"Tell Aunt Frocks"

Hello darling, and thank you for reading my letters page. I've been receiving some fabulous letters from girls who must be adorable for sending me their thoughts and wishes. It lifts my heart when I read them because I deeply appreciate what they have done in writing to me: wanting to express their emotions and making the effort to send me their email.

Have you read my Newsletter No.15 from mid-July, pet? In it Prim has an important message for members, to tell them that they can help pick up the progress of the Wendyhouse. Maybe you can help too, if you are in a position to. So I want to include his message here before we see everyone's mails and photos.


Membership message from Prim:

Dear friend in the Wendyhouse, to try and revive sales in the Wendyhouse, I am floating a project that might draw us to the attention of cross-dressers and sissies who don't know we exist. What we need is exposure - it's important to spread the word about Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse. Therefore my Aunt and I have planned to make it easier for you, our existing members, to introduce one of your friends to the Wendyhouse.

That is why we are offering you a FREE MONTH of membership for yourself, and a FREE FIRST MONTH of membership to your friend. Yes, your friend would become a paying subscriber after that first month, but only if they like the Wendyhouse and want to stay with us. If they find we don't offer them what they want, they would leave with our fond farewells.

You need to email me at primpansies@mail.com or my aunt at auntfrocks@mail.com to give us the name of your friend and the email address they want to use for their membership. When I contact them, and when they reply from that address, I will send them their authorization codes for the first month. Then I will also send you a set of codes too because you have helped us to find new members. After your free month, you would need to renew your previous subscription arrangement with Verotel in the usual way through the website JOIN Page.

This offer is experimental for the first month, between this Newsletter and the next in the middle of August. If the process looks like it helps, I would like to extend it for more sissies and girls to find us and join us.

Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse is a business, of course, officially called Primonline, but 'business' has been flat for almost a year now. I remember as a young cross-dresser how excited I was to find new magazines and books that gave me the sorts of stories and pictures that are so exciting, and I aim to provide that service as much as I can. My Aunt and I see ourselves as serving the cross-dressing and transgender community. I hope you can help us in that, and generally SPREAD THE WORD about the Petticoat Wendyhouse. We appreciate your love and support.


Prim x ------------------------

Okay, so here is the plan in an easy to follow list:

1-send Prim or me the name and email address of a friend who wants to be in the Wendyhouse for a FREE FIRST MONTH

2-Prim sends him or her an introductory email

3-Your friend mails back to ask for codes

4-Prim sends them their codes to welcome them

5-Then he sends you codes for a free month that will follow on from the expiry of your current subscription.


I hope a lot of our sissy sisters feel they can help. But right now, darling, we want to see what everyone's been writing and sending to me.

As always, they have made me feel so delighted each time I get a letter in my mail box, and when girls send me their photos too, I'm thrilled to bits. Enjoy my Letter Page with me, darling.

Aunt Frocks xxx

Jessi - Letter 1 - Tobi's Prissy re-makes and his Girlfriend watching and helping

Hello my darling. Yes, how long it is since we exchanged emails! But what lovely pictures you send me, and I will be delighted to pass them to Prim who will make them into your own Tobias Gallery. I hope you have been looking round our website and decided what you would like to see when youi are inside the Wendyhouse, because as you say, now you get a month of welcome with us and you can enjoy what ever you find.

Dear Susan,

that is so nice of you.

In fact, it makes me a little horny to think about you watching me.

As in most of these fantastic drawings, I like the idea as well to have several woman watching me getting my male cream out of my stiffy clit.

As well as I like to do it in soft satin panties.

But I'm lucky enough to have the perfect girl-friend who knows about these needs, and sometimes we play this kind of a game together.

Even better: sometimes we both wear diapers. In bed and sometimes when we go out for a walk.

Best wishes

Tobi (Jessi)

From Tobias:


My Ideal Person: Advantages of Having a Crossdressing Husband

You can have your own private slumber parties.

If he wears a skirt it's easy access.

He always envies you because he would rather be wearing what your wearing.

You can have a girlfriend as well as a boyfriend who doesn't mind waiting while you take your time shopping.

You can double your wardrobe if he's the same size as you!

You never have to worry about cheating on you with another woman. He IS the other woman!!

You always have a girlfriend to go shopping and have lunch with!!

He'll NEVER object to being a clothes dummy and wearing a dress while you hem it.

