Working at Grace Petty's Lingerie
by Prim

  Reggie Piper picks up the next bra, a pale blue one, folds one stiffened cup inside the other and wraps the dainty straps in a heart shape, opens the see-thru pink bag and slides it in, presses out the air, runs his fingers along the seal and places it neatly in the corner to start level six in his packing case. With ten Dolly Play-Girl bras in each layer, that means he has packed fifty-one bras in the thirty minutes since tea-break. He knows Becky is watching him from one side. He sees her blonde hair flicking on and off the shoulder of her pink and white plastic overall as she turns to look.

"I hope you're folding your bra cups perfectly neatly inside each other," she says, her candy pink lips pouted together. "When a nice girl buys one of your bras, she is going to draw it together round her soft, firm breasts so that her thrusting pink nipples push caressingly into its satin lining, so it's got to be packed with love and affection."

Charlaine chokes on a snigger on the other side of him, but her face, framed in her black pageboy bob, is serious again when he turns to check. On the opposite side of the table, Tanya is busy packing pairs of Kiss-away Panties into the same sort of see-thru plastic bags. Her eyes are down beneath their long black lashes with her hair tied back, but there's a smile on her thin fuchsia lips. If only they would stop teasing him all the time, and giggling and making him feel so embarrassed. He so must match up to the standards expected if he wants to keep his job at Grace Petty's Lingerie. The girls tell him that ten times each day.

"I can't believe he can be as stupid as you say he was when you were all at Pulverdere High," says Tanya across the table piled with lingerie.

"He isn't stupid, are you Reggie?" says Becky, "he's naïve, that's all."

"No," says Becky, standing up for him, "he's just innocent, aren't you Reggie? He does as he's told. He likes girls telling him what to do."

Reggie sort of agrees but stops himself nodding when he realizes doing what girls tell him to do might make him look small in Tanya's eyes.

"To give you an example," goes on Becky, sealing another Dolly Play-Girl and finishing level ten to fill her next case, "Reggie was helping us in the girls' uniform stock room, counting skirts and blouses. So Charlaine told him he had to start counting the summer dresses, didn't you Chars?"

"Oh yeah, that was great - I mean, that showed how helpful Reggie was, didn't it."

"He had to unhook the school dresses from the closets in the small stock room, four dresses at a time on their hangers - "

"You know the sort," says Charlaine: "girls' summer school dresses in pink, red, yellow, green and blue gingham - "

"Buttoning down the front," Becky goes on, "with wide skirts and open neck pointed collars. Anyway, Reggie had to carry them into our stock room and hand them up along the notice board." She looks at the obedient boy beside her, folding another bra neatly, his face as low down as he could get it. "He enjoyed helping with the school dresses, didn't you, Reggie? We could see a stiffie in the front of his pants."

He knows her lips are grinning but he doesn't look up. He slips his Dolly Play-Girl into its bag and seals it in. This isn't the first time he has wished he'd never got a job at Grace Petty's Lingerie.

"He liked the green gingham dresses best, didn't you, Reggie? They were lovely, in silky green and white cotton - so feminine and pretty." She leans closer to him, her voice soft and almost affectionate. "When he was carrying them in front of his pants he had a little boy's accident, didn't you, pet?"

"He never!" says Tanya.

Reggie feels tears gathering, especially since he's got another stiffie right now under the table. If the girls make him stand up they'll laugh out loud at him. They've already got him in just his briefs and his vest because of the awful rules they have about how he must take off another item of clothing every time he breaks one of the rules at Grace Petty's. He took his shirt off when Becky said he was too slow and she had packed four layers when he had finished only one. Then Charlaine made him take off his jeans when one of his plastic bags got sealed the wrong way and had to be thrown in the trash. Tanya gets to her feet and brings him round from remembering those dreadful school dresses.

"I don't believe he's as simple as that. Reggie - on your feet, my boy. I've got to count all these square dance petties and you're going to help me. Leave the bras, you can come back to them later."

Reggie is caught. He'll have to stand up and leave the cover of the table. "We'll unhook them three at a time," she tells him, reaching up through clouds of silver-edged, red petticoat frills, "and carry them across from the hooks on this wall to the hooks on that wall." She looks over her shoulder. "Come on, my boy. I said you're helping me."

Charlaine tuts to Tanya. "You know, I think he's being disobedient - and that is against the rules at Grace Petty's. Stand up."

Reggie's scalp bristles with fright as he gets to his feet. Surely Charlaine won't take off his briefs? But no. Mercifully she gets his vest on both sides and sweeps it up over his head. He's wearing nothing but his pants, with the three girls barely hiding their grins. He keeps his hands over his cock as he makes his way to where Tanya is nearly hidden behind a red, a white and a green petticoat, but has to lift his hands away as she passes him the waist loops at head height.

