At The Satin-Panty Sissy School
a story by Prim in four parts

Chapter 1: New Boy Virgin Silkwell

"The Satin-Panty Sissy School. Director: Miss Irene Grace, SRN, RNA". The notice beside the door went on to read: "Assisting staff: Nurse Harmony, SRN and Nurse Gillian EN First Class." It told Virgin Silkwell that his new school was run by nurses: State Registered Nurse came after Muriel Jefferson who used to be his Governess. She had ways of finding out what made him feel weak and sissy, like standing him naked in front of his mother's open closet and sliding out one of her dresses after another to hold them against his chest as if seeing how he would look in them. It was her who made him the dress-loving hopeless transvestite he had become, and she was a State Registered Nurse.

His mother looked at the sign too. "Good," she said, more to herself than to her son. "It's always better to have qualified nursing women in charge of a boy's sexual education." When the door opened, any thought that the Headmistress might not be a nurse was dispelled: she wore a traditional nursing cap as deep and with points as wide as Virgin had ever seen in the movies, in fiercely starched white linen with a glazed finish, so that her short, dark permed hair and rounded features appeared to be a doll's head for displaying nursing caps. Apart from her cap, though, she wore no other signs of being a nurse, save perhaps the dark stockings that showed at her ankles beneath a long, narrow, pleated brown skirt. Irene Grace held the door wide and lifted back the long cuff of her gold satin blouse to consult the small gold watch on the inside of her wrist.

"Ah, I'm sorry we missed the time," said Celia. "My son was refusing to come out with me wearing one of my dresses. I convinced him in the end."

Her son hung his head beside her, his fine mousey hair falling forward to almost cover his large blue eyes. Even at this distance he felt the sweet cloy of her perfume at the back of his nose. His mother had him dressed in a cocktail dress in lilac taffeta scattered with clusters of pink roses, sleeveless and full skirted in a 1950s style and worn with the matching bolero coatee. The school director saw at a glance how delicate the boy was in his arms and neck: even the relaxed softness of his wrists and fingers cried "sissy" and "I can become a girl".

"So his resistance made you late?" said Miss Grace. Her voice was strong but rounded with a feminine smoothness. It went with her full features, especially her bee-stung lips. Her brown eyes summed the boy up astutely and she held out a hand. "Come with me, Virgin. I am not unfair, but strict." She spoke over her shoulder to the boy's mother as she led the way across the entrance hall. "I will punish a boy's failure to surrender to his weaknesses, and of course anything which shows reluctance to meet with the aims of our school."

They entered an office with a desk and swivel chair, two or three other chairs facing it, various cupboards and shelves around the walls and an impression of things being well ordered and neat. The window's vertical blinds were drawn so everything was in artificial light. Miss Grace walked straight to one of the chairs and sat down, her grip like iron on the boy's hand, and drew him so that his dress pressed against her own knees, then with a deft pull and twist, she had the boy almost plunging over her lap so that his hands went out to save himself diving head first onto the floor. He let out a cry. What was going to become of him? Then his mother's dress and petticoats whisked off his legs and over his back, burying his head beneath a cloud of taffeta and nylon and trapping his arms in a cocoon of female 50s fashion.

Smack - spank - whack - slap! The boy's bottom was spanked through the rayon of his mother's panties. Owww! Ouch! It hurt, but not so much that he couldn't feel relieved that the Headmistress had not bared his ass within seconds of having set eyes on him. As quickly as he had been upturned, he found himself back on his feet and his dress falling into place, helped by his mother, who sat up straight and wide eyed at how quickly her son had been absorbed into the rigours of his sissy school. Miss Grace walked round to her own chair and sat, motioning the guests to do the same. A quick wriggle of her shoulders and her apparel seemed to be as immaculate as before.

"So Virgin will spend an hour with us this afternoon to get a taste of his new school," she said. "Basically, Missus Devine, we at Satin Panty work as much change as needed to bring boys to an acceptable level of sissy sexlessness. Sissies must learn to be sissies: failure will not be tolerated."

Virgin's heart sank almost to the narrow belt of his mother's dress. He liked wearing his mother's clothes, but being a sissy? That would rob him of his male strength and pride, and what would the guys think of him if he became kind of - soft? His worries were interrupted by Miss Grace motioning him to "Come here" with both hands and he found himself walking round her desk with the hair bristling on the back of his neck. As soon as he reached her, her hands were unbuckling his belt and undoing the buttons down the bodice of his dress.

