Walt Wisconsin

Part 8 --- the story so far


johnny3-21 I'm innocent. Why this has happened to me I don't know!

I find my cousin Delma's panties bewitching and I try on her blousejohnny3-21 and stockings - only she catches me!

Why does she go so ballistic? She dresses and restrains me and calls in the nursing agents from Fem Ultima.

They condition me into extreme dressing - til I HAVE to have Delma's stuff.

They change my body into huge tits, perfect curves and a female clitoris.

And my mind! God help me, I just want to be a girl! A baby girl! And I want to suck and suck!



johnny3-21 Delma Pensforth is a mean bitch, so when she decides I'm a chauvinist, I get abducted johnny3-21by this Fem Ultima clinic.

They incarcerate me for transgendering - into a heel and boot fetishist.

Frau Matron Strapz decides to regress me as a baby and my body is re-sexed in all its bits.

So now, God knows why, I'm just right to meet Delma's sissy baby girl!

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