Dear friend, hello and welcome to my fifteenth Newsletter, this time for July 2017.

Let me start by giving you a maternal cuddle. Sit on my knee and get comfortable on my beige wool pleated skirt. It's a bit slithery because it's lined in white polyester, look. Then lie back on my arm and I'll spread the sleeves of my pink acetate blouse round you so that you are ready to feel feminine as we see what the girls have sent us this month. But I must start with an exciting message from Prim about a special FREE MONTH offer for membership in the Wendyhouse.

Dear members,

The Petticoat Wendyhouse is popular, but finding more members is slow. What we need is EXPOSURE - it's important to spread the word about Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse. Therefore my Aunt and I have planned to make it easier for you, our beloved members, to introduce one of your friends to the Wendyhouse.

That is why we are offering you a FREE MONTH of membership for yourself, and a FREE FIRST MONTH of membership to your friend. Yes, your friend would become a paying subscriber after that first month, but only if they like the Wendyhouse and want to stay with us. If they find we don't offer them what they want, they would leave with our fond farewells.

You need to email me at or my aunt at to give us the name of your friend and the email address they want to use for their membership. When I contact them, and when they reply from that address, I will send them their authorization codes for the first month. Then I will also send you a set of codes too because you have helped us to find a new member. After your free month, you would need to renew your previous subscription arrangement with Verotel in the usual way through the website JOIN Page.

This offer is experimental for the first month, between this Newsletter and the next in the middle of August. If the process looks like it helps, I would like to extend it for more sissies and girls to find us and join us.

Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse is a business, of course, officially called Primonline, but 'business' has been flat for almost a year now. I remember as a young cross-dresser how excited I was to find new magazines and books that gave me the sorts of stories and pictures that are so exciting, and I aim to provide that service as much as I can. My Aunt and I see ourselves as serving the cross-dressing and transgender community. I hope you can help us in that, and generally SPREAD THE WORD about the Petticoat Wendyhouse. We appreciate your love and support.


Prim x

Okay, darling, so here is the plan in an easy to follow list:

1-send Prim or me the name and email address of a friend who wants to be in the Wendyhouse for a FREE FIRST MONTH

2-Prim sends him or her an introductory email

3-Your friend mails back to ask for codes

4-Prim sends them their codes to welcome them

5-Then he sends you codes for a free month that will follow on from the expiry of your current subscription.

So it's FFT - FFU: Free for them, and free for you.

Right, that's enough from Prim and me. What we want is to hear from the girls, so let me give you another cuddle and we'll read their letters.

Aunt Frocks x

Letter 1 - I love the Silkblousey1 Flickr account and the Wendyhouse

Dearest Prim,

Thank you for your wonderful request. I so love your silkblousey1 Flicka pages and the, for me, very appealing Wendyhouse site.

I note that it is a monthly pay site, although seemingly reasonably affordable.

I am, at the moment, contemplating joining, since I like what I see very much.

However, despite whether I do or not, I have decided to allow you or your Aunt full use of any of the photos, or future ones, posted on my Flicka site, for the Wendyhouse. They are, at present, public any way, although with the usual restriction with commercial use.

With warm sissy affection, Bella xx

Dear Bella,

I am knocked out by your reply. I didn't know at all that you liked the Wendyhouse website and also my Silkblousey Flickr pages here: (you will have to log-in to Flickr when you get there)

Yahoo Flickr: Silkblousey1

I must say my dressing tastes are very close to yours so yes, it's not surprising that you find photos to like in Silkblousey1.

But Bella darling, you are so generous, allowing my Aunt to pick and choose from through your Flickr pages of photos. You really are a picture book cross-dresser. Magnificent, in fact - or rather I choose the French word 'magnifique': they put a lot more than we do into that word: they mean: your Flickr photos "look good, but are actually even better than they look".

Your traditional maid's costumes are very special. Did you have them made for you? A lot of your costumes are typical of Prim, and that's why your photos will hold an extra appeal to my members and visitors.

You're right darling, the Petticoat Wendyhouse is a paysite, at 9 US dollars a month, about 8 pounds, but not for you, not yet anyway: you get a free month because of your help, so here's what to do:

Go to the website at

Follow Login, then Login here

When the pop up box asks for authorization, put in these codes:

Username: ******

Passcode: ******

You have to enter them exactly because they're case sensitive, and you are inside the Wendyhouse. My Aunt will welcome you inside. If you have any problem gaining access, please get straight back to me.

