Chapter 21 - I Wake Up to the Shock of Huge Tits and a Tiny Cock

I hear nursing voices, gentle, friendly, rousing me. I know it's Nurse Grief and Nurse Squeal. I open my eyes and the theatre lights have gone out above me. Instead there are other lights so that I make out their smiles looking down at me.

"Time to get up, sweetikins," says Nurse Grief as her hand cups my cheek and stroke under my jaw.

"Let's see if sissy Walt can stand on his own two feet," says Nurse Squeal on the other side of me. Their hands lift me under my head and shoulders and they swing my legs into thin air so that when they push me from where I was lying, my feet land on the floor.

"Oops, steady darling. Just stand still. Knees straightened up. Look over there at the door, honey. Concentrate on the door handle and we'll step carefully over to reach it."

My head is very light. Not uncomfortable, just woolly and dreaming. I'm still in Delma's bedroom, with pairs of panties spread all round me, and I feel a buzz, an ache of pleasure in my nipples and my cock. Luckily I've got a nurse on either side of me, holding me up.

"That's good, Sissy Walt. Let's see if you can walk on your own a little way. There - nearly."

My balance is all over the place, as if my body weight is shifting around - not normal. I nearly fall on my face and they lend me a supporting hand, to my bum, to my breast.

My BREAST! I look down. Oh God! Help me! I've got breasts -HUGE breasts, and my tits are aching with pleasure. They're bursting with the sort of aching excitement I get in my cock when I - when I'm wearing stockings and panties! "Oh my Gord! I say, help me! Help me Nurse, look what hess heppened to my tits. Oh! Oh my voice! What hess heppened?" My voice has gone weird, johnny3-21  like a girly little voice, shaking me to the heart. What's coming over me. I shut up. I can't let myself say things like that, like a little girl!

"Yes dearie," says Nurse Grief, holding me steady round my waist and under one breast. "Your body is a lot more feminine now - look!"

I shake with fright as I dare to look down again. My breasts are like inflated globes but I can tell from their smooth skin that they're real. I feel the nurses' hands holding up the underneath of both my breasts and that tells me how real they are. I peer down between them, and they're definitely mine, and definitely feminine. I shudder with fright, even as my cock grows with a strange new girly desire.

We reach the door and Nurse Squeal keys it open. They have changed my stockings and shoes while I was lying down - even my suspender belt. "But where is my cock?" I cry out, in a girly screech. Oh no-o-o-ooo, what have they done?

"Look lower down honey-sweet," says Nurse Grief, looking under my breasts as if to show me. "Between your legs."

They slip their hands further under my breasts and ease them apart. I strain to look where she says, and I see my cock as they lead me along the corridor. Oh my God. My heart sinks to my feet. That can't be. Not my cock. I find myself at the door of Doktor Stapz' office and I can't let her see what has become of me. Especially my little cock. My teeny-weeny cock! But I can't prevent my nurses from leading me in by my breasts and my ass, and I hear the shout of greeting from the Matron herself.

"Ha! Ze leetel bluzen sizzy, ready for ze inspection ja?" She gets to her feet in a shiny barley silk blouse with collar points and silk ribbons that hang from her bust. She puts her monocle in her eye to inspect me more closely.

"Here, mein dear Nurse Grief," she says, handling the weight of my bust in her gloves, "ze sizzy vill need to vear ein brassiere for ze bigger size bust, ja?"

I squirm with shame under her gaze as Nurse Squeal holds me up and Nurse Grief passes a white silk brassiere under my tits and fastens it behind. There are ribbons from the tops of the cups to tie into a bow at the back of my neck. But I keep my hands between my legs. I don't want her to see, but I'm so ashamed I can't help but blurt it out.

"Oh Matron! - Oh goodness! - oh gorsh! What hef you dan to my penis? Oh - oh! -sob - sob - I want my MUMMY!"

She has a length of pink silk in her hand, with ribbons dangling from it. "Hmmm, you make me smile, mein sveet littel pet. But do not VORRY about ze dear leetel penis - I haf simply made ze ugly brute more FEMININE! Ha! Ha! Your little babyish penis has fallen in love vis ladies' BLOUSES, unt soon viz ze KNICKERS, unt ze FROCKS, unt ze CORSETS, ja!"

My cock pulsates with pleasure in my hands, tiny as it is, and so do my tits, pushing themselves out into prominent fingers of flesh from the centre of each of my silky bra cups.