While shopping, you can test a new shades of nail polish on him and he doesn't complain or ask to see a matching lipstick.

He'll rarely have scratchy five o'clock shadow.

He'll never ask you to have a thresome with another woman as long as he can wear the lingerie.

He will be sympathetic about your excess body hair.

He won't tear your lingerie when removing it from you.

He won't mind waiting on you or your girlfriends, and he won't forget to curtsey.

If you need a slip for that new dress you bought, he happens to have the perfect one, and lets you borrow it.

You can switch off wearing high heels on a long shopping spree.

A man in a dress makes a good cook.

He loves to smell perfume and will give you an honest opinion.

You can test a new shade of lipstick on him.

If you purchase something for the home, it will never be too feminine.

At least the toilet seat will be down.

He is a lot easier to buy gifts for.

He knows just the right way to make love, takes his time and knows just what makes you tick!

He will understand much better that the best thing a girl can have when she feels down is new clothes.

If he buys you clothes, you know he sizes them right.

You can take him to the hair salon with you and he will sit quietly while you both get your hair done, and he will never complain. In fact he'll thank you.

The only time he will ever care if you wear curlers to bed is if he has to wear the oversize rollers.

He understands why you don't care for spending 8 hours a day in pantyhose and high heels.

Never complains about leaving the delicate underwear out to dry.

You have a girlfriend that doesn't get PMS.

He will not only shop with you but will pay the bill as well!

He knows how to handle the delicates when he does the laundry.

Satin and velvet are more snuggly than denim and wool.

He understand the need for quality cosmetics.

You have more excuses to go shopping, and he will even carry the bags.

You can borrow his jewlry, clothes and makeup.

He understands why you go through so many pairs of stockings.

He no longer expects you to get ready for a night on the town in 15 minutes or less.

The world needs more feminist in lipstick.

You can take the Cosmo quizzes together.

You can ask him how na outfit looks and get an intelligent response.

His new friends don't spend all day watching football.

He knows to walk slow when your wearing heels.

If he says, "Hon, you look nice." you know he really means it.

He can spot makeup smudges better than any other guy.

He's like having a live in cosmetologist.

He loves to go shopping with you and watch you try on clothes.

He knows how to treat a lady with care and respect.

He's a friend that will stick arround, and won't flake out on you or stab you in the back.

He loves to dress up and have long chat sessions.

You can have a threesome without adding another partner.

If you've been bi-curious you can experiment a little.

You know one of you will have a tissue with you when you need it.

Dress him up in a French Maid's Uniform and you have a house cleaner for the day.

Isn't that sweet? From Jess and his girlfriend. I'm pleased to say you can see Jess in the Rose Room.

Here's another sister member who has sent me some photos of herself: this is Dyane from Italy, a keen supporter of the Wendyhouse.

Gosh, what a woman, and from the look of that whip, we had better sit up and pay attention.

Heather - Letter 2 - The Wendyhouse and Sissy Annie

Aunty Frocks:

I adore Prim's Petticoat Pansies and look forward to each new issue. You really understand what us sissies need and desire. I just melt every time I read "Let me hug you into my blouse, precious, and I'll start petticoating you until you are the sweetest and sissiest little thing." PLEASE!!

I just start to cry every time I read that because I need to be your obedient little sissy princess.

The dream dress issue (#29) is brilliant. I adore the Dressing Boudoir. All of these pretty dresses make me feel so girly. I want you to dress me in each one and show me off to all of your girlfriends. Sissy Dress 5 - for visiting GrandMa - is so lovely. I am so ready to show GrandMa what a little girl I am.

I love the letters and pictures in "Tell Aunt Frocks". That's where I discovered sissy annie for the first time. She is so beautiful as the cover girl for sissy magazine. Such a lucky little girl to be living her dreams. She looks so happy without a care in the world. I'm sure that is because she has a mommy who loves her and has transformed her into such an adorable and dependent little girl. I would love to be her girlfriend and play dollies with her.

I hope you will be including some of the articles from sissy magazine. I'd love to read all about her first bra fitting, how to put together a wardrobe like hers and being dressed in satin pink dresses and poufy pettis.

The Rose Room is so precious. Annie is clearly the princess! A sweet little girl dolly in every way, So many adorable photos! I can't decide which one I love most!