Then you could visit the Rose Room, Bella. I know my Aunt would love you to be in there with your own gallery, and since you say she and I can enjoy putting your photos into the WH, I'll take it as done that you want to be.

All you have to do now is enjoy yourself in the Wendyhouse with some of my pics and stories, and art from other artists like Prissy. Then wait for my Aunt to include your photos in her Letters. That should be first week or so in July and in mid-July for her Newsletter.

Many thanks again, Bella hon, and a warm hug.

Prim x

Yes, Prim's Yahoo Flickr account ID is silkblousey1, so you can visit it and see what he gets up to on that side. I included the whole of Prim's reply to Bella to show readers how it works when you contribute to the Wendyhouse and we send you free membership for a month.

I have lots more photos to show you in my July Newsletter, darling, because some girls have been very good and SENT ME THEIR PHOTOS!

I want to start with Jill from New York City, because as I think you will agree, she is rather special:

Phew! But doesn't it just annoy you when some girls always, always choose EXACTLY the right dress! I've got more delicious photos of Jill and you can see them in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #30 straight after my Newsletter goes online.

Letter 2 - A Letter from a real live Dollie

When I was 3 years old my Mother dressed me in my sisters toddlers dresses rumba panties, plastic panty diaper covers, cloth diapers, pinafores', sockies, mary janes the works because I was still wetting my diapers. Mother thought how much easier it was to potty train my sisters by telling them to not mess their pretty clothes. She used the same technique on me. My older sister told me many years later after I was an adult, that I fought and cried when she dressed me like a baby girl, then when I was completely dressed just like a pretty toddler baby girl I really loved it and I never wanted for my Mommy to dress me any other way. I was treated and dressed like the baby girl of the family until I began kindergarden where I was then forced to dress and act like a little boy. I hated it and remembered the thrills of satin, organdy, netted petticoats, plastic panties over thick diapers. I longed for the crinkling sound of the plastic lined ruffled rumba panties that I had become accustomed to wearing over my baby pants and diapers. I was dressed like a little baby doll then and now it was rough blue jeans and buster brown shoes.

I grew up and always wanted to go back to those days and styles of clothes I wore so I decided to find all the things that I wore and how my bedroom was a little girls nursery and to get them all again. I now have a wonderfully sissy babyish way frilly girly wardrobe and my nursery is perfectly pink and decorated for a precious pretty little toddler baby girl only in my size. My older sister is my baby sitter and she picks my outfits for the day and makes sure I am always totally babyfied as a 3 year old adult baby girl all the time.. I am transsexual and will never want to become a woman, but I am being turned into a sweet baby toddler girl. Sister calls me her " Baby Sissy" and helped me find a clinic that will do my castration and other surgery. I wuv being a baby gurl and will stay this way foreber and eber.

Dollie Sissy

My dear Dollie Sissy,

Well, what a delicious introduction to yourself you have sent me, with such precious photographs.

I loved reading your story of how you hated the idea of being put into your sisters' things, including diapers and plastic panties as if for a 3-year-old little girl. I think my readers would love it too, so I'm going to include your letter in my Newsletter in July. I am not surprised one bit that, having been dressed up like that once by your mommy, you couldn't wait to be dressed like that again. And again, and again, and again. I must say you are a sissy baby girl's dream in your photos. I like your dollie-girl masks and wigs, honeykins. And your nursery room! Isn't it a peachy sweet baby-room!

I hope you find lots of things for baby girls like you to enjoy in the Wendyhouse. You'll soon find where everything you like is.

If you have trouble finding your way in, mail me back and I'll help.

Warm cuddles in my blouse, Dollie Sissy pet.

Aunt Frocks x

Dollie has another letter in my Tell Aunt Frocks Page in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #30. It will be in the Wendyhouse in a few days' time, and she tells us all about her mask and wig making enterprise and where to see them and get hold of them. But why wait? See Dollie's Youtube videos here:

Dollie on Youtube

But there's more to Dollie than that. She wrote to me again to tell me - and us, I feel - more of what she does and her role in the media. Take a look here:

Dollie's 'political' letter

Letter 3 - I Found the Wendyhouse by accident

Dear Prim,

I'm a guy who leads a busy life at work, so I can't wait to get back to my place and be a girl as soon as I can. I get to meet up with some likewise friends, but I can get by on my own too enjoying making myself up and dressing so cutesy, like so many sissies in Pinterest.