Thankfully his erection is covered in masses of fluffy nylon frills, with each petticoat spreading in three tiers of ruffles from a flaring skirt. He feels the eyes of all three girls on his back, barely visible, he knows, amongst the bursting layers of frills. He reaches up and manages to hook all six loops to the wall, then has to turn to come back. Their eyes are on his briefs as he walks, but he keeps one hand over them to hide what they want to see.

"Now these," says Tanya. "It's four this time: pink and white."

Reggie can't see where he's going but he guesses his way past the girls. "Aren't they pretty?" says Charlaine. "Really girly," adds Becky. He leans into the deep tiers of frills to hang them up, feeling so excited, overcome with the softness and the sweetness.

Tanya hands him more petticoats. "You see," she tells him, "girls smile sweetly when boys do as they're told."

"And if boys are good, they let them carry their pretty petticoats around, so that they feel lovely in their briefs," says Becky.

Reggie flounders towards the other wall, his face peering from the silky waists of pink, lemon, purple and white petticoats, and his cock is aching in the frills that surround it. He can't suppress a moan as he steps past the girls, and they hear it. When he turns again after hooking them up, all three girls are standing in his way.

"What are you hiding there?" asks Charlaine.

"There's no need to put your hands over it," says Becky. "We know you're excited by holding girls' petticoats."

"Well," says Tanya, "how many petties are there?"

Reggie thinks, and a hot flush passes through him. "Er, I - I think it was fif-"

"You THINK?" Tanya's jaw registers annoyance. "He's lost count. That means his briefs come off."

Reggie faces three decisive girls, he wilts as Charlaine and Becky hold his arms out of the way and Tanya unhooks his briefs form his cock and pulls them down to his feet. He hangs his head and squeezes his knees together as the girls look at his helpless erection. "Oh please don't look at me," he begs.

They share a quiet smirk as he stands naked for them, twisting his hands at the wrists outside each thigh. He is ready for a little petticoat play.

"There's no need to hide a hard-on when you've been holding dance petticoats, Reggie," says Becky. "Boys like playing with girls pettis - it's a sign of how boyish you are."

"Oh yes," adds Charlaine. "Shall we do a little petticoat test on you, just to check you're a big strong boy?"

Reggie gets no time to ponder; the girls take him by the arms and lead him to the table. They lift him between the three of them and plant him on his bottom on the pile of bras and panties. "We want you to show us how much you love being in petticoat frills, Reggie," says Becky spreading a huge white petticoat over the rest of the table, which Tanya follows with a lilac one, and Charlaine with a pink one. They lift him and place him again, so that his bare ass sinks into deep petticoats with a moan escaping the feeble 18-year-old.

"Wh-What are you going to do to me?" he bleats as Becky holds a pale pink ballet tutu and undoes the satin ribbons at the waist.

"We're giving you the chance to show what a big mean guy you are, Reggie. If you're tough, with male blood in your veins, you'll really hot up when we dress you in this ever so girly, frilly petticoat. Now, head in for me - "

The poor boy doesn't know about the blood in his veins, but he knows that his cock is getting ready to feel oh-so-rosy as the satin lining of the sweet-smelling tutu slides down over his face and spreads round his shoulders, holding his arms to his sides. His rampant cock disappears amongst the prettiest of nylon frills which flounce in a full circle all over his legs.

"Oh isn't that sweet, Reggie, look how femmy it is!" smiles Becky as she does his ribbons into a soft sissy bow in front of his chin.

"Turn this way for me in your silky tutu, hon," says Charlaine as she spreads the tiers of frills all round him. "You'd better check Reggie's tap, Becky, to make sure it's manly and stiff."

Reggie whimpers with helplessness as the girls hold his hands out of the way and he feels Becky's cold fingers wrap snugly round his cock. "Girls," she announces, "I can tell you our little Reggie is definitely butch and macho: the petticoats are making him as stiff as a poker."

"Oh good boy!" says Tanya, opening the waist of a pair of Kiss-aways at his feet. "We'll put you into these pretty panties, so that you can show a virile reaction to these as well."

She doesn't get far with them before Becky cries with delight. The girls watch her giggles as her arm works rhythmically under Reggie's tutu. "There, there," she says, "what a big strong boy we've got here. Girls," and her hand carries on working as Reggie faints back between her and Charlaine, "we've got to make sure he doesn't lose this manliness he's demonstrating. We'd better test his maleness like this every day."

"Too right," says Tanya. "I can see Reggie needs our help in this. I suggest we test how manly he is with Kiss-aways and Dolly Play-girls too. He can sit at the table with us wearing a bra and panties instead of us waiting for him to break the rules all the time.

"Good idea," says Becky, "and you can wear one of our nice girly plastic overalls in pink and white, darling. Then we'll be able to check your masculinity whenever we feel like it, leading up to your proper daily test in petticoat frills."

Reggie lies back on her shoulder, with her and Charlaine smiling down at him, and he feels the lovely Dolly Play-girls sliding up his legs until they disappear under his frills, and between them, the girls cover his wet cock in a lovely pair of peach-coloured girls' panties.