The Art of Vancy
with storyette by Prim    

Raymond Models the Satin Latex Range

 Selwyn Angela Slideswell stood in the middle of Sweetboy Satins and addressed the gentlemen who had been invited to see some new season's fashions. "I know you will be gentle with Raymond," she said, turning a knowing, scarlet smile this way and that and placing one hand on the hip of her glistening black gown. "It is his first day of modelling and I know he is a delicate boy, not yet twenty, unaccustomed to being handled. But there's the problem we face, isn't it. The new styles in satin latex are soft and smooth to the touch, so tactile, so inviting. We'll have to see how it goes."
Several visitors, all of them intent on buying from today's fashions, took a deep breath and arranged their jackets strategically across their laps to cover unwanted signs. Madame Slideswell retired from view, and after a nervous pause, Raymond appeared in a pair of pale magenta pants, his feet and ankles flaring in three tiers of ruffles. The satin latex material rustled and crinkled with each step he took across the room, each leg sizzling across the other, until he returned to the middle, stood with a nervous flare of fingers at one brow, then spread his arms sweetly to twirl for the viewers. It wasn't lost on them that his nipples were erected through being viewed, nor did anyone fail to focus on the modest length of his erected penis behind the satin latex.
His next display was the reverse. He reappeared in a little titty-blouse in soft coral pink, which left him quite naked from his ribs down. There were visible gasps from the gentlemen, who were delighted at the soft curves of his legs, the undulating mince of his hips and buttocks, especially when he rotated three or four times, and the adorable sweetness of his little erection. One or two of them also noticed his blouse, and the nipple tugs in the satin latex.
Finally he all but disappeared in a full, latex body suit, which crinkled and hissed with a sweet scent of rubber mingled with satin, so that the viewers' breathing became quite difficult as Raymond posed, arranged his hands this way, then that, turned, minced and smiled as he signed off. The polite applause was heartfelt as Madame returned leading her model by the hand, and sales and orders flowed thick and fast for the next hour, as well as arrangements for Raymond to do private showings at this, that and the other mansion in the country. He was going to be a popular and rather busy satin latex model.