I have a girlfriend who does not know that I am a pansy. I am going to finally tell and show her so that she can decide what type of relationship with me is best.

I hope you like the pretty piccies of me

Cheers xoxo

sissy heather

Dear Sissy Heather,

How nice it was to get your mail and to hear that you so enjoyed PPP#29, the special Sissy Dress issue. Yes, it gives me buckets of Auntie pleasure to feel that I am dressing darling sissies like yourself as precious little girls so that you feel ever so sugary and sweet. In issue PPP#30 later this month, or early next month, I'll be dressing you in sissy lingerie. Won't that be nice?

I'm delighted too that you like my Tell Aunt Frocks column, reading what other sissies write in to me, and seeing their pictures and stories. I agree with you that Sissy Annie looks cute on the cover of Sissy Magazine, but darling, the magazine cover wasn't created by me, or Prim. It was very artistically done by Annie's Auntie Audrey. She thought up the articles, so I won't be going into them, even though they are ll such good sissy-thrilling ideas.

I'm glad you like the Rose Room, Heather darling. If sissy girls love to pop inside everytime they open up the Wendyhouse, I tell myself how wonderful it was of each of these girls to send me their photos. There are more photos still to add but Prim has to put his jobs in order and sometimes things have to wait a bit. How lovely to see you in your little girl dresses, darling, in the photos you sent me. Have you thought of sending me 6-8 of yourself, and a short pen profile about why you love dressing? Then you could have your gallery in the Rose Room too. As I say in my Rose Room messages: I wish, I wish, I wish.

That's awesome, darling, that you have decided to tell your girlfriend that you are a pansy, and show her how girly you look in one of your dresses. I've seen your photos on Flickr and you look fabulous. I think it would be so exciting for both of you to decide how your relationship will grow as a result.

A close hug, darling, and a kiss,

Aunt Frocks x

Heather describes the outcome of her telling her girlfriend about her sissy desires in my Newsletter No.15 in the Emma Room. It was dramatic to say the least. Heather send me these two photos to describe his dream of sissification.

Letter 3 - Sissy Annie will be trained as a personal maid

Darling Susan:

You always have the best advice for me. Your knowledge and understanding of sissies is brilliant. Thank you for the lovely compliment. So very kind of you.

"How generous of these women to concern themselves with such a sexless, pathetic individual. Hence, only the deepest curtseys and the most profound and apologetic professions of respect and obedience." Sissy Annie is exactly what you describe. Your use of the word pathetic was a reminder to me of my discovery of him in a little girl's dress, his longish hair in pretty curls and ribbons, made-up with pink eyeshadow, blush and lipgloss and hugging his pretty dolly. He was cying his eyes out exactly like a helpless little girl who needs her mommy. I comforted him in my arms. At that moment he became my baby girl.

Annie knows how lucky she is to have such a caring and loving mommy who keeps her safe and protected. As you know one of her goals is to completely accept female control and never question what she is told to do. Sending her to maid training will be the opportunity for her to learn obedience and submission from an expert dominant. This will not be easy for her. She has been coddled and babied by me for quite some time. She lives the dream life of a little princess. It is time she learns a skill whose essence is servitude and obedience to women.

Madame Raison d'ĂȘtre and I are in the process of determining how much formal training Annie requires plus the opportunity to work and learn the skills of a sissy maid. We have agreed to set the goal for her of becoming Madam's personal lady's maid. That will require an extended period of service to Madam. Six months minimum.

I just browsed your June newsletter. It's the best one yet. I will have lots of fun reading this to Sissy Annie

Is Sissy Heather the sissy you mentioned that complimented Annie? You have obviously ensnared him into your net! How delicious that she refers to herself as a pansy and a fairy. The prissy sissy tinkerbelle dress is so sexy, sissy and delightful. How sweet and vulnerable he will be in that maid's outfit.

Love xoxo


Hello Audrey my dear.

Yes, Sissy Heather - now Sissy-boi Heather belonging to Mistress Stephanie, his former girlfriend - is the sissy who thinks the sun shines out of Annie. After he and his Mistress read the Newsletter and say his admiration of Little Annie, she has told him he is to write Annie a letter. So be prepared for that to appear in future if it happens.

I'm glad you liked the June Newsletter. It's not down to me so much as to the readers who send in their letters and photos, as you will appreciate. So thanks to you for your contributions. You have a couple of things coming soon in my Tell Aunt Frocks page too, in PPP#30.

