From Sissy Kisses to Panty Ejaculations   
When sissies kiss they can't help but fall in love with each other's girly clitties.

Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  Today was always going to be a feast of pleasure for me. I love dealing with sissies, and especially on the even dates of the month, because that's when I give the idiot's their Love Class. There is no greater pleasure for me as a sissy school mistress than seeing sissies falling deeply in trans-sissy love because as far as being a man is concerned I know that is the signal they have passed the point of no return.

And today is special, because of my two new sissies: both of them unmarried teens. Mark and Sid - or Mandy and Susan as they are at Intimate Sissies. Their mothers want them to fall in love with a sissy sweetheart, which is the purpose of my school, but they also told me of their sons' reserve and shyness, dreading in case anyone sees how girly they are. Well, we would see.

I brought the two of them, holding them by the hand on either side of me, into the Cuddles-In-Pink Room, where two other sissies were waiting. I sat them down, for the time being letting them avoid touching each other. I had Mandy in a shortie frock of sky blue silk printed with white polka dots. I remember he let out a wail of emasculation as I did his white sash into a bow behind his shoulders, bringing a snort of scorn from me. He was a pure wimp. The other, Susan, I dressed in a very girly dress in strawberry pink, on a bed of divided petticoats to let his hopeless cock find its way into the open in its panties. He was constantly on the edge of tears. "Watch what we are doing in front of you," I ordered. "Especially look at the sissies faces to understand how they are feeling, gottit?"

"Y-Yes, Miss Carnaby." "Y-Yes, ma'am, I'm w-w-watching - sob - sob."

Lucy and Jennifer had kissed sissies before but I established this in the minds of their spectators. "Lucy, have you kissed Jennifer before?"

The boy cast a shy sideways look at his companion. "No, Miss Carnaby. I kissed another sissy - I can't remember his name." I had him in a peach dress in silk chiffon scattered with polka dots and his legs were bare to make him very conscious of his vulnerability. When a sissy has long bare legs but is wearing frilled anklet socks and Mary Jane shoes, he feels very girly indeed.

"Jennifer, what about you?" I asked.

"Yes, Miss Carnaby, I've been kissed by two other sissies."

I cupped his face under his chin and made him look into my eyes, the better to elicit a truthful answer. "Did you like it?"

His eyes drooped with shame. "Y-Yes ma'am."

"Good." I gave him a stern pout which told him he had better enjoy his next sissy kiss, which was about to begin now. "Stand up, the pair of you, and face each other. Now, hold hands - both hands. You are both looking very sweet - like girls. Look at each other's dress to see how pretty it is and how soft and dainty. Now look at your own dress too. Lucy, you are so cute in peach, and Jennifer you are so girly in pink satin. "You must both feel lovely now that Miss Dream and Miss Frilloughby have dressed you in petticoats and panties and done your hair and your make-up."

The two of them pondered how they were looking, and this had an irresistible effect on how they were feeling too. It was pathetic seeing how the quivers of sexlessness quivered through their bodies, bringing little whimpers from their throats as they held hands and faced each other with their sexual weakness exposed. I looked at the two newbies to make sure they were getting all this.


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