The Silky Nursery Center

Continuing Prim's New graphic serial

  The story so far:
  Tim and Richie are new in town, but they came across a store window advertising large sized babywear. They had the misfortune to fall into the hands of four fiendish girls, who run the Silky Nursery Center and prepare sissies as baby girls for the pleasure for their girlfriends. Their babification units have developed the boys' breasts, while hormonal diapers have weakened the boys' sexual resistance. Abby, their leader, says it is time to take the decisive step and put the boys into babifying bonnets.

 Chapter 5 - Tim Tries to Resist His Feminisation

  "Ooooohhhhh! ... Oh no-o-o-o-ooo! ... Pleeeease!" moaned Tim as his whole groin, his genitals, his buttocks and his anus seemed to overload with feminine, babyish feelings and his penis wanted... ached... to deliver his utmost sexual delivery, as he faced an equally blissful Richie amidst the four, gleefully grinning girls.
"Ohhhh! ... I want... Ohhhhhh.... I want to be a g-g-girl in my di-di-diapers!" he cried, and with a long "Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!" he surrendered his assent to babification with floods of ejaculate into the ruffled silk of his hormonal diapers.
It was an horrific sight for Richie, to see his best mate, the tough guy whom he was relying on to get them outa here, bend and submit in a babyish sort of collapse as Abby and Isabel fondled his pretty silk diaper cover and planted maternal kisses on his hair and face. But he was in just as much trouble himself.
"There's a good Baby Richie," cooed Tabitha beside him, nibbling his ear with her lips as she whispered to him. "Watching Timmy being such a helpless, sissy baby and filling his girlish diapers with all his sissy-girl surrender."
"That's right, babykins," said Jen on his other cheek as she hugged him with one arm round his shoulder and fondled his newly pointed titty with her other hand. "I'm sorry to say there is nothing else for it but to give in to your nurses, now that you've been captured by the Silky Nursery. There are a lot of girls waiting to play baby games with you, honey. You need to grow more and more girly and more and more sissy inside your lovely diapees."
"B-But we don't want to be babies," squeaked Richie, making an enormous effort to tighten his groin and resist the dainty, sweet feelings that were flooding over him... but his whole body had become so weak... so soft and dainty... and he stiffened in every limb as his baby cream came too, and squirted and squirted into the front of his diapers, mixing with the hormones that had been spread around his private parts, and making them feel more and more feminine.
"While the babies are feeling so excited at becoming little girls," said Abby, undoing Tim's knees and ankles and slipping his diaper cover off his legs, "we can put the two of them into Baby Susan Sweetie-Pants, and watch them feeling even more feminine."
"Oh ye-e-essss!" laughed Tabitha, releasing Richie's legs and taking down his silk bloomers too. "We're going to watch you feeling like a little baby girl, darling: your Sweetie-Pants will make you feel so lovely inside them." The boys were equally deprived of their plastic baby pants and then their silk ejaculation diapers, one after the other, before Abby and Jen showed them the pretty rubber panties that they would be wearing next.
Both Tim and Richie almost lost their powers of coherent speech as they stammered their objections, trying to move their legs to avoid the elastic leg cuffs that Abby and Tabitha were putting on them. But there was no escape. The silk lined rubber panties were sliding up their pantyhose, making their penises ache before they even got there, and even more when the soft silk lining surrounded and encased all their dainty places.
"Ohhhhhh! Wha... What have you done?" cried Tim, unable to move his legs as Abby and Isabel refastened him at his knees and ankles to the high, spread stirrups of his display chair. "These panties... they're girling me... all round my... my..."
"All round your girl's clittie, darling," sang Abby as her fingers shaped his penis through the smooth, silk-lined, pink rubber. "And round your girlish botty... and into your little girls' botty hole which feels so like a girl's pussy, doesn't it?"
"Ooohhhh, ye-e-es..." confessed Tim, even more aware of his feelings now that she had told him exactly what was happening. "I feel like a girl in them... Like a pretty little baby girl!"
"And I feel so lovely in m-my botty and my c-c-clitty!" cried Richie as the ultra pleasuring panties seemed to tighten and envelope him even more round the tops of his legs. "Oohhhh, they're giving me girly pleasure... it's not fair... my Sweetie-Pants are filling my private places with... with girlishness!"
"You're turning me... into a girl!" cried Tim, his voice struggling as a new spasm of pleasure made all his private places swell with thrilling sweetness.
