His Daily Visit to the Neighbourhood Sissy Watch
by Prim

  Marmy stood at the door of Number 33, a white door that was etched in his mind every night as he cried himself to sleep and in his every waking thought, because he stood here every day at 2pm and would only step back out again at 4. He rang the bell.

No reply. They did this to him sometimes, the women of the Neighbourhood Sissy Watch. Kept him waiting in his sissy clothes for passers-by to see him, gaggle at him and even call humiliating jibes. Today he was wearing a white ruffled blouse, lent to him last time by Miss Williams, and then Miss Thompson's white pleated skirt. But passers-by knew he was a sissy from the back by his tall, starched bonnet in floral pink with a ruffled border of pink satin, and in any case, this was the address for the daily training of the neighbourhood sissy. He would never get used to the public jibes: they would always cut him down with shame and disgrace.

Lydia West opened the door and looked at him. "Hmm," she said, "not as sissy as your little pink girls' blouse and pleated mini skirt you wore yesterday, but I suppose these were the clothes yesterday's committee members punished you in." Her chuckles shook through the ruffles of her crystal white blouse on her big, maternal bust. "You like being put into our clothes, don't you?"

Marmy lowered his head and confessed. "Y-Yes, Miss West, thank you."

He was brought in to meet the committee, led today by Miss Macleod, all in green. Miss West sat beside her in her silver grey skirt. On the other side of his sissy-training board sat Missus Walsh, whose husband was a permanent sissy-maid on hire in the neighbourhood. She was very smart in a silver blouse with a frilled jabot over her bust and a wide, almost ankle length pleated skirt in purple silk polyester. Finally Miss Dexter sat looking at him, his former schoolma'am in 6th grade. Today she was in a bow blouse of lovely magenta satin, and a tight skirt in beige wool.

"Tell the committee your name, sissy," ordered Miss Macleod.

"M-M-My name is M-Marmaduke P-Pantykins, ladies," he managed.

"And you are the weakest, frilliest and most sexless sissy in the neighbourhood, are you not, and probably in the whole of town?"

"Y-Yes Ma'am. I- I'm very frilly." He stood with his knees swaying uncontrollably to one side and his fingers clutched equally uncontrollably at the sides of Miss Williams' skirt. He found himself doing a curtsey in a reflex action, something he couldn't stop when he was faced by more than one woman's face at a time.

"Well, you are to be masturbated repeatedly for your sassiness, so whose clothes do you want to be dressed in?"

"Oh all of you," he blurted, then wished he hadn't opened his mouth. The ladies wore sour looks as if he was truly pathetic, which he was. He thought again. "Please can I wear Miss West's white ruffle blouse, Ma'am?"

Miss West stood up close to him, forcing him to watch as she unbuttoned the front of her blouse, opened it to reveal the cups of her enormous white corselet, and then undressed him for the committee. The sissy would wear stockings and high heeled shoes, with a suspender belt, a brassiere and the blouse of one of the committee ladies. He was soon ready to be secured on his sissy board, while Miss West slipped into another blouse of mauve silk for the training session.

The training board, as the name suggests, was a flat board against which the sissy would be attached, his hands ribboned together beneath it and his buttocks resting on the bottom stop. Leg loops fastened over each of his inner things to secure him in place, allowing his legs to be gathered by the ladies of the committee and spread across their skirts for sissification. The whole apparatus rested on the floor, while the top was bracketed to the back of the settee. The sissy's face was further restrained with cheek panels to oblige him to watch his sissification as the ladies masturbated him. When Marmy was in place, Miss Macleod began the proceedings.

"Kindly read out what he has written for his homework assignment, Miss Dexter."

The sissy's former school-teacher held his paper in front of her and read: "Dear Ladies, please may I confess that I wore Missus Walsh's skirt and felt very sexual inside it, so that I ejaculated again and again into its lining as I played with my little girl dresses and lingerie." Miss Dexter looked up and put the paper aside.

"What little girl dresses did you play with?" went on Miss Macleod. "Tell the committee."

"With my Little Miss Muffet costume, ladies, in yellow satin with a big white collar and puffy sleeves, it's so terribly girly - and then with my pale pink satin party dress with its integrated petticoats, and then with my baby blue little Sunday dress with a Peter Pan collar and a very very wide skirt edged all round with white frills." He would have sunk through the settee if he could as all four faces pinned him with disgust.

"And what little girl lingerie did you use?"

"Oh, my little girl panties, Ma'am, I've got so many."

Miss Macleod looked at him from the corner of her eyes. "What did you do with your little girl panties? Tell the ladies of the committee."

Marmy's lips trembled as he plucked up the courage. "I - put them over my head, so that I could feel like a little sissy girlie. Three or four pairs at a time."

The ladies took deep breaths in their bloused bosoms and decided it was time to treat this sissy the way he deserved: namely with deep panty masturbation and another humiliating homework assignment to add to his weakness for female garments.

"You will ask the ladies," declared Miss Macleod, "to make you more deeply in love with their lingerie. Do it."

Her tone brought his words spilling out. "Oh please Ladies, please make me love your beautiful lingerie more and more. Please."

The women exchanged looks as if deliberating, then got to their feet, except for Miss MacLeod who would be controlling his defenceless clitoris. Each of them raised their skirt to their waists, revealing to their sissy their panties and suspenders, and drew down their panties to their feet, so that when they sat down again they could slip them over their shoes and put their panties in the laps of their skirts.

Then they got hold of Marmy's legs and lifted them onto their skirts, holding them in place so that he couldn't do anything to rescue them. A moment later he arched his back on his board as the ladies spread their panties over his stockings and started to smooth them to and fro.

"This is what a sissy gets for being less than properly masculine," said Miss Macleod, spreading her fingers round his clittie and plucking at his helmet. "You are a very girly individual, a very weak sissy and a sexless panty-waist, and you must be made more sissy and more effeminate."

"Y-Yes, Ma'am. I confess. You are right, I want ladies' and girls' lingerie, I- I want to be a girl, and I want - Ohhh! I want to wear your blouses and skirts and panties and girdles and" His words disappeared in his throat, to be replaced by the moans of his emotions, and in a few moments his ejaculate jumped in little spurts into Miss Macleod's hands.

"Remind me later, ladies," she said, wiping them on a pair of her own panties in front of the weeping Marmaduke Pantykins, "to put him into my own girdle for his homework assignment. I want the panty-waist to write his submission to me while he is wearing it this evening ready for tomorrow's sissy training meeting."