"I can see you are a delicate boy," she said, already pulling the dress off his shoulders and arms and working it down the wide petticoats at his hips . "Pretty. When I am showing you how to be effeminate I want you to obey my instructions. You must become more girlish, otherwise you will be punished."

"Oh Virgin is a real sissy," he heard from his mother across the desk. "He wants to wear his sister Sian's clothes, he has 'borrowed' my clothes countless times, and from Miss Tattenhall's washing line next door. Her knickers and slips."

Virgin cringed at his mother's revelations, which only slightly distracted him from how the Headmistress had him stepping out of his petticoats so that he stood before her in just his mother's full cut panties and long-line brassiere. "What physical feminization training has he had?" she asked.

"Er, physical training?"

"Posture, high heel practice, applying make-up correctly?" Now that she had disposed of his clothing, her fingers were fondling whole areas of his flesh, bringing wriggles from her new pupil as she clutched, pinched, squeezed and fiddled with his arms, legs, waist and buttocks.

"Not much," said Celia. "I've shown him how to do up the hooks of a corselet. We borrowed Grandma Esme's corselet didn't we, darling? Unfortunately it led pretty quickly to an emission."

"So he has had little or no training on being feminine? That is why you are enrolling him here at Satin-Panty." Virgin cried out in a little whimper, not at what she said but because she had drawn his panties inside out to hang from their leg elastics so that her fingers could pay soft, exploring attentions to his genitals. Oh no. No! His dickie stiffened in front of her, especially since she was drawing her fingertips upwards along its short stem and knobby, time and time again.

"I'm hoping you will seize Virgin with a firm hand, Miss Grace," said Celia, "and place him in the front row of your learning establishment. In that way you will - help him to become as sexless as I would like all the sooner. I want to dress him as my little girl in future."

Virgin felt faint and wobbled on his legs as if to collapse. This was the first he knew of his mother's plans for him. He vaguely heard Miss Grace's voice in reply as she held him steady with a hand on either side of his waist.

"We aren't a large school, Missus Silkwell, but yes, your son will be at the front of our exercises and training. He has a lot to learn, starting right now as I take him into the school-room. You can collect him in an hour's time at four, please."

The sight of his mother's back heading for the door brought Virgin round pretty sharply. "D-Don't go, Mummy. Don't leave me here. I don't know what Miss Grace is going to do to me!"

His mother stopped at the door, ready to listen to her son, prompting a firm voice from behind. "Collect him at four."


"Nurse Harmony, our new boy has arrived and will learn a little bit about Satin Panty from now until home time."

Virgin's lips quivered with confusion and dismay as the nurse came towards him, and no wonder since his mother's dress and petticoats, as well as her panties, were left behind in the office so that he had to hold his free hand over his erected cock. She was in her late twenties, he guessed, with a short, mousey bob framing a round face that was clearly prepared to smile at him. Like the Headmistress, the only parts of a nursing uniform she wore were her cap, smaller and more box-shaped than Miss Grace's, and dark stockings. She wore a blouse in peach satin, with very full sleeves and ruffles on her breast, with a long, pleated, narrow skirt in a soft cream material. "So this is Virgin?" she said, more as a statement than a question. Her lips became more firm as she came up to him and got hold of the hand at his cock. "Move your hand," she said, her voice not suggesting any alternative to doing as she said, and she lifted it out of the way. "Ah yes, that's very nice. It will become very sweet very quickly."

"Are the sissies 'under'?" asked the Headmistress.

"Yes ma'am, they're in dress enclosure with syrup inserts." They moved him towards a chair which stood in the middle of the room in a space which looked like it must be an activity circle. As they reached it, a flurry of sizzles filled the room, accompanied by a long muffled hum. It struck Virgin as the sound of someone in pain, but there was no-one else there, he puzzled as the sounds continued. It must have been coming over speakers, but still it continued, the sizzling rhythmic and furious and the cries all the more desperate. Then just as suddenly it stopped and the room returned to silence.

"I want Virgin to have inserts too. When the sissies come out I'll introduce him and you can fill his holes. In the meantime he will need to be satin pantied."

The nurse turned away, to get a pair of panties for the new boy thought Virgin, and he found himself planted on his bare bottom on the cold, rubberised cover of a pink chair. Not a simple chair by any means: it resembled a baby's high chair but with upholstered seat, arms and back, as well as other upholstered parts folded away underneath. "This is your place at the Satin Panty Sissy School, Master Virgin," said Miss Grace as she pulled an extending leather strap three inches wide from the chair back, passed it round his waist and clicked it into a catch on the other side. Was he locked in? "Take a look round our school room - it's a sissy studio where you will suffer a lot of pleasures, and where you will change from what you are now into what you will become."