"Why yes, we are," declared Abby planting a big kiss across Tim's wet lips, "and Isabel is going to make sure you keep feeling girly in your BabySusans while Jen and I sort out things for your sissygirl party with our girlfriends. Girls, put the two of them into little petticoats and a dress, to help them feel even more like the baby girls they are becoming."
As soon as the senior girls had gone, Isabel and Tabitha kissed their sissies a dozen times all over their faces as the boys wriggled and tried to defend themselves, but with their legs spread wide and securely fastened, and their hands in thick silk mittens fastened to the sides of their chairs, they were truly as helpless as babies. As the girls turned their backs on them to choose their baby clothes, Tim tried to think of a way to fight. He had to made a huge effort to concentrate, and realised that their only hope would come if they were given a moment of freedom.
It came sooner than expected, when Isabel was ready to put him into his baby petticoat and dress, since she undid all his fastenings and helped him up out of his infernal baby display chair. He had a job balancing on his jelly-like legs and was glad to be laid onto the changing table to avoid collapsing in a heap. When he saw two swaying breasts in front of his chest, he burst into sobs and looked into Isabel's eyes as she fed a little organza petticoat over his head.
"Please don't - sob - make me a girl," he cried, his mouth drooling saliva down his chin. A flood of pleasure in his panties brought a cry from the bottom of his lungs and his mouth dribbled twice as much as the girls sat him up and fed his hands into the little puffed sleeves of a frilly little baby dress in gold silk chiffon.
"But we all want you to be a girl, Timmy sweetheart," cooed Isabel, drawing his dress together at his throat and fastening his three little dress buttons so that his dress parted at his breasts with a pretty frill running all round its hem.
"Yes," cried Tabitha, stroking his hair and finding the shape of his penis in his pink panties, "because we all want to play with your girls' clittie and make you want to be a girl more and more."
It was while she was plucking the length of his pantied penis, filling him with rhythms of pleasure, that Tim made his attempt at utter concentration. He would make a supreme effort to get away from these girls, now that his hands and feet weren't fastened to a chair. He focused on a box he could see on top of a cupboard, wrapped in glittering silver paper, and pushed the girls away from him with all his might.
This had little effect on them, other than to give them a surprise, but it did make them separate enough for Tim to struggle to his feet and slip from their clutches. Walking was so difficult with such pleasures surging through his anus and his penis and testes. Perhaps he was merely waddling, but he got himself on the other side of Richie so that his mate in his display chair was between himself and their captors.
"Tim... Tim, untie me... Help me get up and get away from them," cried the desperate youth.
Tim did his best to tackle one of Richie's knees, then an ankle, keeping his eyes on the girls who looked more exasperated and amused than concerned that their 'baby girl' had slipped their grasp. But he was making no progress on Richie's bonds. The mittens made his fingers useless and he couldn't undo a single ribbon. "Help me, Tim... Keep trying! Get me unfastened so we can escape!"
But the girls were too close. "Come on sweetie," said Isabel with a grin. "We'll fasten you into your baby dangle chair, ready for the next step in your baby treatment."
"The next step? ... Baby treatment!" Tim gave up on Richie's leg ribbons and retreated round his mate. If he could make it to the door, he could get out, make it into the street and call for help. Yeah, he had to get outa this flaming nursery. He waddled round to the other side of his own chair, keeping as much furniture between him and the girls as he could. "I've got to get away from them, Rich," he cried. "If I get out of the door, I'll bring help... I'll be back for you, Rich."
"Yeah, Tim. Bring help! Get the cops! Anyone! Get to the door!"
Tim had every intention, but Tabitha beat him to it and stood at the door with her bare arms folded, her breasts thrusting defiantly in the white bib of her nursing apron. "Come to Tabitha, Timmy pet," she cried, and burst out laughing.
"Come on Timmy, Abby's going to put you into a nice ruffle bonnet," cried Isabel, who had reached down the silvery box from the cupboard and was opening the shiny package with sizzles of sellophane and ribbon. She threw the wrappings aside and showed him the large pink and silver box. "Let me read you what it says, darling," and she pursued him relentlessly as he scurried with difficulty from one chair to another for safety while Tabitha guarded the door.
"The hyper-sensitive Ruffle-Bonnet will capture the mind of your sissy and confirm her in her girlish ways. When the bonnet is in place, its ring of sensors holds the sissy's head in its grip and feeds his enfeebled mind..." and she turned a mischievous grin on Tim before continuing, "...with an irresistible wish to become a baby girl. Nothing will satisfy him but pretty diapers, silky baby bloomers, soft petticoats and beautiful baby dresses."
