Girls In Dresses
by Prim

  "Thank you, Ladies. Thank you for your appreciation. Aren't our three sissies lovely? And as you can see, they are feeling very sweet in their panties." Madame Ruche paused, a wide grin on her crimson lips, as the women of East Wallingham Female Society stopped applauding the arrival on the platform of the sissies, so that they could watch the helpless squirms of the exhibits now that they found themselves in front of thirty well dressed women.

It was so rewarding to see ex-males forced to stand on show, helplessly submitting to females. One of them pressed his bare knees together, tugged on the hem of his lovely floral dress and lowered his chin into the cleft between his well-formed breasts. Another pulled his girlish shoulder purse up to his lips, as much to cover his confusion as out of a wish to kiss his pet. The third wrung his hands together in front of his petticoat frills where his feminine feelings must have been at their most intense. Madame Ruche waited while the Society members drank their fill of pleasure at seeing how desexed they were, then she began the proceedings.

"Now, Jacques, you look lovely for us today, with your legs so beautifully adorned in white leather boots. Tell the Ladies how your feminine boots are making your legs feel inside them."

The sissy's heart pattered beneath the silk bodice of his dress, so that the frills round his shoulders fluttered as he spoke. "Oh, Madame - m-my legs are so firmly booted in, feeling so helpless and - so feminine in their s-s-satin lining." He sank his nose into his lamb again in a kiss of shyness.

"I'm sure they are helpless, darling. Jacques has just returned," explained Madame to the hall, "from a month-long residency for Lolitas, where the girls showed him how they like fluffy-skirted dresses filled out with petticoats." There was applause as the pathetic husband found his emotions focusing as they usually did on the skirt of his dress, in white satin overlaid with pink silk organza. His fingers lifted the outside edges with precious delicacy, and he widened out his skirt for the Ladies to see how feminine it was. The effect was too much for the sissy at Jacques' elbow.

"Oh it's so pretty!" he cried, slipping his own fingers under the white silk cups of his tits, "but my boobs are so girlish in the bosom of my dress." His fingertips slid and pressed and pinched his tits, so that his knees pressed together and his wide skirted dress swayed in a rhythm of passion. Madame Ruche gave him a glare.

"Yes they are dear, but we are talking to Jacques, who is feeling divine in his full skirted dress. Your turn will come. Now Jacques, hold your dress skirts and your petticoat lace for us - out to the sides, pet - now curtsey." The women "Aaahhh-ed" as he stayed low, his hair bowed low with deep respect, and his dress spread to its fullest width.

"You may stand, Sweetheart. Now lift the front edges of your dress - and petticoats - and show us your lovely panties."

The boy was reluctant, but did as he was told. "Well, Ladies, aren't they girlish?" glowed the Maitresse-de Ceremonies as the pink satin and net confection was revealed. "A little higher for us to see the full length of that lovely satin point in your panties, darling."

Jacques' chin sank in his blushes as he showed the Ladies how excited he was. "Good boy, darling. You are beautifully desexed in your panties, and your clitoris is giving pleasure to us all, it is so helpless. You are really girlish today: pretty hair, divine make-up and a soft complexion. Thank you, Ladies, for your pleasure over our little girl Jacques."

The women applauded for a full minute as Madame Ruche approached the sissies and stood behind Jacques to fluff the frilled edges of his collar around his shoulders as he blushed and squirmed in front of so many exquisitely made-up faces and beautiful hair-dos. As she resumed her place at the stand and the applause became giggling conversation, the Maitresse was interrupted by sissy Irwin.

"My skirt is so short," he bleated. "I feel my legs are pretty, pretty, pretty!"

Madame Ruche smiled. "Yes they are dear, very pretty. Your turn will come soon - but now it's Tamsin's turn." She spoke to the dark skinned sissy in the middle of the three. "Tamsin, honey, we can all see that you have been feminized. Ladies, Tamsin was feminized at the Angel Mary Gynaecological Institute. He has a female body, except for genital semi-retention. This makes Tamsin a girl, even in his boy's testes and penis, doesn't it darling?"

Tamsin cupped his mouth in a spread of ten fingers.

