The Crushmen Sisters    
When Suzanna hands her husband over for un-sexing,
Edith and Cynthia Crushmen make a juicy job of his sissification.

Art by Prissy --- Story by Prim

  Susanna Jones wore her 'This is the way it will happen' look on her face as she sat in the office of the Crushmen Sisters and faced Edith Crushmen across her imposing oak desk. Her husband sat beside her, in a lower chair decorated with pink and white chiffon as if it was borrowed from a wedding reception. He dared a glimpse at Susanna: her head erect, her blond hair brushing the shoulders of her white jacket, her lipstick set in a satisfied grin of scarlet gloss. When she looked like this it was almost always when she was overriding her meek and obedient husband, as it was today. He loved her for it - but at the same time he would have to put up with her decision.

"You want him feminized, Missus Jones," declared the senior Sister. "You wouldn't have brought him to us otherwise. May I ask you why?"

Susanna lifted an eyebrow and turned her look on Alan beside her. "Hmmph," she snorted. "Look at him. Does he look male to you? Would you be proud to have people see him as your husband? Would he suit male clothes, a wimp like him?"

Alan Jones drooped under her glare, crushed by her estimation of him, and the tears pricked at his eyes ready to run down his cheeks into the lacy circular frill of white silk organza that surrounded his hair, his cheeks and his chin. How cruel it was of Susanna to borrow her mother's blouse to put him in for his first visit to the Crushmen Sisters. He was allowed to wear a cardigan over it, in pale blue angora, but it was this neck frill that the woman on the other side of the table would see, marking him down as a spineless, milksop sissy under the thumb of his wife.

"He can't pass as a male any longer. I've had enough of all this pretending. He has to be transformed - with no room for doubt or second thoughts."

It was Edith Crushmen's turn to lift her nose in the air and look down on the object of her visitor's scorn. Her dark crimson lips curled into a sneer of contempt which added to the impression of superior maturity created in Alan's thumping heart by her drawn back hair and thin-rimmed spectacles. He felt her eyes covering him with the close scrutiny of a woman who despises men in general but him in particular. She shook her head slowly as if agreeing that for such a creep there was no arguing about his watery sex. "Yes," she said with a tut. "He is sexless. It remains for us to agree the level of his feminization."

"VERY feminine," snapped Susanna. "Com-PLETE-ly feminine, Miss Edith. As un-sexed as you can make him, please. Damn the cost, just do it!"

Her words brought a chuckle from the sex-practitioner. For Alan Jones it was the blow of a sledge-hammer. A wail started then died in his throat as he all but fainted. What was going to become of him? How could his beloved Susanna do this?

"Excellent, ma'am. I admire your decision. Your husband will be conditioned to accept feminine dressing, and the level of dressing we impose will depend on how much he needs for converting his psyche. I suspect we'll make him a pantie-waist by the time today's finished."

Susanna perked up. "Really? I'd like to see that. I thought we were talking weeks of training."

"You're forgetting my sister and I know what we're doing, Missus Jones." Edith Crushmen stood up as she spoke and walked round the desk, closing on the quivering husband. "Get up," came the order and Alan stumbled to his feet to avoid what he thought was going to be a heavy clout round the head. He started with fright as her latex gloves lifted the hem of his cardigan and found the fastening of his Mother-In-Law's pink satin trousers. "Our methods will impress upon his feeble mind how what we say we mean, and that what we do to him will be permanent. He's got a quick learning curve ahead of him."


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