I came across the Wendyhouse when I found your page in Pinterest. I saved some of the great cartoons you do and the next thing, I'm in this page of Prim style fashions. Then the fashions become more toons - just what I like. You are a genius the way you pick out what us sissy girls want to see and feel. I followed the links and now I've joined the Wendyhouse.

What a dream! Your toons and your stories are mega-thrilling. Your website is magnificent. So thanks for making it so affordable to be a member. I'm only just starting, but there's a long, long way to go to read everything.

Thanks for all your drawings and stories,

Louisa x

Dear Louisa,

If you enjoy my work, Louisa, it has been well worth my while drawing it and writing the stories to go with it. That was lucky, that you found the Petticoat Wendyhouse by accident. Yes you can find my Pinterest account - a new one because the first one had to close - with this link (you'll have to log-in to Pinterest):

Prim on Pinterest

You discovered the secret page on Prim's Petticoat Wendyhouse. You can only find it through Pinterest, and it acts as an introduction to the website.

It would be great to see some of your photos, Louisa. You can send them to my Aunt at and she will put them in her Newsletter blog or in her Tell Aunt Frocks letters page.

So glad you like my work and thanks for your praise.

Warm wishes,

Prim x

No-one has sent me any photos of favourite fashions this month, which is an awful pity because I want to show women's fashions that you love. For one thing, when you send me fashion favourites, Prim and I get to know what you like, especially if you add some juicy details in your letter.

So in Newsletter no.15 I'm including some photos that Prim has selected as his favourites. Guess what? BLOUSES! Surprise, surprise!

Prim's blouses, you might have realised, all come from the same source. Yes, it's the Morpheus Boutique and their different lines, like FashionLite and FashionMoonLight. They're all there in Pinterest: if you go to Prim's Pinterest page - see the link above the blouse photos- you can click on his following list to find Morpheus, the New York online outlet. I think you will adore the young lady up-to-the-minute fashions they have.

Letter 4 - My girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend

Aunty Frocks:

I have been thinking about what you wrote me since I received your email yesterday. Mistress Stephanie is no longer my girlfriend. That makes me sad. In her eyes now I am no longer a man. I am a pansy. Her little sissy-boi to own and use for her pleasure. To show off to her girlfriends and anyone else she desires. She will make all the rules and I will have no choice but to obey. The humiliation is beyond words.

What is the expression? Be careful what you wish for. Sometimes you may get it.

As I promised you and Mistress Stephanie this is what happened on Saturday. I am trying to do my best to share all the details.


It was about 11:30 AM on Saturday. I was admiring myself in the mirror and practicing what I was going to say to my soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Stephanie. I had planned this day for awhile. My coming out to her and admitting to being a pansy. Hoping she would make me her sissy girl.

I was wearing this pretty white little girl's dress (attached) with pink frills and a beautiful white bow at the collar. Knee socks and pretty white Mary Janes. I did my prettiest makeover.. Pink eyeshadow, mascara, pink blush and pink lipgloss. Matching nails also. I felt and looked like a pretty dolly. Just like Annie.

I was practicing my curtsy in the mirror and what I would say as I did the deepest curtsy, I wanted my curtsy to be very deep and delicate to show Stephanie my submission to her.

It is such a shame that female's don't curtsy anymore. Just us sissies. I was so nervous . Just then I noticed that Stephanie had texted me. She would be arriving in 5 minutes.

I texted her back that she should just come in. The door was unlocked.

The door opened. I was standing about ten feet inside. I looked her in the eyes and gave my most delicate curtsy. "Mistress Stephanie, I am sissy Heather. It is a pleasure to meet you. How may I please you." Then I curtsied again and held my position.

The look in her eyes seemed to be one of amusement and delight. She told me to stand up and be still. She stood in front of me and looked me over. She pulled up my dress and gave it to me to hold up. She pulled down my panties to my ankles. She touched my clitty which got me so excited. She then took a few steps back, pulled out her phone, told me to smile and took a few pictures of me. She sat down on the couch and told me to kneel in front to her. I waited in silence as she was doing something on her phone. I was so scared and wanted to cry.

"Who gave you the name Heather?" she asked me.

