Walt Wisconsin
A story in eight parts by Prim

Part 3 - My Cock and Tits Are Conditioned in Block C

Chapter 17 - My First Night in Block C
Nurse Squeal connects me to a satin blouse and applies blouse treatment to my genitals and my tits.

Chapter 18 - Next Morning in the Operating Theater
The satin blouse has made me so feminine I beg by nurses for blouses. They take me to see Frau Doktor Strapz.

Chapter 19 - I Am Secured On the Operating Table
Matron Strapz tells me she will deprive me of my male sex, under blouse anaesthetic.

Chapter 20 - I Am Encased in Instruments and I Dream of My Sex Changing
The nurses keep me on charge overnight, at maximum conversion. In my dreams I am dressed and dressed in femmy clothing.

Chapter 21 - I Wake Up to the Shock of Huge Tits and a Tiny Cock
I find my body is horrendously feminine. My tits are huge and I can hardly see my cock.

Chapter 22 - Fraulein Doktor Cuntz Tests My Penis for Remains of Masculinity
My cock is feeble and small under female stimulation. I can tell from its feelings that it has turned feminine.

Chapter 23 - When Presented With a Blouse My Cock Bursts with Desire
My sexual responses leave me in agonies of despair, and I ache with a desire for blouses.

Chapter 24 - My Cock Must Be Restrained When I Am Dressed In a Blouse
My cock is sheathed in tight rubberised satin for me to be dressed in a lovely blouse.

* * *
Next time: Part 4 - Cousin Delma Collects Her Feminized Sissy

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