Fullslips in the Squidgy Room
by Prim

Matthew Bascombe quivered with wave after wave of feminine feelings as Auntie Carol pulled the rail of ladies' nylon slips closer and selected a pretty blue one to put over him.
"This will be lovely for my little Matthew," she cooed, securing the hanger to the ribbons that hung from the ceiling of the Squidgy room.
"I've been waiting for your next visit to Satinette Sissy, darling, and now I'm going to help Mommy to give you some lovely squidges into our beautiful fullslips. Would you like that, my little darling?"
Matthew bleated helplessly as he turned his face into his mother's blouse and ached with renewed pleasure as she fondled his defenceless cock in a carefully folded slip of pink nylon.
"Y-Yeth pleathe, Auntie Carol." It wouldn't have made any difference if he had roared with defiance, for the lovely slips, as well as his sweet girls' dress and petticoats, were making him so weak and feminine across his mother's lap. And in any case, he wanted nothing more than to spend all his sissy weakness into one fullslip after another, since that was what his darling mommy wanted.
"That will be lovely, Auntie Carol," said Helen, lifting him sufficiently for the boutique assistant to drop the lacy hem of the slip over her son's head and work it down his body so that he disappeared into the divine world of ladies' lingerie. A wide ribbon of white satin was fastened round his arms, securing him in utter lingerie helplessness, and Helen felt a delicious change in stiffness as her sweet son's cock declared how helplessly his defeated sex was about to surrender to her ministrations.

"Excuse me," said a tall woman popping her head through the chiffon curtains of the Squidgy Room, "I'm looking for Auntie Carol. I need to get my sissified husband into a long fit of sissy creaming."
"Yes, dear, I'm Auntie Carol. Bring him in here and I'll make him nicely helpless for prolonged squidging."
"It's Millicent Everly," said the 40-year-old in an olive green suit. "And this," and she pulled on a ribbon leash to produce a frightened-looking young man in a blue girl's dress, "is my fool of a husband."
The store assistant snorted and grinned at his little puffed sleeves, the ruffles of silk round his skirt, and the buttons and sash bow at the back of his dress. "What a nice, effeminate sissy you have married, dear. Would you mind sitting here and taking off his girly panties while I sort a nice ladies' slip for you to fondle his clitoris with."
Moments later, the sissified husband was sitting on his wife's knee, grizzling with objections, as his cock was encased in the folds of a white nylon fullslip. His ordeal was made twice as humiliating with the giggling from the mother opposite as she watched and slid a similar slip up and down the stiffened penis of her sissy, in a slip over her knee.
"Millie," pleaded the newcomer, wriggling on his wife's skirt, "don't do this to me, please. Not in front of these women. They'll think I'm a pathetic little weed who can't stand up to my d-d-darling wife."

"Shuttup! Sit still while I'm teaching your weedy little cock to want women's slips. Auntie Carol, can you give me a hand here please."
Auntie Carol was already prepared, and had a slip of black nylon fastened to the overhead ribbons.
"Come along, Mister Everly," she called, dropping the lace of the slip over him as his wife held him by the sash of his dress. "You can't escape coming to sissy climaxes at Satinette."
The husband did his best to resist though, sliding his bottom right forward on his wife's knees, but this simply pushed his cock more firmly into the envelope of nylon she had round him, and a flurry of firm pulls up and down his member brought him to instant surrender as Auntie Carol pulled the black nylon down his dress on all sides. The result was a wail of anguish as she pulled his ribbon round his arms and waist and did him into a pretty bow of impotence.
His wife was satisfied. "I've got him now," she said, feeling his organ stiffening and lengthening in her handful of fullslip. "I'll give him half an hour of nylon slip masturbation, then I'll be taking him round to my mother's so that she can play with him in her silk and satin slips. He'll be jelly in her hands."