"I named myself, Mistress." I replied.

"Heather is too mature of a name for you. I will call you "PETAL", because you are a sweet submissive little pansy who will blossom under my control. Do you like your new name, Sissy?"

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you so much." I loved her attitude and her taking control. I started to cry. I was just so emotional.

"How sweet. My little sissy-boi is crying. Little sissies cry often don't they Petal?"

"Yes, Mistress." I replied. She ordered me to go fetch her a hairbrush. I came back to the room with a large hairbrush that had a wooden back and handle. I gave it to her.

"Come over here Petal and lay over my lap." My panties were still around my ankles. I laid face down over her lap. Mistress pulled up my dress and started to pinch and play with my bottom.

"Whack" She hit me very hard on my bottom with the hairbrush. Ten more came in rapid succession. I was now crying my eyes out. "Such a sissy baby-boi aren't you Petal? Such a Pansy. Aren't you? She asked.

"Yes, Mistress Stephanie. I'm a pansy and I love being a sweet and pretty sissy in frilly dresses".

"Of course you are Petal. I have always known that. It is about time that you actually showed me what a sissy you are. Tell me what you desire from me."

"I want to please you Mistress. I want be your little sissy girl and be just like Little Annie."

"How old is this sissy Annie, Petal?"

"She is 6 years old" I replied.

"That seems like such a perfect age for you too. Do you have photos of her to show me?"

I told Mistress all about Prim's and the pictures and stories about sissy Annie. I also told her that I love sissy Annie. We went to my computer. I showed her Prim's and the June Newsletter and so much more. That was when she told me to write a letter to sissy Annie.

Mistress wants me in the Rose Room. She is writing my introduction and will choose the piccies. She loves the Tinkerbelle dress for me. Especially because of how vulnerable I will feel in it.

Mistress Stephanie told me that she plans to share her rules with me next week when we meet. She also plans to lock me in chastity. It will also not be long before she shows me off to her girlfriends as she trains me to be a proper little sissy-boi. She told me that she will make all decisions for me. The last thing she told me was that she sent that photo of me, with me holding up my dress, to two of her girlfriends. I started to cry again as she left. I must have cried for over an hour.

The other pics that Mistress told me to send to you are "the pretty bear dress" which is perfect for a little sissy-boi my age and the pic that says "my future". The difference is that it will not say "Please don't do this". I will be saying "I love my pretty yellow dress".


sissy-boi petal

Well - Sissy-boi Petal,

That turned out how you wanted it but apparently not how you were expecting it. Coming out to girlfriends is always a bit of a minefield, darling, and it takes very careful forethought to make sure you are not spoiling everything, for yourself AND FOR HER.

But from your very sweet account of what happened that day, my dear, Stephanie seems quite happy with you confessing that you are a pansy. What it boiled down to, I have to say, was you telling her that you didn't really see yourself as her boyfriend, perhaps because you would prefer to be her humiliated sissy like in the nice Prissy picture you attach. So if that is what you wanted, it's what she wanted too. That means that you find yourself in a lucky position, one which many sissies in your place would love: to be sissified and humiliated - and even punished - by a female. In your case it looks like it could become Stephanie and her friends. You will have to wait and see whether all that is a good thing, or something that you regret after the event.

I hope you don't regret sacrificing Stephanie as your girlfriend in the hope she would understand what you want and try and give that to you. It all remains to be seen, doesn't it? I think my girls in the Wendyhouse would like to hear what you've told me so far, so I'll include your account in my next Newsletter.

You look lovely in your white dress with its bow at the neck. And your shoes, Petal - they are GOR-geous! I love your wig too. I think Stephanie must have been so astonished at what a lovely little girl you made that she wanted to see you like that all the time. Six years old like Little Annie.

I am very pleased to hear that Stephanie wants you in the Rose Room. I am looking forward with my heart in my mouth to see which photos she has chosen for you to send to me.

Meanwhile, well done, darling, for being a very respectful, deep-curtseying sissy-boi.

A warm hug and a kiss for you.

Aunt Frocks x

This is Petal, darling:

Petal sent me this attractive cover of Sissy Magazine

I thought I'd include a link here for you to browse Sissy Magazine for yourself, sweetheart, but as far as I can find, it doesn't exist. Please write me and say if you know it does.

If I turn out to be right, what a gap in the market that is!!! For an online magazine, of course. Come on, girls, get yourselves together and PLUG IT!

