Ready for his Cosmetics Appointment    by Prim

Felicia arrived at Madame Sweetlove's salon with her stepbrother. Their walk from the car had every woman in sight turning with a giggle to take in the ridiculously ultra-feminine appearance of this person in pink and white satin and with a straw sun-hat on his pretty hair-do. His crimson face and copious tears made their questions unnecessary: he was under petticoat punishment and was crushed with shame. Audrey, her mother was already waiting inside.

"Here he is, Carmen," she cried in a slurry of candy striped silk as her dress sizzled around her. "Come here Clarence. Let Madame Sweetlove see your blouse and your little pants. Let her see what an effeminate little panty-waist you are."

His stepsister deprived him of his hat and plucked at the edges of his hair as the boy stood with his hands flared in natural girlishness.

"Oh my, are you sure it isn't a girl?" exclaimed the salon proprietress.

Audrey chuckled with pride. "Not yet he isn't," she said, "but he will be." Her delicate fingers tucked at the lace trimming round the legs of his shorts, as if trying to cover at least another half inch of pouting flesh round his ass. Madame Sweetlove was resplendent in a candy striped blouse herself in crisp silk, paired with a white taffeta pencil skirt to below the knee. She couldn't resist prettying his costume either. She wanted to sweeten the frilly lace around the satin collar at his cheeks. "I'm seeing Dior Spring Look lip glow to feminize this sad mouth. With moisturiser to offset his natural blushes, this could be a very short appointment indeed, in the chair. He is most welcome to be paraded round the ladies in his lovely white blouse."

Before the eyes of his stepmother, stepsister and their patroness, Clarence's complexion darkened from scarlet to a deep crimson, his lips puckered, and the wretched nineteen-year-old crumpled into tears, to everyone's giggling satisfaction.