Sissy Lessons - Panty Kisses
by Prim

Miss Faye undoes the single large white button at the throat of Arnold's summer swing coat and slips it down his bare arms to reveal the dress his wife has dressed him in for his weekly sissy class in her apartment. She purses her lips and plucks the ruffles of primrose silk at his shoulders, then flounces his skirt and petticoats with deft touches of her fingers. She is a woman of few words, Miss Faye, and rarely passes comment on the prettiness of her sissies' dresses. But a quiet sniff, as Arnold knows from long experience, is better than a haughty grimace of disdain. Her finger lifts his chin and her sharp eyes explore his eye shadow, brow liner, mascara and lipstick. Without more ado, she turns towards the sitting room, that magical room where Arnold knows someone exciting is waiting for him, and holds out a hand for him to take. He has passed her inspection and so is ready to attract the sensual feelings of this morning's sissy partner.
As his dress floats into the sitting room, his penis already stiff with expectancy, his heartbeats begin to thunder in his ears. Ohhh how lovely - it's Clarence, whom he hasn't seen at sissy classes since Christmas. Ohhh, look at his dress, in plum pink satin with a gorgeous white collar - and a sweet ribbon in his lovely blond hair. Clarence looks up at Arnold, equally excited, his lips trembling and a deep blush colouring his soft cheeks.
Miss Faye leads Arnold right up to the waiting sissy, turns him by the sash of his dress and lowers him into that gorgeous spot on the settee alongside the other sissy husband.
"Look at each other," she orders, and their eyes melt into clear black togetherness. Their stocking knees kiss each other and their fingers creep together and interlace with pulses quickening. Miss Faye is busy with sissy kiss-trolleys, but the sissies don't notice. She gets all her ribbons ready, but the sissies find each other's noses closer, almost touching, then their lips press into soft kisses and puckers and flurries of breathless pleasure.
"Share-panty!" announces their mistress jolting them back to her sitting room. Ohhh what bliss, they're going to be pantied together, in utter intimacy, their clitties facing each other and their knees pushing through the same pretty panty-leg as their partner's. The husbands remove their panties to reveal the excitement of their penises - eager, stretched and hard at the thought of what is coming. Miss Faye holds the pale blue panty at the carpet for Clarence to step into one leg, then the other, his breathing almost halting with emotion. Then Arnold must step in, his primrose high heels threading through each elastic as she holds it open for him to join his sweetheart, pantied close together for the day.
"Hold your dresses up, boys," demands their teacher, "and look deep into each other's eyes. I will not have my sissy sweethearts looking about the room when they are sharing kiss-trolleys and wearing lovely girls' dresses."
Ohhh, that blissful feeling of tight satinex panty as it slides tightly up both their legs at once, gripping their knees together, then the welts of their stockings, and clasping their buttocks so that their stiff cocks slither, side by side. Above her, the husbands meet each other's lips again and whimper with girlish sweetness. Their penises are longing for each other. If only they could start - if only they could touch each other, penis knob to penis knob, feeling girlish and deeply in love. Their knees are wrapped in white satin ribbon and pulled tight, while their kissing trolleys click into the locked position. Miss Faye returns to the settee and settles herself to watch her effeminate charges in comfort.

"Stretch back boys. Further. Pull hard - I want to see daylight between those cocks - your helmets three inches apart. Now, look at each other over your petticoats frills. Look at his hair, his lovely girls' face, his pretty make-up. Shape a kiss to your sweetheart. And another - a really loving kiss on the air for your darling's lips.
"Now, don't look down. Looking into each other's eyes, find his helmet. I said Do NOT look down - you are kissing towards his lips. Your sissy darling is sooo pretty. Such a lovely young girl. Now you can feel the tip of his helmet kiss yours, soft and sweet, his girly clittie, touching yours." Her voice is so firm but lovely for her helpless sissy girlies. "Feel his warm juice touching you, sliding a bit this way, a bit that. You are NOT to come. You will slip and slide, in little circles of sissy love."
It's true. Arnold falls more and more in love with Clarence in his sweet white collar, and Clarence falls in love with Arnold's delicious penis helmet. Their wish is to squirt for each other, to squirt and squirt boycream, but Miss Faye says - Ohhh, Miss Faye says we can't look down - but their juices tell them they just have to. They simply must see their cocks gushing with sissy love. Just in time to see their cream beginning, in little spurts that go beyond their control. They feel so sweet for each other, and then their cocks decide together to spurt every ounce of their cream over each other's helmets, completely girlishly. The feminised husbands watch as their knobs pump and pump together in utter, blissful love and devotion. No wonder they fall into each other's arms, without Miss Faye's permission and even before the last of their juice has spurted onto their tummies.