Caught in flagrante transvestis!
by Prim

  "Neville, I'm going out. I'm going to Louise's on the other side of town so I'll be out all day, so you need to get the house-cleaning done, especially the windows and the kitchen floor, right? And don't tell me when I get home you had other things to do cos that'll make me see red."

Neville Willow didn't want his sister seeing red. His experience told him that would be not a pretty sight. Then a bell rang like sweet, welcome music in his head. If she was going to be out all day, he was going to have the house to himself.

"And there's the fire-place, it hasn't had a proper clean since a month ago. And the laundry, it's building up."

Neville looked like he was listening intently. He just wanted Carrie out of the way so's he could get started on his sexy fun and games. His finger was itching to press for Tony's number. He followed his big sister to the door in a spirit of obvious willingness to clean the damn house from top to bottom. She didn't suspect a thing - she was going - going - gone! Neville rang his bosom friend.

"Tony, guess what: my sis has gone out. I'm alone at home. Come round fast, hon: I'm going to show you my full store of girly frills."

Tony didn't need to be asked twice. He bombed into his bedroom, whisked up his make-up bag and a pair of hose and he was on his way. Neville in the meantime moved out his bedroom closet - the biggest and darkest secret he had - so that he could open the door behind it that Carrie never even knew existed. And there it was - the glorious scent of soft petticoat frills and satin lingerie which he had hidden in rows and rows in the hidden closet - almost a whole dressing room. By the time Tony arrived he had replaced his red and gold Bulls bed-spread with the lovely pink counterpane he had hidden away. Everything was spread out like a sissy dream boutique.

"Holy shit, Nev hon!" gasped the visitor as his eyes ranged over the bunches of ruffled petticoats hanging around the room, with fabulous bras and panties scattered on the bed. "I've seen you in that white with pink petti, but where have you been keeping the rest? Holy - they're gorgeous." His fingers pushed deep amongst petti frills, loving the feminine sway of the mushroom shape, lifting a handful of ruffles to his nose and kissing them. "Ohhh, you're such a tease, not telling me you could dress yourself up as my girlfriend any time you liked."

Neville felt the reddening in his cheeks. "I'll dress up as your girlfriend again if you choose what things to dress me in. Would you like that?"

Tony's breast swelled with anticipation and not a little emotion. He held out his hand and Neville took it. "I want to put you into this cutesy bra and panty set," he breathed. Can I take off your t-shirt and pants, darling?"

Tony swelled with delicious feelings as he stood with his hands by his side for his closest friend, and now seemingly his girlfriend, to undo his pants at the waist, draw down his zip and slide his pants down his legs. His socks followed and then his t-shirt. Neville wasn't exactly erecting but he felt a yummy swell of feelings in his cock as he stood naked in front of his friend. Then he realised he should be undressing Tony as well. He was soon having a pale pink bra with moulded cups slipped up his arms, with Tony standing behind him in the nude. He felt a kiss on his shoulder and loved it. He was erecting now. Even more so when Tony passed the pink basque round his waist and clipped it shut all the way down his back. "Hold onto me, hon," said Tony, and one stocking, then the other, rolled up Neville's legs to be clipped erotically to his pretty black suspenders. No wonder both boys had completely stiffened cocks as Neville started dressing Tony.

"I never looked at your legs properly before, Nev hon," murmured Tony as his own white satin basque was being fastened down the front. "You'd make an awesome girl." He rested his hands on his sweetheart's shoulders as he had his stockings drawn up and fastened into their suspender clips, and when Neville got to his feet in front of him, he drew his face into a soft touching kiss on his lips.

Neville grinned. "I need my make-up on Tony. Come on, we'll go into Carrie's room and make ourselves up at her mirror." They put on face blusher, eye-liner, brow pencil, eye shadow and the most gorgeous lipsticks that Tony had brought with him: Honeyed Spice for Tony and Sexy Cerise for Neville.

"Shall we do our nails, hon?" wondered Tony. Neville was all for it: he chose Blood of the Goddess, while Tony painted on Scarlet Thoughts, the closest he could get to his lipstick. The two of them held hands, looking into each other's eyes as they walked back in stocking feet to Neville's room. They chose a pair of heels each and slipped into them, tottering round a bit with starkly stiffened cocks between their suspenders.

"We need panties," said Neville, fishing through the pile on the bed, but Tony took his sweetheart's hand and made him stand face to face.

"Nev hon, we don't need panties for what I have in mind." Neville's lower lip began to tremble. "Look, I've got this jar of stuff in my make-up - it's for if we want to - you know."

Neville clasped both of his hands together, so that he was biting both his thumbnails at once. "All right." His heart was pounding. "Who's going to go first?"

They decided on lubing Tony's ass first, which Neville was thrilled about, but first they had another choice to make. "You can choose, Tony my sweet: are we going to wear petties or pretty girls' tops and minis?"

"Oh I want to see you in a gorgeous pink petti, hon," gasped Tony.

"And I want you in a petticoat too. Come on."

If they had been excited before, their cocks were doubly hard now as they helped each other into swaying layers of bouncing petticoat frills. Tony sat on the bed and slid himself into the middle, and as he opened his legs, Neville put globs of lube on his fingers and pushed them into his sweetheat's waiting pussy. He had to slide off the bed to go for a tissue to wipe his fingers, then he was back, on his knees, finding the right distance, then lifting all his frills in front of him, and lowering himself into petticoat prettiness as he sank between Tony's opened legs. Their arms were round each other, hugging, and their lips found each other so easily, so rapturously. How delicious it was to be a girl in love with another girl.

"Hold on sweetheart," murmured Neville, lifting himself onto his hands on the bed, "I've got to find your sissy-girl pussy." They both had a little giggle, then it was serious, probing, finding, then pressing into the cold wet entry. Neville's heart was pitter-pattering with excitement and his cock was the stiffest and longest it had ever been. Ohhhhh, he felt the entry, while beneath him, Tony wailed with delight as his vagina felt the penetration.

"Ohhhh! Oh Nev hon, yes - oh ye-e-esssssss, right in for me, sweetie. Right the way in!"

Neville gasped and gasped, pushing all the way in and drawing nearly all the way out again before sinking his clittie up to the testes. Pushing and pulling, building their pleasure, growing so sweet and so girly in each other's arms. They knew it was going to be fast, and so, so powerful, this pleasure of long, deep thrusting. It was coming for Neville - coming so that he couldn't stop - coming all the way for his darling Tony beneath him, and his pleasure burst from the root of his clittie to the knob, bringing Tony with him with his moans and his cries, squirting into his sweetheart's vagin -

A clunk. "NEV, I'M HOME. I've brought Louise and Marianne with me."

Neville's clittie rose to full squirt, his cream flooding into Tony. What was that he heard? The door? CARRIE! Beneath him Tony was reaching a full climax, his ass pushing to meet Neville's pumps. Oh the pleasure! The bliss!

"Where are you?" her voice came nearer. Her hand pushed on the open door. "Are you in here?"

Neville looked up from the bed, his throat still moaning in orgasm, with Tony crying out in his climax beneath him. His eyes caught his sister's, her mouth agape, joined by a girl's face above each shoulder to take sweeping looks round the room. His moans of pleasure turned to wails of dismay, even as he continued thrusting into Tony's petticoat.

"Oh - My - God!" declared Carrie, and in a deflated voice: "we decided to come home and spend the day at our house."