All Arnold could think of was how much silk and satin engulfed him, and how gorgeous he felt as his sensitive flesh quivered with pleasure. He sank deeper and deeper into layers of soft, floaty dresses as they were gently laid across the top of him. He gasped and moaned and sighed and bleated, until the ladies sat him up on the edge of the bed between their skirts and Miss Dibshore opened one of her voluminous drawers.
"I want to show you some of my panties too, my dear, like these." In front of him she held a pair of lilac bloomers with long legs and knee elastics in the smoothest of celanese silk.
"Shall we show dear Arnie how soft and precious they are when he's wearing them?" said Miss Jellifer. The result was that his bare legs were brought out from the layers of sizzling blouses and his feet were slotted into the silky panty legs.
Oh so pretty Arnold Jennings gasped with pleasure as the panties consumed his solid, upright cock, and his pleasure was so evident to the ladies that they pressed on and put him into silk slips, over which he was dressed in a soft evening frock of pale pink silk georgette with billowing sleeves, a draped neck and pleats to below his knees over its soft, peach lining. It was the point of no return for Arnold, for his pleasure was extreme, especially when the ladies lifted his skirt, opened the waist of his panties, and stuffed them with four - six - ten pairs of folded ladies' panties to caress his most sexual parts. Then the ladies took it in turns to sit him across their knee, kissing his hot cheeks and telling him how sweet he was as they smoothed their hands across his skirt, and how they wanted him to enjoy their lovely feminine clothes while they were having ladies' playtime with him.
It was a short step - perhaps just twenty minutes of panty play - before they felt their new lodger was ready for them to open the big pink closet in Miss Bowes' room. He sat on Miss Jellifer's knee to be undressed, and almost slid off her skirts when he saw the closet opened and the little frilly petticoats approaching him, with pink lace round the ruffled neck and dainty rosebuds at intervals round the pink borders of their circle skirts. And ohhhh, such a lovely little-girl dress, in pink satin, with puffed sleeves and lovely bows that any little girl would be so happy to wear for her three lovely aunts.
The ladies smiled to each other and buttoned him sweetly down the back of his dress.
"Isn't it nice, wearing pretty little dresses and petties from my pink closet?" cooed Miss Bowes as her lady friends held their little Arnie with his legs opened and his hands out of the way so that they could show him how deeply blissful it was to be dressed as a little girl in a feminine boudoir by nice ladies. Each time his penis errupted in spurts of boy-cream the ladies beamed with pleasure and became quite flushed as they gathered more panties to pleasure the darling boy again.
It was more than two weeks before anyone found Arnie's study books on the sideboard. Of course it was only right that the ladies should ask their lodger the important question: "Darling, do you want us to leave you alone now, so that you can return to your studies?"
To which, of course, poor Arnold replied: "Please, ladies, will you put me into silk panties and petticoats and fasten me back inside the pink closet so I can hang among all my lovely little-girl dresses?"