She looked up to locate him on the far side of the display chairs, trying deperately to undo his baby dress but failing miserably. She was joined by a laughing Tabitha, and the two of them pursued him as she finished reading: "Ruffle-Bonnet will turn your sissyboy's mind into the sweetest of little baby girls in his head."
There was a cry of despair from both boys, but Tim saw his chance to reach the unguarded door. He made a huge effort to get there, seized the handle between his hands, and tried to turn it. But it slipped in his silken mittens. No matter what he tried, it wouldn't turn... it denied him his freedom. He couldn't escape the giggling girls as they approached. Then the door opened.
It was Abby and Jen, carrying armfuls of baby dresses and lingerie. They filled the doorway so that Tim had to try and push them aside, but it was like a fairy trying to dislodge a pair of giantesses. He was drained of all strength, and his feebleness made him start to cry.
"Oh no! No-o-o-o-ooooo!... I want to go home... I don't want to be a baby, honestly... Oh please believe me!"
Abby had put down all the babywear and freed her hands to grab one of his ears in firm fingers. "Come and sit on your changing table, little sissygirl, and have yourself changed and dressed as a sweet little baby. Isabel, choose two nice little rompers for our new babies. Make them very pretty ones, so that they are ready for us to put them into their Ruffle Bonnets."
"Ohhh Tim... you should have pushed them out of the way and got out," cried Richie as Jen and Tabitha undid him and got him up from his display chair. "You were too late. You should have got out into the street!"
"That woud have been impossible, you silly little sissy," declared Jen as the two girls undid his plastic pants and opened all his diapers. "The Silky Nursery Center is equipped with two sets of doors at all exits, and they lock and unlock remotely from the control room... if you knew the codes, that is. Ha-ha-haaaaa!"
It was enough to make Richie cry too, and both the boys bawled like screaming babies as they were stripped down to the skin by the girls. They were put into fresh white pantyhose, pulled up high above their waists, and then put into little silk chiffon rompers: a powder blue set for Tim and a peach one for Richie.
"Sissy babies with new breasts must let all the girls see their lovely stiffened titties," said Abby, fingering Tim's nipples into thickened points through the chiffon. "But what they really need is to have their little heads dressed in a very feminine baby-bonnet... so pretty that Baby just knows she is a little girl."
Tim and Richie held in their sobs enough to hear what she was saying, then almost stopped with shock as Isabel produced the silver box marked "Ultra Feminizing Ruffle Bonnet" and opened the lid to reveal deep layers of white tissues.
"Baby Timmy's little mind will go all girly in this," said the young blond as she drew a peach coloured baby bonnet dripping with satin ruffles from deep inside. She threaded one hand into the crown of the bonnet and used her other hand to shape the rows and rows of ruffles and to spread the long satin ribbons so that they hung almost to the floor.
"No, I don't want to wear a Ruffle Bonnet!" cried Tim, pulling away as much as Abby's clutches allowed, but he was held by Jen as well, and the two bigger girls forced him back, as if he was a kitten, to sit on his changing table. As Abby held him down amidst wails of horror, each of his legs was bent so that Jen could fasten his ankles in a hopeless spread on either side, followed by his wrists. He lay in complete exposure in his white pantyhose and baby romper.
"But we want you in a Ruffle Bonnet, silly girl," said Abby, and taking the shiny confection from Isabel, she slipped the back of it under his head, right down until it surrounded his neck. Then her fingers worked closely into the ruffles, fitting it closely around every part of his scalp.
"Oh no... pleeeease... no... don't," he cried, his voice weakening with every word. "Ohhhh... I feel tho dithee!... Pleathe don' pu' me in da bonnick... ohhhhhhhh! it feelth tho nithe in here... tho thweet an girly... Mmmmmm... my pwetty bonnick ith... ooohhhhh!... Am I a lickel dirl now?" and Tim's penis grew to be longer and stiffer than it had been at any time in the Nursery Center.
"That's right, Timmy pet," said Abby as she fussed his bonnet softly around his head. He gazed up into Isabel's eyes as she grinned down at him, and started to cry.
"Tim! Hey Tim!" cried Richie as he saw and heard the reaction of his mate. "No, Tim lad! You're not a girl. Snap out of it, please. Oh help us, somebody!" What worried him more than anything was the way Tim was crying. It was a high pitched wail, with short breaths and a wide open mouth, for all the world sounding like a baby girl! Even worse, when Isabel stuck her finger in his mouth, he closed on it as if to save his life and sucked and sucked and sucked. It was the last straw for Richie. As the girls gathered round him, making sure he could still see his mate sucking on Isabel's finger, they laughed and laughed with triumph. Richie's lip trembled uncontrollably as he fought against the desire to cry. There was no hope for him now. Tabitha was there beside him, opening his silver box... delving into the tissues, and from deep within the scented packaging she brought out a gleaming bonnet in baby blue satin ruffles.