Letter 5 - My life has now become a sissy pansy - can I show you my tits?

Dear Aunt Frocks,

I am really pleased and so very grateful that I am to be featured in both Prims Petticoat Pansies and your newsletter. This is wonderful news to an effeminate Nancy Pansy like myself and gives me lots of confidence for the future. I have been Masochistic just about all my life, and an occasional Transvestite, but in the last couple of years I started to take a serious interest in sissification, and started my journey as a Sissy Nancy Pansy. I have decided I want to spend the rest of my life, during my spare time, as a Sissy Pansy being used, abused, and Humiliated for the pleasure and amusement of Women. I am very lucky that I have many Female Friends, some who do not know my little secret and would be horrified if they knew about Nancy Pansy, but others do know. I am especially attracted to Women who are Sadistic. I have been told by one Sadistic Friend that I was born to be a Sissy to be Totally Humiliated, used and abused. I fully agree with her.

I have to confess to you that it is very scary at times being a sissy and I have found it hard to accept what I am. It is also very expensive. However, I do not think there is any going back. I find being a Nancy Pansy and the Humiliation so deliciously exciting. The more of a Pansy I become the more I like it. There is so much to learn, but I am making good progress and your website is already helping so much. I am a very lucky Pansy girl as I do have a pair of quite nice breasts, with extremely sensitive nipples, which I adore. I could send you a picture, but I do not think it would be suitable for your website. What do you think?

Yours Respectfully.


Sweet Sissy Nancy Pansy Puff xxx

Hello Sissy Nancy darling.

I loved reading your letter, because you clearly feel you can be open to me and can tell me everything without fear of criticism or teasing. That's the whole point of the Wendyhouse, darling, as you may have seen: the stories show sissies treated with scorn and even cold-heartedness from Ladies, but Prim and me, we are supportive and caring. And I simply love all my girls.

That is so interesting, that you have relished masochism all through your life, but you haven't always gone with your transvestism. That actually says a lot about transvestism as a practice among men - to a certain extent it works as a substitute for relationships and other forms of life satisfaction like career success and productive ventures that you undertake, the sort of things that take up all your energy and enthusiasm. But before long, the need for cross-dressing and feeling feminine returns, at times when there is no over-arching drive going on in your day-to-day living. And if you find an area of cross-dressing that really appeals to your deep personal needs, you are quite likely to dive into it in a more purposeful way. Sort of making a decision. The Wendyhouse can do that, or discovering another favourite website. Or falling in with a friend or a group of friends who like doing things that seem wonderful to you. A bit like falling in love, only with a life-style instead of with a partner. Of course if you're lucky, you can find both, at the same time!

Yes, dear, it can be expensive being a sissy. Those online sissy boutiques are packed with such delicious things that would make you feel so girly. And there's ebay too. And Etsy and Amazon and Aliexpress, not to mention so many overseas emporia like in Japan and South Korea. It's so lovely ordering a dress, and then when it arrives!!!

You ask me if I would like you to send a photo of your precious tits, darling. Yes of course I would. The only thing I would not be interested in at all would be your boy's thing. I do NOT want to see that, even though it is an essential part of you. It's fine it being there, but I don't want to see it. You may have noticed how tasteful the Rose Room is. You could take your mother and your grandma in there and they would be amused but also impressed, I think, and certainly not offended. This is not the sort of site which deals in sexual anatomy and activity, and if I began showing that sort of thing, it would pull up a few of my darling girls who do not want the site to change its appeal. So mainly I want to see you dressed in your dresses, darling.

So send me as many photos as you like, sweetheart, and I'll sort out the pretty ones in your femmy clothing, and probably delete the physical ones.

Can I put your letter in my Newsletter, darling? It would go very well, with my reply above.

Meanwhile enjoy, enjoy, enjoy yourself feeling girly in the Wendyhouse.


Aunt Frocks xxx

And talking of the Wendyhouse, darling, the Rose Room is continuing to bloom. Here are six new girls for June-July:

One new bloom is Doroty, from Italy

And another is Blond Barbie Sarah. Let's get to know her a bit better:

Letter 6 - The best part of Prim's Wendyhouse is Prissy

Dear Aunt Frocks,

You said you want members to write in and say what parts of the Wendyhouse I like: well it's all good of course. more than just good. My favourite of all the parts in each of Prim's Petticoat Pansies is the Prissy picture. always just awesome. But has Prissy stopped contributing? That would be a tragedy. I look forward to each issue hoping there is a new Prissy toon in there. Among my favourites: Femme Boy Sissy, In love with sissy clitties and Bringing Arnold to panty.

