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Stories from the Molly Room

All stories are written by Prim unless stated otherwise.

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From PPP#21
The Silky Nursery Center
             Chapter 7 - Richie and Tim are dummied with jumbo pacifiers
             Chapter 8 - Tim and Richie Meet the Girls They Will Be Living With
Baby Husbands 1, 2 and 3 (Prissy)
I Told You What to Expect (Curtus)
What a Baby Sweetie
Jonathan's Day in Miss Busty's Nursery, Part 1

From PPP#22
The 18-year-old Bed-wetter (Curtus)
Plastic Panties for Baby William
Trying the New Stimulator Chair
Jonathan's Day in Miss Busty's Nursery, Part 2

From PPP#23
Feminization in the Stimulator Chair
Baby Bernard's Satin Party
The New Sissy Baby

From PPP#24
Can I Join Your Nursery, Miss Squelch?
Baby Georgie Goes Out For Lunch
Aunt Frocks' boudoir: Pretty Sissy Rompers (photos)

From PPP#25
Clitty Inspection In the Babypen
Digby Wears His 'Naughty Baby' Clothes (Curtus)
Sissy Noah at the Church Social
Laughing at the Babies

From PPP#26
His Special Bottle Feed in Dr Lacey's Surgery

From PPP#27
Please don't make me a baby girl too!

From PPP#28
Virginia Visits Baby Petunia

From PPP#29
Ralph Cross Gets a New Governess
Play With Your Dollies For Us Babies

From PPP#30
Sweetheart Styles - The 'Baby Helpless' Romper
Sissy Frankie's Hormonal Titty-Suckies

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