The Art of Barbara Jean
with storyette by Prim    

Sam gets the Shirley Temple look

 Stepmother Mildred has always wanted a daughter, and her new husband Wilbert's son Samson will do nicely - with a few well-chosen changes, that is. She makes an appointment for herself and the boy at Shirley Sensuality - "I have a boy who has a young Shirley Temple inside him, panting to come out," she explains - and in the meantime makes it transparently clear to the 18-year-old that when she decides he will do something, he is left with no alternative.

A minute after crossing the threshold, Madame Wong understands the picture entirely. With her ebony hair drawn back from her feline features, Sam, as his stepmother insists he be called, is bewitched by her oriental force of character. "We like our clientele to feel part of Sensuality, so we arrange for monthly re-appointments," she purrs in her soft, measured voice. "The boy has beautiful hands: shall we prepare him for his make-over?"

She leads stepmother and stepson into the Dream-Cloud Salon, where Sam is secured in his chair surrounded by mirrors, and with Mildred seated where she can watch every detail of the procedure: a full coiffure in curlers with helmet heating, a flesh massage, skin toning, manicure and a comprehensive make-over. His eyes are left til last because of the tears.

Next into the Princess rooms for costuming. Madame Wong selects his lingerie personally, including a crepe de chine panty with a cache-sexe that replicates a girl's niche at the front of his gender - "to allow for those special attentions to his princess places." His freshly feminized legs flow effortlessly into his hose, and his corseting in an imperial basque leaves him in no doubt that his age-regressed body will ape the prettiness of a young girl.

Mildred mentions heels and bonneting, and they are attended to, to emphasies the shape of his legs and the sweetness of his made-up face. As petticoats gather around him, one over the other, his sensitivities grow to the limits of his self-control, and his glistening tears are joined by sobs of disappearing male pride. His dress is in crushed silk in a dramatic Prussian blue, filled out round the skirts with white and gold ruffles of satin, and finally his shoulders are encased in a sumptuous jacquette of snow white faux-fur.

Leaving Shirley Sensuality, both Sam and Mildred know he will be back to keep his next month's appointment, at which time Madame Wong will select another outfit of heavenly girlishness, since young Miss Shirley Temple was renowned for the versatile range of her wardrobe.