Chapter 6 - Tim and Richie Are Babified By Ruffle Bonnets.

Richie felt waves of heat and shivers of cold sweeping through his weak and delicate body. What could he do to protect himself from being put into a similar bonnet... if they had one... from what had happened to his best mate, who was now helpless to resist whatever the girls were doing to him. Jen lifted Tim off the floor and carried him to a sort of high-standing baby stroller, with a pretty pink panty bucket to receive his privates as he was lifted over its pink padded rim and lowered into it with one leg through each leg-space. His feet reached the floor, just about, but it had no wheels, so he was stuck there, and from his lolling, helpless condition in his romper, his baby dress and his bonnet, it was obvious he couldn't possibly get out of it.
But Tim was the last of Richie's worries. He had himself to think about. He realised with a shock that Tabitha had that shocking, infernal bonnet right next to his face, even bigger than Tim's, and in a pale baby blue. She was going to put it onto him, and he would... he would become... Oh no! He glanced desperately at his mate to see what had become of him, and it was a pitiable sight: he was dangling in his panty-stroller, his cock sticking out at the top of it inside his little blue romper, stiff and erected, and he was having his bonnet fastened together for him down the front of his face as the big bully, Jen, drew the ribbons through each other and did them into a big tangerine bow of satin in front of his chin. What he could see of Tim was awful... so pitiable... because the guy sat there in peaceful surrender, his mouth open and dribbling endlessly, and his hands playing with his new, very pronounced tits. Richie was drawn back to his own predicament by Isabel clutching his penis in his peach chiffon romper.
"Yes, Richie Sweetie," she said, giving him a warm smile as if she was his own mother and he was her baby, "you must have your baby ruffle bonnet on too... to make you ever so feminine and ever so helpless, musn't he, Tabs?"
"That's right, Richie honey," and Tabitha opened the bonnet in front of him to show him its rich lining of thick white satin, trimmed with tiny rosebuds round the neck, and finished with wide ribbons in royal blue satin to fasten him up into it at his chin. "And under this lovely girly lining, sweetie, are all those cutesy little sensors that clasp around your helpless little head, Cuddles... to feed your weak little sissy mind with such deep feelings of girlishness and sweetness. You're going to
think like a baby girl, darling. Shall we put you into your lovely Ruffle Bonnet?"
Richie nearly collapsed on the spot, and it was only because Tabitha had hold of his arms behind him that he didn't slump at their feet. Isabel put the bonnet to one side and the two girls opened a little blue silk dress to put on him over his romper, which they fastened with a little button under the front of his dress collar. Then they picked him up as if he was a feather-weight and planted him on his back on a pink baby-dressing table, where they fastened his ankles to either side and fixed his wrists with pink straps. He pulled like a mad buck on his wrist straps and ankle straps, but he was utterly unable to move any part of his body other than to turn his head from side to side. A fierce panic seized him, as if to save his life. "Tim!" he cried, "Tim, help me!... Don't let them put me into a babying bonnet. I don't want to be like you, Tim... Oh Tim, for God's sake, save me!"
Tim's answer came in a speal of babble. "Oh goodee, goodee, goodee... Oh pleathe girlth... pleathe put Baby Timmy in a pwetty dweth for da girlth party... I - want - my - pinky pantieth! Pweathe pway wif Timmy in hith pwetty pantieth, Mummy."
The drift of Tim's sissy babble left Richie starkly to his own devices, and he was fastened and helpless, at the mercy of Isabel and Tabitha. His appeals to Tim deteriorated into helpless wailing, and the girls burst into peals of laughter as they opened out his bonnet.
"Let me lift your pretty little head, Sweetie," cooed Isabel, holding him so firmly that the boy couldn't prevent what she was doing. In any case, it was as if a fearful, girlish softness had overwhelmed him so that everything he did was pathetically weak and dainty. He wailed as he felt the satin lining of the bonnet slide under the back of his hair and clasp his neck down to his shoulders in its cool embrace of girly softness.
"Oh look, Honey," cooed Tabitha, drawing the sides of the bonnet forward. "Your Ruffle Bonnet is going to come all the way round the front of your face: you're going to disappear inside your bonnet. That means you're going to be completely infantalised!"