To Virgin, everything looked pink: the drapes which seemed to cover the walls, the pink plastic ceiling, inlaid with large circular mirrors facing down at him, and curtains in what appeared to be pink plastic with girly patterns and pictures all over them. There was a huge school desk, very traditional, also in pink. That must be for Miss Grace, and there were mirrors on the walls too, all surrounded with shiny pink plastic. There didn't seem to be any doors, in fact he looked round in a panic for the door through which they had just come in, and he couldn't see where it could have been. All of a sudden the speaker sounds returned, hissing and swishing, moaning and groaning as if to call for help. He tried to disconnect the belt across his waist but couldn't, then he realised there was another nurse in the room, coming from one of the plastic curtains and heading towards him. She was very tall and slim, all the taller for wearing such a narrow skirt in shiny silver grey material, in knife pleats as in the skirts of Miss Grace and Nurse Harmony. She wore a starched cap too, and her blouse was white and looked very soft, with a bunchy jabot of frills like Nurse Harmony's. The two nurses reached him at the same time, as well as Miss Grace who returned from her desk.

"Well, well, well," said the new nurse. "I can see a little wick that will be quite ready for dressing at Satin Panty." There was a grin beneath her straight exterior. "Come on, you have a pair of satin panties to put on."

Virgin found himself trembling, surrounded by three brightly coloured silky blouses, three attractive women's faces and feeling helpless to resist anything they might do to him. It was Miss Grace who had a pair of panties in her hands. "Thank you, Nurse Gillian. Kindly dress the boy in his first pair of satin panties," she said, "while Nurse Harmony and I see to it that he loves his satin gusset."

The panties brought a swell of emotion to Virgin as Nurse Gillian held them in front of her blouse by the waist, so that their full shape shone in the light in a purplish pink satin. It was a French knickers style, full cut but with added width to the legs, emphasized by the two inches of white satin in a frill all round each leg opening. Pretty embroidery in a darker pink spread up the edge of the kite shaped gusset, as if to frame the gusset and add to its importance. The panty became more and more attractive to the boy as it stayed out of reach, waiting, not yet his to wear, so that he started to whimper with anticipation. Oh, it was all so worrying to him.

Meantime, Miss Grace slipped the straps of his brassiere from his shoulders and drew his bra cups down, baring his nipples. He watched, alarmed, as she prepared a little white circular pad and placed it over his nipple with the cold kiss of jelly lubrication. "These nipples, Virgin, are to become as female as girls' tits, so they must be prepared and given daily treatment. You will be very grateful to me one day for enhancing your tits and impregnating them with hormones."

"No, no female hormones, ma'am," he blurted, but his hands were arrested by Nurse Harmony before he could intervene. A second disc padded his other tit and he knew at once that his nipples were going to change. Perhaps it was the coldness of the gel, or maybe it was all in his worried little head, but he imagined a warm glow behind each pad and spreading a little bit wider and deeper into his chest. Or to be more exact, he felt like his nipples were growing forwards, for all the world like girls' tits.

It had an effect on his dickie too, because it felt a surge of excitement; not just because of the ladies all round him, but because he knew they were looking at his tits as Miss Grace covered them again in his mother's bra and secured them with his shoulder straps set back in place. He looked down at his mother's bra cups and he just knew that he was starting to fill them with his own - feminine - tits!

"Slip forward, my boy," said Nurse Harmony, her jaw set firmly as she pulled him off his chair and onto his feet.

"Virgin's private places need to be satin pantied," declared Nurse Gillian, and she crouched low and presented her precious pair of panties to his feet. It was only then that he realised he was wearing Mummy's stockings but not her shoes. When did they disappear? His mind wasn't on his shoes for long as the caress of panty satin smothered his feet, then his ankles and calves, his knees, and with a delicious coolness of sliding satin, the lingerie approached his most personal places, spreading to their fullest shape, sliding more tightly over his curves and settling into position at his waist - his dickie reaching forward to push into the doubled gusset with eager emotion.

"There. Virgin is pantied in satin," said Miss Grace, and her hands slipped under his arms from behind and drew him backwards so that his pantied ass slid onto the seat of his chair again. He found his arms held too, by a nurse on each side. In a quick pull and fasten, they secured each of his wrists onto the pink rubber of his chair arms in straps of soft leather similar to the one that the Headmistress fastened again round his middle, an inch above the waist elastic of his new panties.

