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Stories from the Alice Room

All stories are written by Prim unless stated otherwise.

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From PPP#31
A Little Girlie Husband
Stiffie Inspection Time

From PPP#32
Mister White Must Be Punished
Taught a Lesson by the Mistress
A Prissy Sissy Baby

Mr Blushby's Classroom Humiliation
Holding It In
His Appointment At Salon Suck-Baby
Rodney's Humiliation Buggy
At the Girl Baby nursery (Prissy)
From Bobby to Baby Brat (Curtus)
Sweetheart Styles - Pretty Buttons: Romper and Bonnet Set
Dickie Display for the Ladies
Little Big Land (by Maid Lala)
Suck Baby by (Baby Charlotte)

From PPP#34 --- A special 'SISSY COCK-SUCK' issue!
Baby Girls Love Sucking In The Frilly Pink Nursery
A Day With Mistress Madieanne - by Baby Charlotte
Babied For Failure At Work
From PPP#35 --- Our special 'PETTICOAT PUNISHMENT' issue!
How Wendy Girlpanty must be turned into a Satin Baby
School Teacher Babyfication
Lick Them Clean by Babe E Kins
New Beginnings by Babe E Kins
From PPP#36 --- Our 'MOTHER-IN-LAW'special issue!
Rodney Must Show His Privates to the Ladies
Agony In the Dangle Harness
From PPP#37 --- Our'SISSY-SCHOOL'special issue!
You Can't Help Wetting Yourself, Can You?
From PPP#38 --- Our'PUBLIC HUMILIATION'special issue!
Andy is Girled in the Baby Bucket
Such a Little Cutie
Prim examples of infantilism as training for weak and submissive sissies.
Mixing humiliation with babyfication
Diaper Change for Panty Sweetbotty
a baby story by Baby Charlotte
From PPP#39 --- Our'DEEP HUMILIATION'special issue!
Baby Girlification For Sissy Pollyanna
Husband Humiliation At Women With Flair
a baby story by Larry

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