Aunt Frock's Dressing Boudoir

Sissy Lingerie

Sweetheart, now that you are in my boudoir, you must let me pick some pretty girls' and sissies' lingerie. You know you want to tingle with those beautiful feminine feelings that shower over your body when you slip into something soft and precious. Well your Aunt Frocks is longing to help you enjoy that sweetness. I want to dress you myself, darling, so hold my hand and we'll open my lingerie drawers to see what you would like to wear.

Aunt Frocks x

1 - Feminine lingerie

Darling, isn't lingerie simply adorable in its prettiness and its delicacy. Take these petticoats for example. Aren't they soft and cuddly. Come on darling, you must try some of them on. Everything off except your suspenders and stockings - and I'll let you keep your high heels on because you want your legs to look shapely in the mirror. Now, slide the petti up your legs, darling, over your sweet places. Doesn't that help you feel girly already, with such loveliness surrounding your legs?

The simple bra

I think we should start our serious lingerie dressing with some nice bras, my sweet. They are, after all, the most exclusively feminine item of apparel of all. You don't get guys wearing a bra, unless of course, they want to be female, like you. So we'll start with a nice, simple brassiere that is dainty and pretty the way you want it to be. Don't you love the tug of those straps over the valleys of your shoulders? It means you've got a female bust, and you've dressed it like girls do. This bra comes from Ashleechiffon. Isn't it cute?

Bra with panty

But bras can be more girly than that, can't they hon? And of course they can have an exquisite panty to match them. I want to slip you into this lovely set from AnjieV. Bra first, darling - over your girly tits - and then let's slip this pretty little panty up your stockings. Do you see how it's designed to make its contents feel lovely and feminine. They're so clever, these lingerie design people. Anyone would think you wanted to have a girl's tits and pussy!

Bra and panty in silk and lace

Of course you want a girl's tits, silly me. So I'm going to dress you in this exclusive set in fine silk with adorable lace trimming. What a picture of female attractiveness, in oyster pink to ensure your tits and your pussy slot feel deeply feminine while you're wearing them. Gosh, darling, look at yourself - you are so PRETTY in your fabulous bra and panty. This one is from AliExpress.

Fantasy bra and panty set

AnjieV do this nice set too, for girls who want to feel ultra girly. That's why I've chosen it for you, because I know how you love to feel sweet and very feminine. Arms in, darling. My, have your tits ever felt so gorgeous? Those flowers and those beads! Let me slip you panty all the way up, surrounding you with soft nylon net in cascades of girliness. It would be a shame to wear anything over lingerie like this, sweetheart. I'd better send you off round the Wendyhouse in just your bra and panty set.

Sissy satin panty

But let's think about panties, darling. I know you love them and want to wear them all the time, day and night. This is a cutesy pair which appealed to me, with you in mind. Don't you love the ruched pink ruffles all round waist and leg-openings, and round your clittie slot. And look, hon - you can have matching petal gloves to wear with them. You will feel such a sissy, the way you feel whenever you wear something really girly.

Ruffle-butt panty

But darling, I know you don't just want to FEEL femmy in your choice of lingerie, you want other sissies to SEE how femmy you are. That's why I want you to wear these pretty lilac panties round your precious parts for me. I want to see how pretty and effeminate you are in your sexual places. There, does it feel nice, having me seeing your sex inside all that girly sweetness?

8 - All-round ruffle panty

I know you want everyone to know how sassy and sweet your little butt is, darling, but we'll just make sure everyone knows how feminine your clittie-bit is too. Step in for me, my angel. Ohhhh, they're so pretty, so specially feminine. Oh, they're just the right panties for sexual places that are as girly as yours.

9 - Basque and panty set

I like this photo of Candy from with girls' pretty lingerie from bryoni kate. I've decided that you could do with wearing a soft, shiny, full-cut panty with adorable pink trimming, and a little silk-net basque top to go with it, and she has paired them with a girlish, pink corset to add a bit of enforced slimness around your waist. Oh darling, let's put you into them all. I want you dressed as girly as she is.

10 - Ballerina tutus

Sweetheart, these precious fluffy confections are so right for your legs in your hose. We can change you into ballet slippers this once, so that your little clittie can feel so like a dancing princess in your lovely chiffon frills. And those gorgeous satin ribbons, done into shimmering bows. Mmmm, what a delicious pin-up you are, sweet enough to eat.

11 - Dance petticoats

We'd better keep your ballerina slippers on a while longer, dear, because we can't pass by petticoats as deep as these without slipping them up your legs. Mmmm, do you like that feminine caress? That swirl of dainty nylon netting in pretty tiers of ruffles and frills? Just like bras, darling - and this is where we came in - petticoats are quintessentially feminine, so that's why it's so nice to wear them under your dress.

12 - The petticoat store

This is a nice place for us to call in after the Wendyhouse. We'll make a booking, in the name of Susan Frocks and sissy, and we can dress you in one fabulously feminine petticoat after another until it's time for the store to close. Maybe we'd better buy a few of the delicious items too, so that we can carry on dressing you when we get back to the Wendyhouse.

I love dressing you in my boudoir, darling. You are such a girlish sissy and you always want me to make you feel more and more girly, and that is what I like. If you join me next time in my boudoir, I'm going to see how feminine I can make you in girly wigs and accessories. With all my love, darling.

Aunt Frocks xxx