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  Hello my dear, and welcome to my letters page where you and all my readers can tell me about your fantasy life and girly dreams. I am so eager to hear about your feminine side, and what I really love is for you to tell me how Prim and I can make your petticoat experience even more delicious here in my nephew's sissy magazine. I'm sorry to say I can't include everything I receive in my mail-box: I'm sure you understand that I have to pick and choose. But if you don't see your mail in this issue, it just might appear next time, so keep a look out in case. And you can be sure I will safeguard your confidence if you ask me to. For photos, ask me to blank your face if you so desire, and it will be done. I'm hoping lots more of you will send photos of yourself as one issue follows another, so that we can see how sweet and girlish you are. I hope you enjoy hearing from the sissies below, and I would so love you to add your mail to theirs by writing to me at: auntfrocks@mail.com

  Letter 1 Such a natural little girl
So much has happened over the last 3 weeks or so. I'm not quite sure where to start. Annie has been settling down into a routine of play, naps and outings with her Mommy. I feel that the next 6 months, until Fall, is an adjustment period where she learns and completely accepts her role as my 4 year old little daughter. She is making good progress toward being that dainty little lady that Mommy expects her to be.
The first thing I ask her, every morning, after I get her bathed and dressed is "Are you feeling precious, sweetheart, like a delightful little girl should?" I borrowed that from you. It's a reminder of who she is. She has been taught to reply with deep emotion. "I am Mommy's precious little girl" and then a curtsey.
A new person has entered my life. His name is Ted. He is cute, romantic and makes me feel wonderful. After 3 dates I felt comfortable bringing him home and introducing Annie to him. I did warn him ahead of time that Annie is a sissy. He seemed intrigued.
Needless to say, he was shocked when meeting her for the first time. But he quickly grew to enjoy my sweet and dainty little girl. Annie has seen us kissing, hugging and caressing on the couch. At some level I am sure she finds this incredible humiliating.
A couple of weeks ago Ted and I were chatting about future plans and how to deal with Annie. He asked me if I was going to keep Annie or find a new home for her. Annie must have overheard that because the next thing I heard was her crying uncontrollably.
I quickly put her in my arms and tried to soothe her. Something must have scared her terribly.
"What's the problem Princess? Please tell Mommy what is bothering you."
"Mommy, Please don't leave me. Pleaseeeeeeee". I could see how scared and helpless she was feeling.
"Mommy is not going to leave you my precious little girl. Come here and Mommy is going to make you feel so good."
I laid him on the couch, pulled up his dress and started to caress his panties. He stopped sobbing and started making pleasure noises. It did not take him long to cum in his panties.
I cleaned him up, put fresh panties on him and told him to go play in his room.
Later in the day that got me thinking about how much I loved seeing her crying because of how scared and helpless she felt. I decided on a plan to have that happen often. BTW - She gets Mommy masturbation twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. What I gave her was an extra pleasure time.
I fully expected that she would "try me" with a crying fit and see if I would masturbate him again. The next day around noon she started crying. I could tell it was a poor attempt to try to manipulate me. But I gave her what she desired. I let her manipulate me 6 times over the next 2 days. I'm sure she was so proud of herself.
The next time she tried it I put an end to that behavior.
"Annie, Mommy hates whining. Your whining will be punished severely. It's not appropriate behavior for a precious and dainty little girl. If you continue to whine I might just have to find a new home for you. Maybe with a mean Mommy who won't be so forgiving. So now I am going to spank you so you don't forget."
I put her over my lap, pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties. I gave her 10 hard spankings with a hair brush. Now she was crying because of the pain. When she stopped sobbing I put her on my lap and explained what I expected of her.
"Sweet girl, it is perfectly acceptable for you to cry because you are scared, helpless and need your Mommy. I understand that you will cry because that is the only thing you can do. Mommy will protect you and make sure you are safe and cared for. But if you ever whine again for extra masturbation, and Mommy knows the difference, then I will find you a different home. Do you understand?"
"Yes, Mommy" she replied and then she started to cry again. This time for real.
What I had accomplished was to make her understand that I expected her to be a scared, helpless and needy little girl. Crying for real was ok.
I reinforced the crying. I Love hearing her cry. So small. So Helpless. A precious little girl. Sometimes I would reward him with mommy masturbation. He would never know when he would get pleasure. She also has to be careful about crying too many times because that means she is whining. Delightful to have such control.

Here, with photos of lovely Annie, is Audrey's account of what happened on Sissy Annie's first Mothers' Day.

Well, Audrey,
It looks like Annie is your little girl for keeps, which makes it all the nicer to read your account of Annie's first Mother's Day. It's quite a story, and it gripped me all the way. Fancy the sissy princess having to perform in front of so many women, including his own sisters! And I just knew that diaper was going to have to be changed before you all left the restaurant.
Do tell us more about Sissy Annie's education for a future issue.
Warm wishes, darling,
And please give Sissy Annie a little panty pinch from Aunt Frocks xxx

Letter 2 Needing to be a little girl

Dearest Aunt Frocks,
It truly means the world to me that you send me such kind emails. I can only imagine the amount of sissies who contact you so I am so touched you take the time to write to me.
Thank you too for reconfirming my need to be a little girl, your encouragement just fuels my desire to be 24/7 or at the very least continue to make sure the needs of my nature are being fully met. I really love that I am a delicate pansy!!
Yay! I am soooooooooooooooooo thrilled you liked my explanation about my secret sissy world. I am really blushing now when you said I write a good story. I love writing so reading that made feel very special, thank you. I would be more than happy for you to include the story, explanation and photos in Prim's Petticoat Pansies.
Oh my I am blushing again! It is very sweet of you to say such kind things about my photos. I think my pictures have appeared on a few sites, it's kind of nice that others can see the real me.
Yes it does make sense about my masturbation, it has always been connected with my sissiness and makes me feel soooooo girly. I told my fav dolly Ruthie all about you and she was very happy and then I told all my other dollies and teddy bears and they were all very happy too. I love my doliies and teddy bears Auntie because they are my friends and are never mean to me.
Thank you so much Auntie for being so very kind for me, you have made me such a happy little girl and I hope I can contribute more to the wonderful Prim's Petticoat Pansies.
Huggles, snuggles and cuddles
x x x