Confusion grew in the boy's mind and heart. Was it because he found himself fastened helplessly, or was it the prettiness of the lingerie itself, but he knew he felt a glow of sweetness in the area of flesh covered by his satin panty. His disorientation switched to alarm as he felt himself being tipped backwards. His chair - it was adjusting, slowly and silently, so that he reclined into a lying position from the waist up, with his knees and legs still in an upright position.

"Satin panties are what makes Virgin very feminine," said Nurse Gillian, standing at his knees. He could see her by looking down his nose, and she was looking at him while her hands were preoccupied with his panties. A ripple of pleasure ran through his groin, marking the line she traced across his panty with her fingertips. Then another, closing his eyes with the blissfulness of the feeling. Then both her hands together as she seemed to cup his groin all round the roots of his dickie and purse, making him her prisoner of pleasure as she held him in her hands.

"And satin panties are what brings him all his pleasure," added nurse Harmony close to his cheek. Her hands caressed him too, for she had both of them round his neck, inching them softly up his jaw, with fingertips cupping the roots of his ears. Her face appeared above him: so pretty and warm and feminine - so attractive to him. Her eyes gazed into his, making him certain that she felt loving feelings towards him. Then her eyes dropped to his lips, she breathed on his mouth, and her lips met his.

Nurse Gillian's fingers rippled, gathering his little bits in smooth satin in both of her hands, pressing lightly and massaging in a slow spread and pull, spread and pull, as Nurse Harmony spread her lips warmly over Virgin's. He had never been kissed on the lips before - and it was lovely. Her hands held his face steady, not that he had any thought of moving away. Her kiss opened, softly and wetly, spreading over his mouth, drawing his lips between hers as she sucked hers together then opened them again. Kissing, sliding, sucking, breathing: Nurse Harmony smothered his face in hers, swelling the pleasure he felt in his lovely, lovely satin panty.

Then all of a sudden it stopped. Her face moved back so that just her fingers gave soft wipes of his lips to dry them, and his panty was released as Nurse Gillian stood at his knees and stroked his stockings from the welts downwards. "So you see, my boy," said Nurse Harmony, her nose lifted and her eyebrows too, "good sissy boys feel very nice when they are given 'satin panty pleasure time'."

"And you must have satin panty pleasure twice a day," added Miss Grace, pressing something so that his chair rose from behind his back and brought him up to a sitting position between the blouses of his nurses again. "Now, nurses, draw back the curtains and this boy can become part of the girls' class with the other two. I want him inserted as soon as possible to give him a taste for his conditioning before it's time for him to go home again."

Moments later the nurses drew two separate plastic curtains aside, to reveal two chairs occupied by two sissies, amid slurries of slippery plastic and moans of agony. At least that was what the new boy saw in his head. He couldn't actually see anything of the boys, if they were boys. Maybe they were two girls? One thing was certain, they were both slithering and sliding their legs for all they were worth in long oblong leggings of slippery pink plastic printed all over with pictures of happy little girls' faces. His satin panty pleasure was still with him, ecstatic in his dickie, but since it began he had quite overlooked the sounds of sizzling and moaning that he had heard earlier. Now he heard them again, and saw them: lots of rustling, and deep, rhythmic humming and moaning. Whether they were boys or girls, the two occupants of the chairs were fully covered up and out of sight, because their upper bodies were contained in something pink, he couldn't make out what it was, and over that spread a girl's dress. Not big enough dresses for them to wear: little dresses for little girls, and they were fastened over the sissies' heads so that the skirt of the dress spread down their chest almost to where their leggings were fastened at their waists.

As he watched, the sissy on the left grew more agitated, his legs kicking vigorously so that his leggings bicycled in turn on the rubber platform that held his legs forward in a half reclining position. He stopped momentarily, moaning into the pretty green chiffon dress over his head, his face behind beautifully smocked patterns on the bodice with little ducks embroidered into it, a little Peter Pan collar on top of his head, and a sweet puffed dress sleeve on either side where his ears would be. Then his chair moved beneath him, lifting his abdomen from beneath so that the top of his dress dropped out of Virgin's sight. His legs almost hung from on high, then slowly separated, wider apart, as the sissy hummed with long, high moans suggesting it must definitely be a girl inside that dress. Then her leggings pushed at their highest point, pushing and thrusting upwards, her legs sizzling in flurries of pink plastic, until his ears picked up the liquid sounds of squidging and spluttering from the top of those pink printed leggings. His mouth hung open in awe until he was aware that Miss Grace was holding his cheeks from behind to keep him watching. Her voice was soft at his ear.

