Prim's Petticoat Pansies #32,
a special 'SISSY LOLITA' issue,
is now in the Wendyhouse
Tuesday 16 January.

Petticoat discipline on every page.
Fully illustrated by Prim
and a host of sissy artists!

What is an issue of Prim's Petticoat Pansies like?
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Hello, Sweetheart, and welcome.
I am Prim's Aunt, Susan Frocks,
and I'd love to be your Aunt and Mommy.
Feel frilly and girly with me, darling, and
controlled by dominant women
when I take you into
Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse.

Inside the Wendyhouse enjoy
ALL the issues of
Prim's Petticoat Pansies

and all the NEW art and stories
he adds each month.

and his guest artists
is enriched with a story by Prim.
A Prim picture without its story
is like a wedding without the Bride.
All the stories are right here
in the Petticoat Wendyhouse.
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He Needs Changing, Mother

Ellen Shapiro delivers her babyfied husband Jonathan to
her mother, Wanda Breakshaft, before setting off to
meet her new boyfriend. The sissy's mother-in-law subjects him to her scorn and is joined by her friends Eileen and Doris, who are as intent as Wanda on
humiliating her son-in-law while he is fastened into his changing chair.

The full story is in PPP#14 in the Jessica Room
Chapter 8: Michael Gets a Sissy Fright

This is the final chapter of the Prim illustrated story,
Baby In Pantyhose, which runs from PPP#11 to PPP#14.
Michael never thought he would end up being delivered
home to his mother and Auntie like this, after simply
being tempted to feel the girls' pantyhose he saw drying
on the washing rotor in the back yard of Nylon, Lace
and Little Ones, the lingerie and babywear store.

Rosepanty's Homework: Loving His New Dress

Rosepanty runs all the way home from sissy school, bursting to do
his homework assignment. Mercifully his teacher Miss Skirting
had been in touch with his mommy and arranged for the vital dress-
loving frame to be installed in front of his open dress closet. He
soon learns how blissful it is to make love to his dresses.

The full story is in PPP#18 in the Jessica Room
Cock-Pull Sissification

Eileen Smoothing delivers her son-in-law Zachary Pulsover
to his sissification lesson. Mistress Bowes knows exactly
how to bring out his devotion to his Mother-In-Law's
panties, but he has to be fastened securely so that there
is no escaping the deeply feminizing effects of Eileen's
emasculating lingerie .

The full story is in Aunt Frocks' Newsletter No.2 in the Emma Room