Sissy Clittie-Sliding in Ladies' Skirts
by Prim

  "The sissies are ready, ladies," said Mistress Carole from between the two screens where she had changed each of the males into the blouses and skirts their Mistresses' had brought for the purpose. "Are you sitting comfortably?"

Iris Campbell lounged in a blouse of royal blue taffeta with a crisply striped bow across her bust. Her knee length skirt of black leather slid lower on the settee. "We're fine, thank you. We both want to see them reduced to helplessness in our blouses and skirts."

"We want to see them simpering and weeping with sexlessness," said Petra Belvedere as she spread the full skirt of her summer dress over her knees. "Especially that nephew of mine. He shows me every day what a sissy he is when I put him into my lingerie ready for dressing. It's about time he was made to reveal how truly sexless he is with another sissy to pet and play with."

Iris looked at her new friend, brought together thanks to the sissy classes taught by Mistress Carole. "I am looking for the chance too to impress on my stepson how he needs to express his sexlessness through love-making with another sissy. A sissy as addicted to my clothes as your nephew is to yours. So please bring them out, Miss Michellin, and we'll see them fall more and more for each other in our clothes."

"Very good, ladies." The sissy teacher stepped behind one of the screens and drew its occupant into the room. The ladies on the settee straightened their backs a little with approval at his appearance. Jeremy Campbell bowed his head with shame onto one shoulder of his stepmother's blouse in white crepe de chine, bursting with frills down the bodice over her well filled brassiere. His knees were pinned together in the flare of her café-au-lait polyester skirt so that instead of sliding one knee over the other as sissies often do with a surge of femininity, he twisted at his waist so that his knees swung slightly and his cluster of blouse frills turned from side to side in sheer sexlessness. Miss Carole stepped to the other screen, drawing him with her, and reached out her other hand to bring out Petra's nephew.

Jean-Jacques Mallonnet was slightly shorter than Iris's stepson and his blond hair shone as if to betray his natural girlishness. He wore his Aunt's blouse in rose pink satin, with bouffant elbow-length sleeves and a deep V of ruffles over his shoulders from his cleavage to the middle of his back. His hips looked to be tight in his blue pencil skirt in a wool and polyester mix, but that was because of the prominent point of his erected penis pulling it forward and upward in front of him. At his knees, his kick front pleats allowed him small steps as he accompanied Mistress Carole and Jeremy across the carpet until they were presented to their stepmother and aunt. They were instructed not to attempt to hide their erections, so as Mistress Carole held them by one hand each, they held their other wrist nervously down at their outside thighs, twisting their clenched fingers in sheepish embarrassment. Oh how stiff and how upright their cocks were feeling as they were studied by their mistresses. Their teacher explained to the ladies how the sissies were about to perform for them.

"Jeremy and Jean-Jacques are learning to adore sissies who are dressed in their mistress's clothes, because that is one way sissies become helpless. It always helps when they associate their sexlessness with their Mistress's own clothes." She turned to Jeremy on her left. "What does it make you feel like, sissy-boy, wearing your stepmother's panties and bra, and her narrow pencil underskirt?"

The young man wilted visibly at her words and bent at the waist, his spare hand twisting beside his beige skirt. "I- I feel like Stepmummy is - controlling me. I have to do as she says. My body - my sexual bits are having to pay her my deepest respects and obedience." Both Mistresses followed this with a gaze of scorn and their carmined lips pressed together. Then he added: "I just feel so sissy!"

"Of course you do. And you, sissy boy, what are your feelings in your aunt's lingerie and her skirt and blouse?"

Jean-Jacques Mallonet struggled to get any words out, his face grimaced at mastering his weakened sexuality. "My cock is feeling so - so - so feminine! And my ass! And all my sexual places inside my aunt's full cut panties and her long line bra. And her underskirt makes me want to kneel at her feet and adore her for dressing me in her lovely blouse and skirt."

Petra Belvedere sat up with a look of deep satisfaction on her face. "As is only right," she declared. "I have granted you a huge privilege this morning, wearing my things from the skin out. Just make sure you repay me by showing your best effort and deep enthusiasm for this sissy you are going to kiss and pet with."

Her words brought a loud whimper of distress from her nephew, and from Jeremy Campbell too as Mistress Carole stepped back and turned the two males towards each other on the mat of red rubber beneath their feet. "Now then, sissies, you are dressed ready for controlled sissy-to-sissy petting I am going to show you how to embrace a properly dressed sissy, a sexless individual who has been de-sexed by being put into his Mistress's apparel. Take a step closer to your partner - you too - that's right. Now hold each other's hand here," and she brought together the two hands she herself had been holding, "and put your other hand up here on your partner's shoulder. Step a little bit closer - closer still. Just think of how lovely your partner is in such a beautiful blouse and skirt." She could see how both sissies were trying to keep the stiffened points of their skirts away from each other. "Now lift your hand onto the back of your partner's neck. Yes, Jean-Jacques, hold his blouse ruffles up against the back of his hair. That's better. That's nice isn't it? Don't you both feel lovely? Now, look at your partner's lips, so glossy and so kissable, like stepmother Iris and Aunt Petra."

Both sissies suppressed an urge to gasp, and both of them, independently of each other, tried to make their lips look attractive and inviting. How delicious it was to be holding a sissy in such beautiful clothes when you are wearing your own stepmother's or your aunt's clothes too.

"Now, kiss each other," they heard. A mist of dizziness spread through the head of each sissy as they found their lips approaching, touching, pressing. Jean-Jacques breathed out, unknowingly, then held his breath the same as Jeremy. Their lips pressed a bit, then rippled, then pressed again. Then for no reason, Jeremy parted his lips and cupped the whole of Jean-Jacques' mouth, sliding and sucking into another, more intimate kiss. They were both releasing their breaths without thinking, feeling only their lovely, smooth kissing - lips together with lips. Somehow their clasping hands came to be between the bosoms of their blouses, barely beneath their cheeks, as they kissed each other with open mouths and found each other's tongues.

"Slide your skirt up the front of his," they heard from Iris, whose crimson nails were biting into the arm of the settee as she watched.

"Hold him closer," called Aunt Petra as she rearranged her legs into a more comfortable position for her pussy.

Mistress Carole stood close behind Jeremy, took him by the hips, and pulled him an inch or two back until she could plant the rigid point of his erection onto the hard knob shape at the front of his partner's skirt. It brought a wail to the throats of both sissies, who kissed all the more lavishly together. Now, instead of avoiding each other's cocks, they were careful to keep their rounded knobs together, pressing and rotating them in the fondest closeness they could manage.

"Slide your knob up and down your girlfriend's cock," cried Iris, the warmth of her voice betraying her excitement.

"Pump your bottom into him," said Aunt Petra, breathing heavily. "Oh look, look, they're juicing. It's coming through their skirts."

Mistress Carole smiled, making sure the sissies cocks kept together as they pumped their inflamed helmets together. "Through your panties, ladies, through your petticoats, and through your skirts. They are overwhelmed by the pleasure of wearing your apparel for their lovemaking."

"Ohhh, I love it," gasped Iris. "Petra, you must bring him round to my house for them to be put together like this again, in more of our skirts and blouses."

"Oh yes, again and again. What about tomorrow?" replied Aunt Petra.

It may have been a shaming deal for their two sissies, but right now they were lost in pumping adoration of their girlfriend dressed in their Mistress's gorgeous blouses and skirts and their delicious lingerie.