Dollie's 'political' letter

Aww shucks thank you very much Susan you are very kind and I appreciate it.

I was the Hostess for a nightclub in the Los Angeles area called The world famous Queen Mary show lounge. There I meet a gentleman named Frank Marsh. Frank had a magazine TV Epic. He had hired me as one of his correspondents. I wrote for the magazine for many years.

From the nightclub due to it being in the hub of the film/media/entertainment capitol of the world, Studio City/Universal City/Hollywood Ca. I was in the eye of the public and those who brought attentions to the public. I was at the right place at the right time. I was launched into the media as a spokes person for the TG community. I rekon it was only because I am some what attractive and well spoken with a good point.

The point I made was that we are all due our inalienable right to self expression. It is our first amendment right protected by the USA constitution. With this as a blanket for the unification of the LGBT it solidified the groups under 1 cause.

.In an interview with Joel Ravitch on the Playboy channel back in 1997 I described to the viewers that the final frontier of civil rights are individual rights. We seen this with right to life and with euthanasia issues of the time. I had predicted then, that this final frontier for individual rights will establish everyone's individual identities separate of others yet with equal rights to all. This is the foundation of independence which society strives to withhold.

Although I may seem as a free thinker, I am no different than anyone else and find through our mutual dependence for freedom we are gathered to fight for our independence as individuals. When I say I. I hold up one finger and that is for one person, an individual for independence, for freedom and equal to all. I do not care for F or M, the great divide burdened from birth to humanity; but I prefer to have "I" as my identity.

Well jeepers Sue I figure that about ruins my simple country cowgirl image shot to pieces and your online magazine is not a poltical forum, but I kinna figured yah all might be curious how a lil ol thang like me could advocate for an entire community what with being only 1 person. The next time you hold up your finger please think of all the other folks out there with a point and may we all point towards this goal and really good deals on fashions.

Best regards

Melisa Moore

Brilliant, Dollie hon.

I hope you don't mind if I pop your mail straight into my Newsletter for the 15th. Anyone, M or F or anyone else, who speaks for the tg community is doing a power of good. Some of us can dig deep to help sew the seeds that will grow and be harvested by folks that come after us. Like I say, some are in a position or have the drive to dig really deep, but others do their bits here and there too. I can do my bit for you guys by opening my Newsletter for everyone to express themselves. I wish I could do more to reach out and show how peaceful, wholesome and pure the LGBT spectrum is. Prim has toyed with publishing some of his images and stories as a printed book, with an introduction from me to clarify what the sissy syndrome is all about. Trying to bring people's attention to the need that it caters for. But there are two probs making it difficult to access mainline publication: porn, and cost. Prim pictures complement the short stories nicely, but the cost of printing them is prohibitive. We'll keep looking at the possibilities.

Thanks again darling for your photos and your mails. We'll do what we can to put you out there.

Let me give you a kiss.

Aunt Frocks x

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