I'm Coming, Mama
by Prim

When the doorbell rang, Virgil reached the bottom of the stairs and skipped across the hall to hide himself among Mommy's satinized mackintoshes, one of his favourite little dens. He heard Mom's heels click and clack down the hall, and the front door opened.
His ears tried to catch every word. Maybe it was someone else; not that lovely voice he had been speaking to for an hour that morning on his phone. A voice whose owner, he discovered, was deliciously called Simon. His heart thudded beneath his nylon baby-doll nightie, and his memory pulled one lovely memory after another from the conversation he had enjoyed on his bed, pulling his cock into gorgeously stiffened length and sweetness.
"What do you like to wear for lounging with a sweetheart, Virgil darling?"
"I like to choose one of my pretty nighties, Simon. What do you like to wear for cuddling with a nice sissy?"
"Oh Virgil I've never - well - been with another sissy?"
Virgil's cock gave a lovely twinge at the coy way Simon had made his confession. Then his ears picked it up at the end of the hall. Yes, it was the same voice - young, soft, innocent. He wondered if he was wearing what they had talked about half an hour earlier.
"Well what have you got in your closet, Simon? What would a sissy sweetheart love you to wear for when you were - you know - kissing and cuddling?"
"Oh I don't know what to choose, Virgil. I'm standing at my closet now, and there's - a white cotton school blouse, a little gypsy top in pink gingham, a silk dress with pink lace. I've got pleated mini-skirts and - "

"Oh Simon, I just want you to come round to my house, wearing anything you would look lovely in."
Mom was still talking at the door. Oh no! maybe she wasn't going to let him in. Virgil's heart nearly stopped. Then he heard the door close. She spoke again, and there was Simon's voice again - she'd brought him in. Ohhh, he must look lovely, even though he had no idea what he looked like at all. He'd forgotten to ask him that.
"But Virgil, what will we do at your house? I've never played cuddles and kisses with a sissy sweetheart."
"Well I would feel your panties, Simon darling, and fondle the silky shape of your cock." A moment's silence. "Would you like that?"
"Ohhh, yettthhh. I would love that."
"Then I would slowly ease your panties down - so that I could see your cock, darling."
"Ohhh! It would be standing up!"
"And then we would have a little bit of cock play."
Long silence, then: "What would you do, Virgil?"
"Oh Simon, sweetie, I would kiss it softly - and open my lips to take it into my mouth - and I would suck it for you."
Virgil's fingers played with his helmet as he recalled the long bleating whimper at the end of the phone. Then he jumped.

"Virgil!" His mom was right near. "Simon is here. He says he's come for a bit of cock-play!"
The air hung with criminal guilt, and at the same time, Virgil's excitement reached the point of no return. His cock started to jump, to juice. He did his best but he could only half hold it and he turned his cream into his Mom's red satinized mackintosh until it calmed itself down enough for him to wipe it all away. He pulled his panties up, closed his nightie across himself, and took a deep breath.
"Hello Simon," he smiled, stepping into the hall.
The vision in front of him was nothing like his expectations. Not in face, in hair, in breasts and waist, in blouse and legs.
"Don't you think Simon is wearing lovely Valentine shorts, darling?" said Mom. "And look, he has a nice little ribbon round his cock. I think you'd better wait until you're up in your bedroom before you pull it for him."
Neither Virgil nor Simon had ever known their cocks to feel so stiff as they held each other's hands and stepped their way up the stairs. Simon may have had a nice ribbon on his Valentine shorts, but it was his hands that found the stiffened poke in Virgil's panties before they had even reached the top of the stairs.