"The sissies are being fetishized with attraction to little girl dresses," she said. "They must have little dress treatment every day - their desire for being dressed as little girls will grow and grow."

Virgin's heart was hammering. So they were boys, and that one must be reaching an orgasm - still squirting, still filling him with moans of sissy pleasure. He swallowed hard. "Surely you won't do such treatment on me?"

"Yes of course. That's why your mother has enrolled you at Satin Panty."

Virgin's pulse raced even faster. "Well I'm not having that. You can forget it." He shocked himself. He never spoke to anyone like that, let alone Headmistress Miss Grace, but he was not going to be treated like that for anything; not even to please Mummy.

Miss Grace released his cheeks. "I see. Nurse, get me my rubber apron and the leather paddle." She released the clip on Virgin's waist strap and Nurse Harmony undid his wrists, and between them they got the alarmed boy to his feet.

"Wh-What are you going to do to me?" he panicked as he was marched between them to a nearby chair. Miss Grace took her place and Nurse Gillian helped her on with her bibbed apron in white rubber.

"You will be punished for resisting your sissy training," said Miss Grace and she placed the paddle of black leather across the widest expanse of his satin panties. "Kindly release the other two, nurses. I want to introduce Virgin to them after I have finished."

Everything blurred into the background for him from the moment that black leather paddle smacked its painful bite into his soft buttocks, especially since each stroke picked a different patch of his panties while to his fevered mind they seemed to whack added pain into exactly the same spot each time. In the space of one minute his ass was hotly tenderized inside his precious satin panty and he found himself hauled to his feet by Nurse Gillian. His buttocks ached with heat, and yet his new surroundings soon took up his whole concentration.

"This is Virgin," he heard from Miss Grace: "Virgin Silkwell, who is going to be a girl for his mother. This, my boy, is Nancy, and this is Sally-Ann."

"Nancy used to be called Neville Paisley," added Nurse Harmony, who was divesting her sissy of the pink plastic that had covered him previously. The boy was in his late teens like Virgin himself, but with dark hair falling over one eye. He looked at Virgin intensely as his final clothes fell away from him and he was left in stockings and a pair of white panties which clung to his erection in clammy satin, absolutely soaked through with his own cum. He tottered on the tips of his toes, as if he knew he was about to ejaculate again unless he could hold it in.

Beside him was his partner, also now stripped and in a pair of drenched panties in dark pink satin, plastered to his groin and dripping with cum down his stockings at the insides of both his thighs. Nurse Gillian held him by one hand and used a finger and thumb of her other hand to lift the waistband of his panties and let go to let it snap back onto his waist. "Sally-Ann used to be Sloane Harper," she said. "He needs delicate lingerie next to his petal soft skin." His fair hair was parted along the top of his head into a pageboy bob with a fringe across his forehead barely revealing his eyebrows and he was biting the nail of one thumb between his teeth.

He released his nail for a second. "You're lovely," he said to Virgin, and his knees squeezed together in a deep squirm.

"You're a sugar," said Nancy, seeming to squirm with a fit of effeminacy from his waist to his shoulders. "Can I feel your clitoris?" His own clitoris looked to be on the point of another accident, pointed sharply in drenched white satin.

"Not right now, no," said Miss Grace who passed a pair of strappy red high heels to Nurse Harmony. "It's time for walking. The new boy can walk with you this afternoon before you all go home.

The Headmistress took Virgin by the hand and led him to her desk where she sat high up and pulled out a platform from the side of it. "Hold on here," she said indicating the side of her seat, "and put your foot on the shelf for me." She had a pair of gleaming high heeled shoes in white patent, each with a single ankle strap attached to the back. His mouth dropped at the height of the heels, which must have been six inches at least. She fed it onto his stocking, wrapped his ankle in the strap and fastened the buckle. "Now, stand on that - and put up your other foot."

Virgin stood as if on the bannister at the top of the Empire State Building. If he moved he would fall to his death. Somehow he got his second foot onto the platform, since he was a lot higher up now, and a moment later he was standing on his high heels, petrified. "Now, walk!" said Miss Grace. "Step on the balls of your feet, you have no heels - no heels!" she emphasized.