So you are going ahead, it seems, with training for Annie from Madame Raison d'etre? Very good. You must keep me abreast of things as they develop. But what about Annie, darling? Have you let her into the loop yet? It might be a nervous time for her, to say the least. Be ready to hold her tightly in your arms for reassurance. She will rise to it, I am sure, when she meets it.

I was interested to read that you were amused by what Sissy Heather mailed to me. I don't think he sees himself as pathetic, even if he may say so. He's facing a serious moment in his feminine desires: he is about to come out to his girlfriend. He wants her to treat him and dress him as a girl. Not so much amusing as emotional.

I suppose, when it comes down to it, the real world has little time for us and we are worth a laugh and little more. But we don't mind that because the truth is, we are being true to ourselves. That's the bit that the world doesn't perhaps understand yet. All part of the big 'Live and Let Live' syndrome where understanding and tolerance turn out to be the most important gifts in our society today.

But we girls understand each other, deeply, and that's so rewarding.

A big hug, Audrey darling.

Susan xxx

Audrey is getting excited about maid training for Annie, and sent me these four photos of the sort of dresses her little maid might get to wear.

letter 4 - I started with my mother's and grand-mother's skirts

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I'm doing what you ask us to and writing to tell you about my early experiences of cross-dressing. I was an only child, and since my father was away working a lot, I was in an all female home with my mother and her mother who lived with us. I remember wanting to open their drawers and feel my hands running through their silky panties and petticoat slips, and I went on to open their wardrobes and play with their dresses and blouses, coats, anything that attracted me.

This was the 80s and both my mother and grand-mother had straight skirts below the knee, or skirts with pleats. Nearly all of them were lined in silky material and as my courage grew I would whip my pants down, take out a skirt and draw it up my bare legs. this was so exciting, and looking back, I was hooked on skirts from then on. My favourite: a heavy dark brown skirt in my mother's wardrobe, although my grandmother wore it sometimes too, with pleats all round and silk lining, zipping on the hip.

I had to do without dressing until after my student days, but then I collected a great collection of pleated skirts and dresses, but the best ones are usually the ones with silk or satin lining. I often sit in a skirt or dress with nothing under it in the evenings, although I do wear a bra and wig and make pretend I am Lorna.

Keep up the good work.

Lorna x

Dear Lorna,

It was lovely reading about your early years with your mother's and grand-mother's skirts. So your love of dressing in them came from both the way they looked so nice, and also their sensual feel. That lovely pleasure cross-dressers adore of dress and skirt lining against your skin.

That's part of the appeal of female apparel, isn't it? - the softness and smoothness of the fabrics they are made of. And you had one skirt you loved above all the others. I wonder if you have tried to replicate it in your present skirt collection?

Once again it's thanks to mummy for providing you with the pleasure you love in your cross-dressing life.

Kisses darling,

Aunt Frocks xxx

We've met Steph before, in my June Newsletter No.14, but I cant' resist showing her off again, this time inside the Wendyhouse.

She's a class act, isn't she, and a doll for sending us her photos.

Letter 5 - Daisy's dresses from Barbara Tam

Daisy sent me some photos of her dressed up so sweetly and I wrote to her my thinks, followed below with her reply:

Hello Daisy my darling.

Well, how nice and quick you were in your reply to me. You are my kind of sissy when you do that - so helpful!

And so beautiful. Daisy hon, your photos are dee-licious. Where do you get your dresses? In fact that's a good question. If you want to help me for my Letters Page - and if you don't mind telling me - my sissy readers would LOVE to know where they came from. And do you do your photos yourself, or are they professional?

All in all though darling, you are a pin-up in frills. I love looking at you dressed up so sweetly. You say you wouldn't mind sending me more pictures, hon. Well have you considered sending me six of your nicest to make a Daisy gallery in the Rose Room? If you would like to (I hope you would) you could write a few lines, no more than ten, about your girly feelings and desires. Take a look at some of the others to see their ideas.

But darling, the important thing now is that you get a free month in the Wendyhouse. I hope you enjoy being a sissy in the Wendyhouse, and that you find some nice things. Thank you darling for saying how you like Prim's work - I'll tell him that.

Lots of Aunty love.

Aunt Frocks xxx

Hello Auntie Frocks again, curtsy !

