Working the Sissies Up   
Our sissies need intensive preparations
when they will star in a TV perverts show.

Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  "What we need most of all, Miss Hateman, is sissies who look like they should have been born girls: pretty face, alabaster skin, soft malleable flesh and a pathetic "Please wank me" look on those big girly eyes."

"You've gottit, Miss Graff. I know exactly which wimps we can feature, and if you want them to ejaculate - ?"

"It's absolutely crucial that they ejaculate," added Vanda March, the second official from Channel 4 TV. "There's nothing women viewers like more than seeing males who 'can't do it for real' actually doing it when they're reduced to a parody of femininity. Plenty of wanking, plenty of sucking, and close-ups of their faces as they peak in their pleasure at the same time as they climax in their panties."

"Of course, this is what the Hateman Foundation is all about," cried Sylvia Hateman lifting her ample bosom with a deep inhalation of pride. "If you can arrange several camera angles I am sure our nurse and our sissies can do the rest."

Just one short minute after the women from Channel 4 had left, Sylvia Hateman stood in the middle of the sissy playroom to announce the news. "We will play hosts to the women of Channel 4, girls. They want to showcase The Hateman Foundation's sissies as examples of males who have been reduced to impotent sexlessness." Her nurses exchanged looks of delight as they listened. "Obviously we'll include Baby Bobby Bunting, Sissy Cheryl and Sissy Frilly-Willy. They owe us one at Channel 4 after we provided them with sissies when they wanted to produce that sexless extravaganza last September, so here we are. They are gifting us this opportunity to put our name on the map with some of the progressive girling techniques we are pioneering here at the Foundation."

The sissies who were lying scattered on the floor in various states of undress were all ears too. All of them were alarmed at the news. Wouldn't this mean that their faces - and possibly even their tummies and their cocks - would be made public knowledge on the media? There were splutters of objection and one or two of them burst into tears but the nurses applied pacifiers on all sides. Sissies in high chairs had their wrist straps applied to keep them in place, while sissies on the cushions were fastened with their legs wide apart to make sure they didn't try to stand up and reach an exit door.


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to make sure they come up squirting.