He moved off, as if pushing away bravely from the barrier at the edge of the ice rink and took one or two steps. "Walk!" he heard, and put more energy into his steps. Then he realised the two sissies were walking ahead of him, up and down the floor between mirrors at opposite ends of the studio, click-clack, click-clacking to and fro. He joined them in a slower version, his panties growing into a point as he watched the glistening point of their wet panties shifting from left to right with each step they took. Nancy looked nice, walking with straight arms and his hands turned outwards from his thighs, and Sally-Ann looked so like a girl in her body, with wet panties and a tiny uptight clitoris. He was beginning to love walking with them, almost hoping he could look girly himself, when Miss Grace intervened.

"There isn't going to be time for full insertions for him," she said to Nurse Harmony. "I'll fit him with an anal mini- plug for overnight. Bring him to my office.

Virgin did his best to walk along a new floor, on the balls of his feet, with Nurse Harmony forcing the pace by pulling him at more than a careful step-step. It was chilly in the entrance hall and again in the Headmistress's office as he stood in his mother's bra and stockings, with satin panties caressing his pointed bits. Miss Grace still wore her apron over her blouse and skirt and took her place at her desk with her chair drawn back to make room as she swivelled to the side. Beside her Nurse Harmony held him by one hand and the back of his neck and doubled him over so that he lay face down across her lap, his hands reaching the parquet floor and his face in the brown pleats of her skirt. He sensed that the skirt had lining, or maybe a slip too giving it more body.

"You will be aware of this in your passage," she said to him from above, "until you return to Satin Panty tomorrow morning to have it removed. It will develop sensations you may not be familiar with, but which you will probably like."

"Maybe not at first," said Nurse Harmony. "It might be worrying at first because it's unfamiliar, but you'll get used to it."

A cold feeling invaded his ass-hole and probed up inside. It was the finger of one of them, pushing and working around out of sight. He waited for more, but when it came it was hard and smooth, similar to a finger but not as bad as he was expecting. In fact it didn't go in very far at all. Then it changed. Miss Grace had straps in her hands that she pulled upwards to his waist from the object that she had inserted, and soon Virgin had a belt being fastened round his waist which clipped into a buckle at the middle of his back. She made adjustments and the plug pulled higher inside him, making him feel full and comfortable - and excited. It didn't hum, it didn't vibrate, it just sat there, making him snug and pretty.

When a knock came on the office door a few minutes later, and Nurse Harmony opened it to admit his Mummy, Virgin was sitting on Miss Grace's lap, laid back onto the bib of her apron, with his knees up above his shoulders so that he displayed to his mother the wide-spread petticoats of her dress ready to go home, and the gusset of his padded baby pants in pale blue plastic scattered with little dolls. His mouth lolled open and his eyes seemed to sink into a dreamy blissfulness.

"My goodness," cried Celia, her hand feeling for the seat of the chair behind her, "what is happening to him?"

Miss Grace explained from above his head. "Your son has been inserted with a little preparation for his treatment tomorrow. He is experiencing some of the emotions of sissy-girlhood in his - "

"I'm going to be - be - " and Virgin struggled to get out the words beyond the aching pleasure he felt through his abdomen, " - to be a GIRL Mummy!" he declared, and his hands pulled two fistfuls of his Mummy's dress and petticoats to his cheeks in a flood of confusion. "I can feel it coming, in my tits and - and in my clitoris and pussy. I want to wear dresses, Mummy."

Celia's eyes were like saucers; she was lost for words.

"He will keep his insert in his bottom until tomorrow when I shall remove it," said Miss Grace. It would be better to shower him rather than for him to bathe, but apart from that - "

"Aaaarrrgghhhh! Aaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhh!" cried Virgin in her lap and Nurse Harmony held one of his legs while Miss Grace held onto the other as he attempted to kick and kick and kick in rhythm while his spasms continued for his Mummy. It was clear to her what was happening and she felt embarrassed, as her son pumped for almost a full minute of ecstatic pleasure. He gasped and he sighed for another minute after that as his body and mind calmed down and he returned to the present moment. It was as if the fog dispersed and he only now made out that it was his real Mummy in front of him.

"I want to wear dresses, Mummy. Oh please let me wear dresses, and satin panties, so that I can really become a girl." His mother sat in awe, blinking and gathering her wits. "Why yes dear, of course you shall." Miss Grace was matter of fact.

"He will return for nine o'clock tomorrow morning, for his first full day of sissy training at Satin Panty. He has made a small start, but he must learn how far he still needs to go to become a real sissy girl with a girls' mind and body."


In Chapter 2: Virgin is Plugged With Sissifying Inserts