Her Husband Is In Female Hands at the Women's Sissy Club   
One woman after another will ensure
Jonathan gets a range of sissification.

Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  "Hello, it's Margarita Flirting, and this is my 'HUS-band', Duncan," explained Margarita on his first visit to the Women's Sissy Club. The red-haired, shapely hostess who met her in the foyer grinned with intrigue as she summed up the wretched male with a contemptuous leer. "He imagines he's quite virile, would you believe," said Margarita, "but look at him, ha-ha."

Connie Hunter loved to get her hands on males like this. The tip of her tongue tripped round her ruby lips before smirking as she looked Duncan Flirting in the eye, and planted one hand on her hip. "As in male?" she enquired, as if astonished. "I see." Her cheeks sucked into hollows as she controlled a smile. "That would explain his see-thru women's raincoat, showing what a nice blouse and skirt you've got him in for his visit today." She giggled as she used the fingers of both hands to shape the lapels of his mackintosh, flipping up the large pointed collar so that it cupped his face in cold pink plastic. "You've got him looking very nice, Missus Flirting. Very pretty." She tucked at the front of his buttoned bodice where his mac was well filled with a female bosom. "Very weak and obedient - and sissy."

Duncan lifted his arms in a crinkle of pink plastic to free himself from her interference. "Margarita," he muttered, "you can't leave me here - like this. Take me home again, pleeease!"

"Don't be silly, boy," came his wife's reply. "We've been through this. I'm meeting Jed Burrows at the Savoy in half an hour and I need you out of the way, safely in the hands of women. How could I leave you at the Women's Sissy Club in any other clothes than mine?"

Connie listened, and watched the husband struggle between public humiliation and hopeless despair. She started to undo his belt, as if her fingers couldn't leave his raincoat alone. "If it's your wife's clothes you're not happy with, babykins, I can fix that no problem. Here at Women's Sissies we have plenty of girls' dresses to put newcomers in. I'll have you looking so sweet in just a few minutes."


[ The story continues: Read how Cuckold husband Duncan Flirting spends the day in the hands of the women at the Women's Sissy Club. Their aim is non-stop pleasure, and they derive their pleasure from teasing and humiliating men as weak and effeminate as Duncan. He will have to be wanked into girly submission, dressed as a little sissy girl. ]

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