A Shock for the New Boy at Pantyboy Dreams   
The new arrival at Sissy School learns why he is now called Miss Blousey Cocksuck.
Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  "Hold the sides of your legs in each hand." Sissies need to know who's in charge, especially when they're new to Pantyboy Dreams. This one had been committed by his Mother-In-Law, with explicit instructions that he was to be ordered about so that he learnt how inferior he was to all women. The best plan for that is to make him do something he hates. He was going to suck a lot of cock for me during the morning, and he would have his hands fastened inside his panties.

"Stand up straight - and keep still." He wanted to shuffle from one foot to the other, but I wasn't having it. "And stop this babyish gasping and whimpering. Your Mother-In-Law is having you turned into a girl and that's all there is to it." The panties slid up his thighs and over his hands, and once they were in place at his waist I secured his hands in the pop-fastening cuffs. His cock saw stiffening nicely from being pantied and defenceless. "Now come with me: you're joining Class Pansy this morning until I can see that you do as you are told."

I had him in a short, flaring blouse in lemon silk with a cute bow of white satin hanging onto his ass. I could tell he hated it because he hung his head as if I had already emasculated him. I led him into the sissy-play-room and called all five of them to attention.

"This is Miss Blousey Cocksuck," I announced when they were all in a line holding hands. "He's here because he's going to lose his masculinity, whether he likes it or not - because that's what his Mother-In-Law and his wife want. They want him to become ultra-feminine - a real girly-girl, and especially they want him to learn to suck cocks."

The pansies started quailing and bleating with desire and sliding their knees together. The idiots couldn't wait to have their cocks played with, but they weren't allowed to let go hands until I said they could, so their stiffening penises stayed well and truly hidden underneath their dresses.


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