The Art of Vancy
with storyette by Prim    

Aunt Persephone Sees to Percy's Wardrobe

  Persephone knew her sister Andromeda had little inspiration when it came to dressing her boy. Here he was at 18 and she still had him in silk shirts - shirts mind you! - and short pants. She knew Percy and he was a little waif in need of a lovely direction in his life. Aunt Persephone believed with absolute clarity that she was the one to give it to him. She arranged for him to stay at her place in the country for the Summer months, which would give her time to take him in hand and teach him what things he should find attractive in his life.

He had been at the Poplars only an hour, long enough to look round the gardens and stroke the cats, before his Aunt marched him up the oak panelled staircase and straight into her boudoir, a part of the house he would come to spend a great deal of his time in. Her closet opened to reveal rows of sumptuous silks and satins, while her chest opened to reveal girdles and corsets of every size and colour.

Aunt Persephone selected one to hold against him. It was too big - or rather, the right size but it would never cinch him tightly enough. She smiled, to herself rather than to Percy, and took him next into the chamber that gave off her room. It struck him at once as quiet, as if enclosed in an atmosphere of soft perfume and smouldering spices. Significantly, he fell in love with it, and with the lovely girls dress hanging by the mirror. He wondered if his Aunt would be shocked if he wanted to touch it and feel his fingers across its shining white collar, but before he had properly considered his Aunt's judgement, he found himself standing close enough to smell its fragrance and to see the finely printed flowers in the pretty dress material. He couldn't stop his urges - to put his hand round the dress and draw it onto his lips for a sweet kiss into its smocked bodice, so sweet that he gave a little moan of pleasure as the dress swelled deliciously round his face. He wanted it to stay there for ever.

"Would you like to put it on, darling?" he heard, and in no time his clothes were folded onto the bed - and then put away in a press - so that his aunt could select some lovely satin panties for him to wear, a cute brassiere with flower buds at the join of its cups, and silk socks with lovely ruffled lace to prettify his ankles. Percy barely needed to ask his Aunt for any permissions. She seemed to know which corset to pick for him as she drew open the drawers of lingerie, and which shoes he would love to put on. All he knew was that he looked more and more like a girl in the mirror over his dresser, and that made him blissfully happy to be in the little room off his Aunt's boudoir at the Poplars.