"Are your genitals feeling feminine for us right now, sweetheart?" The sissy's breasts battled between shyness and a bursting desire for femininity.

"Oh yes," he cried, "they feel so girlish underneath my gauze and satin dress. I'm wearing girls' panties, lent to me by Samantha from next door - she's 18 and she does things in her panties, then brings them round to my wife, and they dress me in them. It makes me feel so feminine."

A ripple of laughter round the hall gave way to expectant listening.

"That's nice, Tamsin, darling. Do your wife and Samantha play with your dickie bits inside Samantha's panties?"

The husband's shoulders sank as he explained, apparently unaware that he was fondling his tits. "Not any more. They used to, but now my gender bits are so feminine, I feel the effects of the panties immediately, and my bits simply flood with femininity."

His words brought an outburst from Irwin beside him, who couldn't contain a flood of girlishness, hiding his face in his hands as he held the sides of his thighs and squirmed. Jacques felt overcome too, bending into a crouch of sensuous pleasure: "Your dress is so pretty, Tamsin," he blurted. "I love your breast bows under your boobs."

Tamsin flushed with pleasure and his fingers played with the big pink and white roses round the skirt of his dress, saliva dribbling from his lip. "I want you to play with my breast bows, Jacques - and Irwin. Please fondle them for me."

Women gasped with pleasure on all sides. The sissies looked to Madame Ruche, and since her brows lifted in tacit permission, they both turned to the sexy sissified husband with the fully formed tits. Their mouths hung open as they fingered the blue satin bows on the undersides of his tits, drawing gurgles of pleasure from Tamsin's throat. The Maitresse stepped close and inched each sissy to the side, so that everyone could watch the full-breasted sissy rise in pleasure, his lashes fluttering, his fingers digging into the skirts of his dress to find the pleasure in his panties. The sissy was unable to control the whimpers in his throat as his pleasure grew and grew, and many women shared his moments of rising bliss, until Tamsin called out with surrender, and all round the hall, women's scents began to fill the air.

Madame Ruche separated the sissies, wiping saliva from their chins and helping them to straighten their dresses. "Now Irwin pet, tell us why your dress has such a shortie-short skirt, darling."

The third sissy held the very outsides of his skirt, his elbows squeezed into his waist. "My wife's Mother is Deirdre," he said. "She insists on showing my girlish legs, in pretty hose. My legs feel so feminine."

"Of course they do, sweetie." She paused to allow the sissy husband to cringe with embarrassment as the women giggled on all sides. "Your Mother-In-Law is having you feminized isn't she? Do you think you are a girl yet?"

"I don't know." He paused, trying to control his sobs. "I don't want to be as weak and soft as a girl."

"But your legs are definitely girlish honey - I think we would all agree that you look like you are already a girl." There was a chorus of "Ye-e-es" around him, interrupted by both the other sissies.

"I thought you were a girl, when we came in together," said Jacques. He was standing with his dress held out to the sides.

"I wish I could be as much of a girl as you, darling," said Tamsin, also with his dress spread wide.

"All three of you look like girls, darlings," confirmed Madame Ruche. "Look at what your lovely dresses are doing to you. They all have such sweet bodices and such gorgeously pretty skirts." She paused as her words brought realisation to each of the husbands in their pink and white dresses. "That's right, darlings, press your knees together sweetly for us, and let your legs slide across each other in spasms - yes, that's right - in spasms of sissyness."

The sissies had to fight the tears as they each held out their skirts to the sides to show the Ladies. The thrills of excitement around the hall could be felt by everyone present. "Look, they're turning into girls before our very eyes," cried one woman, her panties damp with pleasure. "They so want to be girls," gasped another, feeling similar emotions. "Those dresses are making them more and more feminine," drooled a third, holding her sides to contain her feelings.

"You are all so lovely in your dresses, sweethearts," said Madame Ruche smiling. "So many petticoats around your panties, and you are looking so girlish and pretty for us today, with your hair done so nicely and your legs looking so soft and girlish too. There can be no doubt that it is a girl's dress which makes her what she is - a sweet, soft and pretty little darling in satin and lace and frills.