Richie let out a scream of panic. "No! No-o-o-oooo! You can't bonnet me! You mustn't fasten me up in it!" But the satin sides of the bonnet drew closer and closer round his cheeks, drawing the satin on top of his head down to his ears, and from the back of his hair to his cheeks, with the ruffled pale blue satin of his bonnet pulling closer in front of his eyes.
"Tim!" he cried, although it was a weak and girlish little bleat of a cry. "Tim, what's happening to me?... I'm feeling dizzy and... lost, Tim... Ohhhhhhh! It'th tho thweet inthide my pwetty bonnet... and the girlth are doing up my wibbonth for me... at the fwont of my luverly baby bonnick. I fink I'm a lickel girlie now, Timmy... a pwetty lickel baby girly... all wapped up in my thatin Wuffle Bonnick."
On either side of him, Tabitha and Isabel creased themselves with laughter, just as Jen did as she watched from the side of Tim, and saw the inevitable conversion of yet another sissy into baby girlishness inside a satin ruffled bonnet. Isabel put her face against his ruffles, about where his cheek would be on the other side of all that satin, and spoke to their new baby sissygirl.
"Baby girly, do you want to be put in your baby dangle panty chair, so that you can feel like a lovely little baby girl?" she said.
"Oh yeth pweathe... I want to be a lickel baby girlie," he cried from the narrow slot a few inches forward from the front of his face. "Pweathe make me a thithy girly baby for the girlth to pway wif. Can I have a pwetty pink dweth and luverly pettieth for the girlth?"
"Of course you can darling," cooed Tabitha as the two of them unfastened him and lifted him into the air to transport him to the waiting pink circle of upholstered satin and its panty-bag waiting to receive his babified romper and pantyhose. A whimper escaped him as his bonnet was parted at the front and he found himself facing his best friend Timmy in his lovely dress and bonnet, dangling like he was in a baby frame, and feeling ever so happy and girlish.
The girls held a pair of pink high heeled shoes for each of them, and they soon felt even more feminine in their legs, encased in smooth, white nylon pantyhose with lovely girls' shoes to enclose their girly feet. The sensations of prettiness ran straight up their legs and tingled with delicious sweetness in their rompers and hose panties. While they were thrilling with these new feelings in their legs, Abby came back into the room and told the girls to control their giddiness and listen: she had something to say to their new sissy-baby girls.
"Now, little girlies, I know you will be thrilled to know what is going to happen later today, after you have both had your beauty sleep in your baby cots." She cupped her hands round Tim's bonnet and clasped its sides to his face, producing kicks of helpless pleasure from him. "I have invited the girls to play with you. It's after midnight now, but after we have all had a good night's sleep, and after more baby dressing and preparations tomorrow, we are going to have a girls' party with the two of you. There will be eight girls coming to the Nursery Center from 7pm, and they all want to play with our new baby girlies. They want to play with your clitties... and they want to make you cry."
Her words found the weakest spots in the boys' already vulnerable defences. They had already had a vivid taste of girls playing with them, and now their delicate sensibilities were to taste a whole lot more. As if a bond of sissy friendship linked the two of them together, they started crying in unison, looking at Abby in the hope that she would say no, it was all a joke and there won't be any girls coming to play with them... and then turning to each other, to peer at each other's blushing faces between the slots between the ruffles of their baby bonnets.
The girls laughed, but made sure they covered their ears, so loud were the screams of fright from both the new girlies. Abby folded her arms across her white latex apron and set her jaw. "Jen," she said, shaking her head, "we can't put up with this din from now to baby bed time. What the two of them need is their jumbo pacifiers."
Isabel and Tabitha clapped their hands and jumped up and down, then clutched Richie in their arms from either side and told him the wonderful news.
"Sweetie darling, we're going to make you even more of a baby. We're going to give you a bumper pacifier... a very special pacifier... to suck and suck for the girls. It'll make sure you turn more and more into a baby girl. And get this, honey-bunch... it will be a very, very permanent change. You're going to become a baby girl for ever and ever and ever."
Jen had told Tim the same stunning news, and as the girls covered their ears in their hands, the new sissygirls bawled as loudly as their girlish little voices could manage inside their satin-lined Ruffle Bonnets.

Next time: Tim and Richie discover the awful effect of sucking on their jumbo pacifiers, and find themselves surrounded with girls who can't wait to play with their clitties in their sissy baby pantyhose.