Sorry for the delay, thank you again for the lovely compliments! Most of my dresses are from Barbara Tam, I just love her dresses!

I take most of my pictures myself with a remote clicker (Nikon D80 camera), some pictures you can see the clicker in my hand, the lower quality pictures are from my webcam and some pictures were taken by my sissy friend Suzie.

I am sending you some more pictures as requested, curtsy !

I absolutely love dressing and being a little girl, the frillier the better, to be a Prissy Sissy OMG!. I love all aspects of being a little girl such as dressing in ballet outfits and figure skating dresses.I wish i could be the little girl for a mommy that never had a little girl. To be some mommy's sissy property and live in a pink girls room and obey all of mommy's demands would be heaven but, I would have to behave because I know mommy would punish me for being disobedient. I would always be in my frilliest outfits with perfect makeup and smell like a rose for my mommy.

Those are my sissy desires and dreams, I will have to keep myself ready in case that day ever comes, a girl can dream giggles.

Oh thank you for the free access, I've been bust checking it out, love it so much!

Thank you and a deep curtsy to you.

Hugs & kisses

daisy xoxo

After Daisy, Bella: I so want you to enjoy more of her pictures darling. She is a beautiful and a really nice girl.

That's Bella. Isn't she just totally feminine?

Letter 6 - Should I be a sissy baby or a little girl, please advise

Dear Aunt Frocks,

Thank you so much for your message.

I feel I can open up to you, and I am very happy for you to ask me anything you like. No limits. I would never ever dream of sending you a picture of my pathetic sissy clit. I fully respect and understand you do not want to see it. I never ever want to offend a Woman in any way. I just want them to Humiliate me and use me for their pleasure and amusement. I have enclosed a picture taken a few years ago showing you my breasts. One of my lady friends measured me recently and found I was a 40D cup.

I have to confess to you that I am very interested in Babification, and wondered whether to become more Babyish. I am not sure whether to become a sissy baby girl who wears Diapers and plastic pants or just a sissy girl. I cannot make my mind up. Are you able to help me in any way?

Feel free to use my letter in your news letter.

Yours Respectfully.


Sissified Nancy Pansy Puff xxxx

Dear Nancy Pansy Puff (I love speaking to you with your full name),

Thank you for your sweet note and your lovely pic. Your breasts are amazing, and it's no wonder you feel drawn to be as feminine or even as female as you can. You have some way to go from this photo though to a 40D cup, lol. However dear, Like I say, I'm not going to include your photo on the website so I'm deleting it, only because I delete all images that I know I won't be using in future.

Now that may seem a big question, whether to develop your baby desires or whether to focus on being a little girl, but it's not a problem at all. Simply because the two states are so close to each other. Yes there are aspects of infantilism that need spending, like diapers and those all important plastic baby pants, or even rubber bloomers - and I think you would look so nice in all of those, they would suit your sissy helplessness - but apart from that, baby dresses and petticoats are not all that different from the dress styles worn by a 3 or 4 year old. And they in turn are not much different from teh dresses worn by a 6-8 year old little girl. You might try looking at some sissy online stores and bookmark some dresses that make you feel oh-so-sweet. You might like girls' dresses, for example, which have a babyish look to them, for instance with big white collars, or very high waist to allow for bulky diapers and baby bloomers.

So the best answer I can give, darling, is to keep your options open, and choose both. Does that help my little sissykins?


Aunt Frocks x

Letter 7 - You asked us what we want to see in the Wendyhouse

Dear Prim, you say in the Join the Wendyhouse page that members can influence what goes into the Wendyhouse if they mail you and ask for what we like. I want to add a few likes for you to choose from. I'll try and put them in order of preference.

-pictures where women masturbate a sissy between them, like in PPP#23 story Goodness you are enjoying being dressed Mister Smith. I go back to that one lots and it always knocks me out.

-pictures where the sissy is secured in masturbation equipment. Machines and things are so exciting for making him helpless. It's one of the best things about Walt Wisconsin. -pictures where sissies kiss and cuddle, the closer and more erotically the better -in Aunt Frocks' boudoir I like seeing sissy dresses most. I find them really exciting.

If you can keep these things in mind I'd be a happy member and I guess lots of other members would like you to do more like these.

With thanks and hugs,

Denise xox

Thank you for your letter, Denise darling. I'm sure you won't mind me replying instead of Prim although I assure you he has read it and taken your requests on board.

