SissyJennifer is renamed now that his sexuality has been fetishized.

The aim of a governess is to change the sissy's sex. On the day she took control of his education, his sex was either male, or at least had strains of maleness in a complex condition where he more or less wanted to become female. Those remaining strains of maleness must be changed so that they become more and more female, step by step, in a relentless and inescapable progression.

She is helped in this journey by the fervent desires of her sissy pupil. He wants to become female and he wants her to lead him by the nose ever deeper into femininity. This makes the passage easier, of course, but just because he follows willingly doesn't mean his Governess can adopt a casual, wandering pace. Far from it. Those attractions of his to pretty dressing and humiliating exposure in front of women must be pursued vigorously, and always along the channels that suit his Governess. Not will his development move in the direction he himself had in mind. In fact keeping him off-balance is essential in breaking down his self-assurance and making him fully dependent on his Governess and the Ladies who help her. If he wants to be dressed in precious Disney style gowns and accessories, for example, but his Governess wants his dressing to restrain him and make him mindful of her, she will put him into her girdles and pencil skirts, thereby leading him to value those very clothes as something he can't wait to wear for his beloved Governess the next time.

The contents of his closet will reflect the line of fetishization she has chosen for him. It corresponds to the lessons she organizes to weaken his maleness and develop his feminine qualities. What he is dressed in, what he must hold as precious in his dreams, what rituals of feminine practice he must perform each day all build towards the final, sissified creature that his Governess intends him to become. Along the way his perspective must be channelled in a sort of tunnel vision towards the goal: a devoted, helplessly weakened and effeminate pupil who will do anything his Governess wants him to, and a good way to focus his vision is by giving him a name that embodies his enslavement.

Jennifer, for example, now lives with the name Satin, since it is satin that surrounds him all day and every day, and forms a vitally feminizing part of his daily service and adoration towards his Governess and the Ladies that add to his education.

Miss Blouse - Governess

A sissy must be dressed

A wardrobe designed for dress humiliation

Adoring my Governess

Next time, Satin's clothes are crucial in shaping the sissified condition in which he lives from day to day.