Sissy Art by SATYN
with storyette by Prim

Presented in Rubber

A misplaced wish for rubber imprisonment

"In search of an attractive young man who would suffer imprisonment to be with the one he loved." So intriguing were these words to Vasili Natcha, that he sent an emotional and perhaps unwise reply by return, stating: "Yes, yes, yes - if I was chained in rubber and beaten every night like a submissive Sheherezade."
The young man was sent an encouraging response, detailing where he was to meet his mysterious intended, which was how he came to arrive at a remote castle on an island off the Croatian coast. Here he met Alice de Grange and her sister Delphine, similar to each other in that both of them struck him as a dark mix between Sarah Palin and Stephen King's Carrie.
He was interviewed, and asked if his reply had been a joke.
"No," he replied, "I would like to be bound in rubber, by my wife."
He was greeted by mysterious smiles in dark red lipstick, paired with glittering eyes as black as the ace of spades. Within a day, Alice and he were married, and a stunning potion was administered to the groom.
Vasili woke up in blackness, smelling deeply of rubber. He tried to stand but found he couldn't move. The feeling was as if he was contained, but floating, a feeling which rapidly brought pleasure and stiffness to his groin. He called out, only to find that his mouth was plugged with some kind of whistle. A zip was drawn down in front of him, a hand reached in and pulled him forward by a handle on top of his head, and he found himself facing Delphine, his sister-in-law. He tried wriggling again, if only to get to his feet, and discovered he was dangling in a rubber bag that encased him completely, swinging from above, while his head was wrapped in a harness that enabled her to hold and turn him at will.. The sweet smell of rubber was everywhere.
"Welcome to your new world, subject," she said. "The world you elected yourself." She wore a suit of blackest rubber, like a second skin on every curve of her body, and her hair swung round her shoulders like a cape of black satin. "You will give pleasure to my sister and myself night and day, whenever we choose you from our harem." Another zip was undone, and he felt her hands round his cock, drawing it out from his rubber bag. It stiffened even more with submission as she handled it, until it was as hard as it could possibly have been. "Your wife is enjoying some of your rubberised fellows, Vasili, but don't be jealous. She has bottomless desire for pleasure and so do I. Neither you nor they could ever satisfy our appetite for deep rubber dressing in a single night. I shall return for you when she wants you. Until then, try and rest. You will need all your energies."
With that, she re-zipped his yearning cock, then stuffed his alarmed head back into his bag, and soon he was zipped up and returned to darkness, floating, swinging, and awaiting his call to the slippery sheets of his Mistresses' rubber harem.