Like I always say when members send me a letter like yours, it really, really helps Prim pick the nicest things to make you feel happy and fulfilled in the Wendyhouse. You help me too. So it's sissy dresses you like most? Then sissy dresses you shall have, more and more. Did you see my Newsletter (No.14) with online links to sissy dress retail outlets? I hope that will be helpful.

Let me hug you close, pet, for such a good letter.

Aunt Frocks x

Let's enjoy sharing more photos of Jill, who also appears in my July Newsletter No.14.

Jill, your outfits are so well chosen and you wear them to advantage. Thank you on behalf of the girls for joining us in the Wendyhouse.

Letter 8 - Real live Dollie creates realistic masks and wigs

Thank you very muches for the membership, Auntie Frocks.

I is always feeling memifem ans sweets. I gots lots n lots of pictures and here are just a few I grabbed of the top of my albums. Tee hee I said bumm You askeded about me for to say a little soz here it is:

I am a living Dollie. I design realistic and other types of latex and resin masks. I make them by taking a sculpture I create out of clay then cast a plaster mold. I inject the mold with surgical quality silicone. Then I do the makeups with an airbrush and hand paint. From there I select a wig or hairstyle, costume, and setting for the pictures and videos I make. My videos can be found in youtube just hashtag my name < #dolliesissy >. The videos I use to showcase my masks for marketing. Currently my designs and masks can be purchased online through aliexpress. They are hand made in China and sold through Alice fetish stores, be sure to mention my name so Alice knows I sent yah.

My vision for masking and dollifications was to create a realistic mask and suit that is virtually undetectable from a living person. We have accomplished this goal. My prototype arrives back from China Saturday July 15 2017. I have included my "China Doll" as I call her picture. The anime big head and eye kigurami masks and the grotesques rubber sex doll styles I felt were not good enough so I began the "Realistics" several years ago and they are now available to the public for a much lower price than before due to them being made overseas. The Dollie ones are my own personal collection. She is a classic fashion doll, a biker doll, a baby doll. Like my plastic counterpart, Dollie has many styles. The big difference is you do not have to buy my friends, lol and I breath talk and live. Dollie is a social statement of our superficial society that values the image more than the person and she is eternal yet not immortal. I am Dollie.

Now so much for business and some bout lil ol me well gollies - I am 5'6" 125 lbs 36" b/c chest, 26" waist, and 35" hips with 33 inseam legs and a girly butt and hips well everything girly actually - tee hee. I began being me way back in 1988 with the support of my parents, family and friends. I have been featured in magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler, I have appeared or been mentioned in television shows as Jay Leno tonight show, Maurey Povitch and an expert panelist on the Geraldo show. I have spoken on the top forty radio shows across the USA including Howard Sterns, Mancow Muller, Mark and Brian, Rory from Hadai and many others. I am an advocate for transgendered rights and set precedent in law for TG in divorce court. My name is Melisa Moore - I am a Transsexual. Of all the things I have done and do, the one I love most is being an adult baby girl, a baby Dollie -


Dollie sissy - Melisa Moore

Wow Dollie hon, you have done me proud. I love your new pics and I am bowled over by your sales info and your personal profile.

If you see yourself as an advocate of the transgender community, I've got to hand it to you, darling. You provide for a need with your masks and wigs, your research efforts and your sheer hard work in the field. My girls in the Wendyhouse will love to welcome you into the Rose Room with hugs and cuddles. I'm going to put your letter to my in my Newsletter this month, to include your Youtube hashtag, and I'll definitely put in your hyperlink too.

You are a darling girl, Dollie. Welcome to the Wendyhouse.

Love, Aunt Frocks xxx

Now, I hope you saw the first part of Christine's story in PPP#29: Here is the other part, and it gets hotter.

Sissy Transformation

One last reminder, darling, of how we depend on advertising in other sites to show sissies we're here, but also how we are depending on you for your help in finding us another member. That would really help.

Remember: FFT - FFU - FREE for them and FREE for you. And to close my Tell Aunt Frocks page I'd like to show you another photo of the desirable Stephanie.

A warm cuddle, darling, and now we can carry on enjoying everything in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #30 - or shall we take another look through everyone's gorgeous photos?

Warm hugs, pet.

Aunt Frocks xxx