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Stories from the Stephanie Room

All stories are written by Prim unless stated otherwise.

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From PPP#1
  Chapter 19 - Johnny is Deeply Dressed as a Baby
             Chapter 20 - Johnny Asks to be Babified
The Naughty Sissy Nursery School - Part 1 (by Carl)
Baby Dress Training
The Nursing Sisters of the Satin Sheath

From PPP#2
The Naughty Sissy Nursery School - Part 2 (by Carl)
Married Into Babyhood
At the Alpha Ladies Collective
The CHERUB Babification Hospital

From PPP#3
Baby Meredith's Punishment
Handle With Care (by Bab-E-Kins)
The College Baby
The New Bosses
The Ladies Play Maternity Hospital

From PPP#4
Sucky Baby Teachers
A Wet Nurse for Nigel

From PPP#5
Baby Wee-Wees With a Stiffy
Sissy Baby Doll (by Christina Shelly)
A Wet Nurse for Nigel
My Pink Boudoir: Photos of ruffled baby dresses

From PPP#6
Baby Dolly Meets His Girlfriends
Please Don't Laugh At Me
Mistress Mommy Gets Her Candykins (by Candy)
           Married Into Petticoats - a Prim story in four parts
Chapter 1 - the New Husband Learns His Place
Chapter 2 - Simon's Conditioning Begins in his Mother-In-Law's Apartment
Chapter 3 - Simon undergoes sexual conditioning
Chapter 4 - Simon entertains the family

From PPP#7
He Needs His Dypie Changing Mother
The CHERUB Babyfication Hospital chapter 1 ??????
Spank Curtsey Cry and Lick - (by Candy Sissiboi)

From PPP#8
Coming In His Plastic Panties
Baby Chloe in his Satin Baby Dress Bag
The Dressing Adventures of Johnny
           Chapter 34 : Johnny Is Dressed As a Baby
Outside the Girls' Academy - (art by Penelope Pinprick)

From PPP#9
The Dressing Adventures of Johnny
           Chapter 35 : Johnny is dressed as a baby girl and kept overnight by Miss Williams
Baby Daniel and his Rubber Nurses
At the Cry-Baby Day-Care Nursery

From PPP#10
Baby Suzy Loves His Titty-Suckies
Fraulein Kuppengrasp's Rubbering Methods for Baby Care
My Pink Boudoir: pretty baby dresses (photos)

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