Having said that, all Prim's pictures are good too, so I'm on a win-win every time.

Sissy respect,

Libby x

Dear Libby,

You are right, our sissies are so lucky to have Prissy drawing pictures for the Petticoat Wendyhouse: he is a master of his art, the author of so many moments of sheer excitement. For the benefit of my sissy members I'll point out where to find these stories: Femme Boy Sissy, very popular, is in PPP#4, In Love with Sissy Clitties is in PPP#21, and Bringing Arnold to Panty is in PPP#20.

Thank you, dear girl, for writing and telling me what you like in the Wendyhouse. You can have kisses from your Aunt Frocks xxx

I think everyone would like to see one of these pictures from Prissy, along with Prim's story, because as with all Art from Prissy and other contributing artists, there is always a Prim story to tease out that sissy pleasure:

Bringing Arnold to Panty

I want to show you another girl who is new in the Rose Room and is supporting us by sending us her photos. This is Wendy Bride and she's lovely:

What a dish. Whoever the lucky guy or girl is who is to stand next to Wendy, I'm sure s/he would be blushing with pleasure.

Now darling, my Newsletter is coming to a close, and it's time for me to take a quick look ahead to show you what to expect in the Wendyhouse.

Any day now, Prim's Petticoat Pansies #30, the special HELPLESS SISSY issue, will be published. Prim is putting in the final parts to make it specially nice for you. It will include the new feature, Marie-Christine's captioned photo story, Marie-Christine Bouvier, Male Stewardess, part 1. You can also expect a lot more insight from Miss Blouse regarding her sissification of Jennifer Satin, plus Chapter 2 of 'How to Sissify a Husband'. I think you will enjoy being there with the weakened Charles Singer, back from sissification college after one week, in a drawing room of ladies. "Isn't his cock soft and dainty now that it's feminine?" is the sort of thing he hears. He sits on a stool in the middle on helpless display, begging: "Please don't laugh at me." Prim says he modelled one of the women present, Debra Macshane, a friend of Charles's mother-in-law, on News presenter Fiona Bruce. Our non-British readers can find that nice woman with a couple of easy searches:

Fiona Bruce on Google images

Fiona Bruce on Youtube

Apart from PPP #30, there is Prim's other story about helpless sissies: the continuation of Walt Wisconsin. Part 5 tells of the capture of Michael Shoemaker and the start of his rapid descent into feminization. You won't miss a word of it here in the Wendyhouse, and as always, each chapter is illustrated by Prim.

Prim has struggled in recent months, as you've noticed darling, to meet his publication deadlines. He wants deadlines, for two reasons: one, so that you have new Prim work to look forward to every single month, and two, deadlines make him work faster. Now he has a new plan to hopefully get himself on an even keel. The 1st of each month is publication date for Aunt Helga's Petticoat Quarterly at So to avoid clashing with her, he has decided on the 7th of each month as the Petticoat Wendyhouse day.

So after PPP#30, which will be out in a couple of days, we settle into the regular pattern, starting with WW5 on Monday 7th August.

Well, darling, we seem to have got through a lot of stuff in today's Newsletter. I hope you've enjoyed sitting in my lap and seeing so many lovely girls. It's exciting this time too because Prim's magazine will be out any day now. Shall we share another Prim story while you're sitting in my lap and you're feeling girly with your Aunt Frocks? This story can be seen at Misress Lady Penelope's mansion site, along with another Prim pic and story. Don't forget the lovely dresses that the Mistress creates. The link is on our Home Page where you can click on the Lady Penelope panel and go straight there.

At the Sissy Sweetie Contest

Before going, here's another photo of the fabulous Jill Smith. Can you see why she was placed recently in the Glamour Boutique Glamour Girl contest?

A big thank you to Jill for her beautiful photos.

Bye hon. Join me in Prim's Petticoat Pansies #30 in a few days' time in the Wendyhouse. And don't forget the free offer to bring more girls to the Wendyhouse: FFT - FFU!

Lots of love,

Aunt Frocks xxx