My dear Sissy Samantha,
Thank you for such a lovely letter thanking me for my reply to yours. It always pleases me to bring a little happiness to my readers, so I'm delighted that you liked seeing your mail featured on my letters page in issue#20 of Prim's Petticoat Pansies. Yes, my dear, you do need to be a little girl, so it brings me pleasure to know that the needs of your nature are being fully met.
How lovely to receive an explanation of how you have grown into 'your secret sissy world'. I agree that developing your masturbation will have intensified your wish to live as a little girl, partly because your pleasure will have become associated with being girly, in feelings and in the way you like to dress. My readers, I feel, will enjoy reading your account. My, what a good story you write, and I glad to include it in my nephew's magazine with your photos.
I love your pictures. I think I may have seen photos of you before, on Flickr, maybe, and I liked what I saw then: a sweet sissy who wants to be a darling little girl.
Thank you, sweetheart, for sending such nice things to your Auntie.
With warm hugs,
Aunt Frocks xxx

Here is Samantha's story and photos

Letter 3 Marjan from Holland writes for the first time
Hello dear Aunt,
I recently found your website and I wish to say thank you so much for it, I felt inmediately myself kinda at home, I hope I am not ensulting you in anyway because this is my first time that I'm writing about my feelings of wannabe a sissy boy. I only have one dress that I'm wearing at night, and whenever I waking up, it feels so right to find myself wearing only a dress. Im sorry I haven't properly introduced myself yet, Im a 42 year old man, gay. So thank you again for your website which I will visit again.
With kind regards,
mar(jan) from Holland.

I am delighted that you have found our website, Marjan, and you are very welcome to visit it whenever you please. I hope you find lots to enjoy, and I am always here if you want to ask how to get the nicest benefit from Prim's Petticoat Pansies.
Warm feelings,
Aunt Frocks x

Letter 4:  Suggestions for the lovely Prims Petticoat Pansies magazine
Dear Aunt Frocks,
Thank you again for adding my stories to your nephew's magazine, and for requesting ideas and comments. I would like to offer some suggestions for consideration.
Prim's artwork is always highly entertaining, and his little stories that accompany them are excellent. I also enjoy his longer stories, spread over several episodes, especially the ones featuring naughty boys being forcibly dressed in feminine clothes, and then learning to enjoy the experience.
Stories of female domination and control also raise a positive response (!)
Your sections on sampling a selection of sissy dresses and lingerie from your boudoir are most enjoyable. Especially when you describe how you would love to dress your favourite little sissies in such delicate finery, and to "help" them enjoy the sensations created by the soft and silky confections. Every sissy wants to be cuddled and fondled intimately by his favourite Aunty!
The readers' letters section seems to be well supported, which is a good sign, and letters from other sissies also make great reading.
Your idea about creating a Sissy Gallery is great, although some sissies might be a little too shy to share their images. Also, you might have to set some guidelines about what is acceptable, just in case some sissies get a little carried away and send in pictures that might be deemed rather too explicit. I'm not sure we want an online competition between sissies comparing their naughty bits! Sweet, gentle, softly erotic images would be very acceptable though. Especially those featuring pretty dresses, or long stocking clad limbs. (Such as Prim illustrates in his stories.)
I hope some of your other regular contributors continue to send in stories and artwork, I really enjoy the work of Satyn, Silk Sissigan, and Penelope Pencil Penis. They have such vivid imaginations.
I know Prim writes about naughty babies from time to time, and that there are some sissies who enjoy this aspect of their lives. For me, it is not so exciting, as my own personal experiences of discovering the joys of stockings , panties and slips started at an age closer to puberty, and this is what I relate to most of all.
I hope my suggestions are helpful, and I shall look forward to future editions of Prim's magazine. It really is a wonderful escape into a fantasy world, away from the pressures of modern life. Long may you both enjoy much success.
Hugs and cuddles,
Priscilla Pettipanties. x

Priscilla darling sweetie,
How nice it always is to receive a letter from you. You are so supportive, and Prim says he would love to draw pictures and tell stories just for you, because you make him feel so good. Some of your suggestions are definite possibles, and since there are going to be changes in the not too distant future in the layout of Prims Petticoat Pansies, they may well appear sooner rather than later. But all these things take time, my dear, and Prim and I can only perform small miracles, not big ones.
Our guest artists will be delighted to read your words of praise. I second them. they have such wonderful imaginations that help all our little girls feel so feminine in their panties and dresses.
I hope you are enjoying the current issue. I just hope you find enough sissy girl legs in shiny stockings to help you feel nice and sissy.
With my love, Priscilla dear,
Aunt Frocks xxx

Here is the next part of Priscilla's story about Bobby and Timmy and their delicious holiday, continued from PPP#20. Bobby's Holiday at His Aunt's House

And finally, here is part 3 of Paul's New Panties (continued from PPP#20) from Anon

I hope you enjoyed reading the ideas and questions of some of our readers, and my answers, which I hope encouraged them and made them feel good. I look forward to seeing you again very soon in another issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies.
Aunt Frocks xxx