Cuddles in the Lingerie Store    by Prim

"I am going to buy you more panties, Roddy my boy, whether you like it or not," declared Tara Rosepetal, hauling her stepson behind her by his purse. "The two of you get so excited you fill one pair after another with copious ejaculations. You plainly need another dresser with more drawer space for clean, very feminine panties."

"B-But Stepmother," whimpered Roddy, stumbling into the Pretty Panties lingerie store, "I - Ohhhhhhh ! - I c-c-can't help it. It's Percy! He's got his hands through the slots in my bloomers and he won't leave my dickie alone. Ohhhh! He's always holding it and - ohhhhh! - and fondling it with affectionate pinches and squeezes. And he's - ohhhhhhhh" - he's pushing his COCK into my s-s-SLOT!"

Tara turned to observe and snorted with contempt to see it was true. Her stepson's twenty-year-old sweetheart from the church group was trying to force his cock, still inside his silk romper pants and panties, into Roddy's crack, while eagerly moulding his penis with both his hands. It may have been contemptible, she thought, but it was also amusing, especially to her friends, who would be coming round this evening to be treated to a little sissy show of lingerie arousal on the panty mat.

Well that's what they WOULD do, as a dark stain began to appear on the front of her stepson's bloomers, if the two of them had any cream left. Dry orgasms were not as entertaining as loud bleatings of sexual surrender accompanied by generous squirts of thick sissy cream.