Conditioned for Girls' School
by Prim

Samantha Frome joined her mother on the settee, sitting with her husband between them, and wrapped a length of ribbon round and round his wrists to tie them behind him. Gerald Featherlight could feel his pulse in his penis as his new mother-in-law's fingers slid her lingerie slowly up and down its length. "Oh! - Ohhhhh! Nnnghhh! Please, no, Victoria!" he begged; "please leave me alone."

  The tears were building in his eyes. On his wedding day. What a nightmare.

  He tried to bring his arms to the front, or move his legs, but he was too weak. How shameful that it was his wife's mother who was masturbating him, while he was wearing her corset and stockings, her panties and slip, her frilly blouse and her pleated skirt and high heels.

  "Samantha darling," he blubbered, snatching breaths as his passion grew, "you know how much I love you. Please help me. Please ask Victoria to stop... Oh...! Ohhhhh!"

  Victoria stopped, and grinned her scarlet lipstick into her son-in-law's face. "Time to stop for one minute, panty-boy," she said, "while you calm down." She shared a giggle with her daughter. "Plenty of stiffening but no filthy squirts: that's your life from now on, Sissy-Prick, so get used to it!"

  She gripped his pantied penis tighter in her folded satin panties, making Gerald throw his head back in helplessness and stare at the ceiling of his mother-in-law's living room. His wife's phone rang and she snapped it to her ear.

  He could make out a woman's voice, bossy and business-like.

  "Yes Matron, we want him to wear his girly uniform," said Samantha, her eyes on her mother. "Oh yes, he must suffer unsexed humiliation every minute he's with you."

  Victoria's hand slackened on the shaft of her son-in-law's penis and slowly began the smooth massage again as Samantha continued listening and agreeing to one thing after another. In the end she reached out her non-phone hand and turned Gerald's face to look at her as she said: "We'll have him there at 9am in the morning, Matron, as arranged. The little pervert is going to be an ideal pupil, I can assure you Matron. By tomorrow afternoon, he'll be begging to be a schoolgirl."

  She rang off and beamed into her husband's face. "That's it, sweetheart," she giggled. "You're starting at your new school tomorrow."

  School! What on earth was she talking about? He was 23 years old.

  Jane grinned at him too. "You're going back to school, sweetie, to learn about the new half-sex you're going to become. I want my panty-slave fully educated in what I want him to do."



  Samantha keyed her mother's number.
"Hello, mother. You'll be glad to know he's under, all wrapped up in uniforms. Matron sedated him and got him into a girl's uniform, then secured him into the conditioning machine. When he came round, she was explaining the procedure to me, with him listening. It was such a laugh. Apparently the apparatus floods his subconscious with a furious need for his greatest desires, and right now, that's what he's learning: very... deep... feminine desires."

  Next to her a long warble of emotion rang out from the head-set of the apparatus and Samantha stopped for a moment to look up. Her husband shook vigorously from his head to his knees as spasms of orgasm jerked through his rigid penis and squirted cream into the domed bulge of his stretched white panties.

  "That's him you can hear, mother," she continued, sniggering into her phone. "His sixth orgasm in his first half an hour... Oh sorry, Matron says it's his seventh... Fuck me, mother, the pouffter's squirting it through his panties. He's nearly getting it on my skirt. He sure is going to want to wear his girlie school uniform."

  Her husband's moaning faded into a string of gurgles and Matron Bessingworth made adjustments on her computer to set up the next phase of his conditioning.

  "Yes, mother," continued the patient's wife, "he knows whose uniforms he's wearing. I made him choose girls who he knows from choir practice. He's wearing Philippa Johnson's uniform: her starched nylon blouse and large pink tie, serge skirt, white cotton socks, her bra and panties, and his feet are squeezed into her shoes. His head is encased inside Florence Watson's blouse and tie and skirt."

  She paused as Matron gave her more details, then laughed as her husband blubbered with desire inside Florence's blouse.

  "Matron tells me he's going to have Lorna Shaw's and Harmony Bates's uniforms fastened over his head as well. I think he's going to squirt until he's totally dry, mother. I'll let you know when that happens. Bye for now."