Aunt Frock's Dressing Boudoir

Dresses with bows

Hello darling and welcome to my dress boudoir. Would you like to play at pretend dressing with your Aunt Frocks? I know how you love to wear dresses, especially lovely dresses for little girls, so I've gathered some together for you. And Aunt Frocks is going to see which dress you'll wear for different sissy occasions. Won't that be exciting?

Dress 1

Sundress in aqua cotton

Let's start with this cutesy little cotton dress with its gorgeous bow of white cotton poplin. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to put a sissy into it to go out to play with the girls in Summer. It has an integrated petticoat, trimmed with the same lace as your bow, Sweetheart.

Dress 2
Sundress in pink

Here's another holiday dress for you to wear outside, Precious. I guess this one will be just right for you to wear on the beach, to enjoy the warm sun on your arms while you are feeling pretty and girlish. Come and lie across my knee, darling, for me fasten your dress buttons and do up your bow at your girlish waist.

Dress 3
Floral print

Mmm, now this is a much more formal affair, and not for out-of-doors play. I think it's suitable for my little angel to go to school in - Saturday sissy school, that is. The other sissies will know which sissy is feeling extra feminine in his lovely dress.

Dress 4
Ruffles and ribbon

Oh darling look at the lovely ruffles at the shoulders of your next dress in floral organza. Isn't it pretty? This has got to be a going out dress, maybe for going to Sissy Peter's house for tea. He'll love you in this, and so will his mommy.

Dress 5
A big bow for babykins - Mmmmm!

Darling, I wonder if you just love to wear a big girly bow at the back of your dress? Aunt Frocks knows how girlish that is, and this bow goes right up to your shoulders and right down to your sissy botty, with lovely square tails. What about wearing it for when we invite Sissy Peter back for tea at our house? You can hold hands when I sit you both nicely on the pink sofa.

Dress 6

Wow! A dress for that very special occasion, which means it has to have a very special bow. I love bows with long tails, and this one is even prettier with clusters of flowers at your waist. It even has petals scattered through the tulle layers of that gorgeous, flouncy skirt.

Dress 7
Granny's favourite

Now I want to put you into something very classical - that little touch of vintage dressing for my little sissy girl. This dress will do nicely for when we visit Granny and she wants to fuss and pretty your dress and petticoats and panties. You know how she likes you to sit very still in the centre of her drawing room and look adorable for her lady friends to admire your sweetness.

Dress 8
Sweet in pink

We've got to include one or two baby dresses for my little darling, like this one in oyster pink silk. What about Aunt Frocks fastening you into it to come to the mall with me, including popping into 'Ribbons and Bows' to try on some of my friend Clare's lovely dresses. Mmm, what a lovely sizzle your silk ribbons make when I do them into a bow at the back.

Dress 9
Sweet in blue

Just as sweet, and this time in silk polyester, this dress can be for looking lovely at home on an ordinary sissy day. Not very special, maybe, but even so, that lovely Peter Pan collar with its pretty edging, those puffed sleeves with elastics at the tops of your arms, and that dainty bow at the back will make you such a precious girl for Aunt Frocks as we read your Sparkle comics together.

Dress 10
Bridesmaid dresses with bows

Ohhhhhhh, just look at all this satin. What a gorgeous smell of dresses as we lift them and fuss them and feel them with our fingers. Instead of wearing one, darling, you might want Auntie Frocks to make you kiss all those soft satin bows. Mmmmwaaa, aren't they girlish, just like my little darling!

Dress 11
Satin and tulle

Today's the day for the girls' party, Sweetheart. You'll have to wear something very special, and that means smooth satin, the prettiest dress buttons, yards and yards of tulle round your knees, and a gorgeous satin bow to make all the other Moms jealous. How important and lovely you're going to feel.

Dress 12
Silk and lace

But we have to keep in reserve that special dress with its special collar and a lovely bow over its back buttons. Mmmm, this antique heirloom dress must be for a very, very special occasion, darling. Yes, like getting married to your sissy sweetheart. And he will be wearing another one just like it. How lovely you will both look in your wedding photographs.

Did you feel nice as we tried on some pretty dresses, fastening down your back, my little sweetie, and done up in lovely girls' bows? If you visit me next time in my dressing boudoir in a few weeks' time, I'm going to show you some lovely dresses for older girls. You'd be amazed how pretty they are these days, designed to make their wearer feel ultra feminine and oh-so-pretty. --- Join me again, darling. Until then, feel lovely in your girls' dresses and petticoats
With love from Aunt Frocks xxx